AIRCRAFT Boeing 787-9
TAKEOFF 15-08-16 5:30 p.m.
VIEWS 6602
LANDING AT 7:10 p.m.
The 3rd September 2015

Photo review of Vietnam Airlines flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Premium Eco



Vietnam Airlines has received 3 new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. I had chances to fly 2 of them. The first time was from Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) to Hanoi (HAN) in business class (which I will report later). The second time was from HAN to SGN in economy class (but I was sitting in deluxe economy cabin). I will explain this issue later.

I decided to experience the new aircraft and seating of this Boeing 787-9 even before it was delivered to Vietnam Airlines. I bought an economy ticket from HAN to SGN. Generally, Vietnam Airlines’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has 3 cabin: business class, deluxe (premium) economy class and economy class.

Vietnam Airlines offers deluxe economy service for European routes only. For domestic routes, deluxe economy cabin is for economy class passengers. Usually, Platinum, Gold, Titanium members of Lotusmiles frequent flyer program and VIP passenger will be upgraded to sit in this cabin (for domestic routes). As I’m a Gold member, I was upgraded to deluxe economy cabin. Therefore, I had a chance to experience the new deluxe economy seat which was very comfortable. Details about these deluxe seats are below.

photo boeing787-deluxe-08

photo boeing787-deluxe-28

The check-in procedure was quick with Sky Priority counter as I’m Gold member. After that, I went to flagship Lotusmiles of Vietnam Airlines. The lounge at HAN is not too big and crowded sometimes. The food is so so and not impressive compares to other lounges in Vietnam. The wifi was OK, not too fast, not too slow, enough to surf. While lounges at SGN or DAD (Da Nang) serve fresh noodle, HAN still serves instant noodle. But it was fine. At least they have plenty of fresh fruits.

photo boeing787-deluxe-29

photo boeing787-deluxe-30

photo boeing787-deluxe-31

The fight was delayed a little bit. Unfortunately, I boarded the plane by bus since it didn’t dock the aerobridge. But fortunately, I had an opportunity to take a closer look at this new plane. It was impressive.

photo boeing787-deluxe-01

photo boeing787-deluxe-02

photo boeing787-deluxe-03

photo boeing787-deluxe-04

photo boeing787-deluxe-05

photo boeing787-deluxe-06

photo boeing787-deluxe-09

The deluxe economy seats are arranged in 2-3-2 configuration (in economy class the seat configuration is 3-3-3). The deluxe seat is 18-inch wide and its pitch is 42 inches with 7 inch reclining. Each seat comes with foot rest and leg rest as well as personal touch screen monitor. Power and USB charging are attached also.

My feeling when seating in this seat was very comfortable. It’s almost the same with regional business class seat on Vietnam Airlines’ Airbus A321. So much comfortable.

photo boeing787-deluxe-07

photo boeing787-deluxe-10

photo boeing787-deluxe-11

photo boeing787-deluxe-15

photo boeing787-deluxe-16

photo boeing787-deluxe-25

photo boeing787-deluxe-32

photo boeing787-deluxe-12

photo boeing787-deluxe-13

photo boeing787-deluxe-14

photo boeing787-deluxe-21

photo boeing787-deluxe-22

The windows are impressive also. There’s no window shade. There’s just a button under each window so you can change the color of the window. (Please watch the video. I forgot to take photos of that window)

photo boeing787-deluxe-17

photo boeing787-deluxe-18

The inflight service started not long after take-off. For this 1:40 hrs domestic flight, dinner was served. The meal tray came with hot meal (I chose rice with beef), fruit cuts, soft drink and tea/coffee.

photo boeing787-deluxe-23

photo boeing787-deluxe-24

After the meal, the cabin was dimmed. The colorful ceiling was impressive also. The toiler is equipped with flushing censor, which was impressive too.

photo boeing787-deluxe-19

photo boeing787-deluxe-20

photo boeing787-deluxe-26

photo boeing787-deluxe-27

Generally, I love this new aircraft and its deluxe economy seats. In next report, I will write more about the business class seats so you can compare with my previous experience on Vietnam Airlines’ Airbus A350 business class.

Thanks for reading. Below is the flight report video.


Vietnam Airlines 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 8.0
Entertainment 7.0
meal/catering 8.0
TOTAL 8.3/10

Vietnam Airlines Business Lounge 

Comfort 6.0
meal/catering 6.0
Services 6.0
Entertainment 7.0
TOTAL 6.2/10

Hanoi - HAN 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 8.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 7.5/10

Ho Chi Minh City - SGN 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.8/10


Vietnam Airlines
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, reg. VN-A862
Deluxe Economy cabin
Economy service