AIRCRAFT Airbus A320
TAKEOFF 15-07-11 11:50 a.m.
VIEWS 2041
LANDING AT 1:40 p.m.
Yonatan Paz
The 8th August 2015

Photo review of Pegasus Airlines flight from Istanbul to Rome in Economy

Hello! Salut! Hola! Ola! Halo! Shalom! Marhaba!

Welcome to my 2nd flight in my journey from Tel Aviv (Israel) to Italy on Pegasus Airlines via Istanbul (Sabiha)!

Flight TLV-SAW on board Pegasus's Boeing 737-800: chttp://flight-report.com/en/report-11106.html

The Airside of Sabiha Gocken Airport:
photo IMG_20150711_110110

We'd got a small delay on our flight:
photo IMG_4754

Our plane (Airbus A320(WL), TC-DCC) arrived from a domestic flight from Mersin, Turkey, Plane changed from 737-800 to a brand new A320 with Sharklets!!! This is my 1st flight on board Airbus A320 with sharklets!

photo IMG_4751

Safety instructions were published on the tray table again, instead on a card:
photo IMG_4759

The seat pitch was better than the 737-800:
photo IMG_4758

For comapring, here is the seat pitch on the 737-800:
photo IMG_4720

The tray table was dirty for a 1 year old plane:
photo IMG_4760

A full house for today's flight:
photo IMG_4755

Starting pushback for the 2 hours and 5 minutes flight to Rome (It's too short!!!)
photo IMG_4757
photo IMG_4763
photo IMG_4764

An old Boeing 707:
photo IMG_4765

That's true, I paid only 165$ for TLV-SAW-FCO ticket!
photo IMG_4767

photo IMG_4769
Take off!!!
photo IMG_20150711_123805
photo IMG_20150711_123813

Miss u Turkey!
photo IMG_20150711_123919
photo IMG_20150711_124054

Flying over Thessaloniki, Greece:
photo IMG_20150711_131458

I've decided to buy those 2 models (A320 and 737-800, each one for 13 EUR, total 26EUR, 1/100 Scale!)
photo IMG_20150711_133027
Crossing the South - Albanian coast!
photo IMG_4773
The most beautiful winglet ever!
photo IMG_4779
Cabin view, seats look like as United Airbus A320 (The new seats). Please try to find what is strange on the alise (A clue: Kid):
photo IMG_4776
I've decided to buy this chicken sandwich for 5 EUR, it was OK:
photo IMG_4772
Bari Airport:
photo IMG_4777
photo IMG_4780
Descending started 20 minutes before landing:
photo IMG_4782
photo IMG_4785
Almost there!
photo IMG_4789
photo IMG_4791
photo IMG_4793
photo IMG_4794
Ukraine Air Internatioal Boeing 737-800 arrived from Kiev:
photo IMG_4797
You can't listen to music on Pegasus's flights or even watch something on the shared TV'S on the A320, because there aren't screens on the A320!
photo IMG_4799
Terminal 3 for non-schengen flights:
photo IMG_4800
Air Transt Airbus A330-200 and American Boeing 767-300ER(WL):
photo IMG_4802
photo IMG_4803
photo IMG_4804
Croatia Air Dash 8-Q400 arrived from Zagrev, Croatia. What a nice livery!
photo IMG_4806
Alitaia Airbus A320-200:
photo IMG_4807
British Airways Boeing 767-300ER arrived from London - LHR:
photo IMG_4808

British Airways Boeing 767-300ER, Turkish Airlines (old livery) Boeing 737-800 arrived also from SAW and Ryanair Boeing 737-800:
photo IMG_4809
Our Neighbors 2XA320 of Saudia and Royal Jordanian:
photo IMG_4810
photo IMG_4811
photo IMG_4812
Bye Bye beautiful winglet!
photo IMG_4813
My seat, 23F after the flight:
photo IMG_4814
Disembarking the plane:
photo IMG_20150711_141046
photo IMG_20150711_141048
photo IMG_20150711_141043


Pegasus Airlines 

Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 8.0
Buy on board 5.0
TOTAL 5.4/10

Istanbul - SAW 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 8.5
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 9.5
TOTAL 8.8/10

Rome - FCO 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 7.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 7.4/10


It was a nice journey with Pegasus Airlines at all. I've reached one more Airline and Airport!

(+): Seats were comfortable
(+): The price of the flight was cheap
(+): Plane was brand new
(+): You can send a suitcase without any charge (max 20 kg)

(-): Water cost money (2.5EUR per 0.5L bottle, UP by El Al gives water for free)
(-): Flight was bit boring
(-): Flight departed on a delay
(-): My seat and tray table were dirty
(-): The sandwich was small and not good for 5 Euro
(-): Boring layover at the airport

Dest. that flew with Pegasus:

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