AIRCRAFT Airbus A350-900
TAKEOFF 15-08-15 2:30 a.m.
VIEWS 4194
LANDING AT 5:05 a.m.
Rl 777
The 19th September 2015

Photo review of Qatar Airways flight from Singapore to Doha in Economy

Welcome to the fifth part of this series! This part will cover the first leg of my journey back to home (Sweden).

Some shots are taken with my phone and some are taken with my camera.

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Unfortunately time passes by and every vacation comes to an end. It was time to return to our home in Stockholm, Sweden after a few weeks of vacation in Asia. We booked a large taxi (Toyota Hiace) and left the hotel quite early as we had nothing to do in the city. We had already returned our 3-day tourist cards (MRT, LRT & Bus) earlier.
photo 20150814_202656

Malindo Air ad on a taxi, had to snap a picture of it.
photo 20150814_203014

photo 20150814_203251

photo 20150814_203414

photo 20150814_203427

The traffic got really bad shortly after we left the main city behind us. An accident had taken place in front of us which caused a massive traffic jam.
photo 20150814_203529

The ride went smoothly after we left the area where the accident had occured. I think a truck was involved in the accident.
photo 20150814_204739

photo 20150814_205718

photo 20150814_205805

photo 20150814_205813

We arrived at Terminal 3 of SIN 45 minutes after we left our hotel.
photo 20150814_205904

photo 20150814_205908

photo 20150814_205953

Terminal 3 at Changi was massive and beautiful. The QR check-in desks wouldn't open for a while so I decided to explore the terminal to burn some time.
photo 20150814_210229

photo 20150814_210236

photo 20150814_210245

photo 20150814_210335

photo 20150814_210758

Food court.
photo 20150814_211841

photo 20150814_212315

Didn't realize this shot of the FIDS was blurry, I apologize for that.
photo 20150814_212946

SG50 exhibition in T3.
photo 20150814_213559

photo 20150814_213602

photo 20150814_213703

Soon the check-in desks opened and we lined up behind a Swedish man. He later realized we spoke Swedish and asked us if we were going to Copenhagen or Stockholm. We told him we were headed for Stockholm. He was together with his spouse who seemed to be of Malaysian or Indonesian origin.
photo 20150814_224410

Next stop was immigration.
photo 20150814_231404

Immigration was quicker this time around, the process was quite smooth compared to last time.
photo 20150814_232409

photo 20150814_232802

photo 20150814_232954

Me and my mom decided to eat something light at BK located at the far end of the food court after clearing immigration.
photo 20150814_234829

photo 20150814_235727

Our assigned gate was gate A15. My family decided to take the Skytrain to our gate even though I would have preferred to walk.
photo 20150814_235953

photo 20150815_000211

Some nice and comfy seats next to our gate, my sister and my mom decided to rest here.
photo 20150815_002828

Meanwhile, me and my dad charged our phones at one of the charging areas.
photo 20150815_005130

I later walked around and tried to do some spotting. That didn't really work due to the sheer amount of reflection.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0567

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0568

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0571

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0572

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0573

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0574

Shortly afterwards we were allowed to enter the seating area prior to boarding.
photo 20150815_012238

photo 20150815_012354

Flight information:

Airline: Qatar Airways (QR)

Flight number: QR945

STD (Scheduled time of departure): 02:30

ATD (Actual time of departure): 02:52

STA (Scheduled time of arrival): 05:05

ATA (Actual time of arrival): 04:38

Scheduled flight time: 7h 35 minutes

Actual flight time: 6h 46 minutes

Origin: Singapore

Destination: Doha

Route: SIN-DOH

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 (A350-941)

Registration: A7-ALD

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0577

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0579

Boarding was announced at 01:47 with all priorities respected.
photo 20150815_015350

Wing view from seat 24K.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0581

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0582

The state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment onboard this QR A359, also found on the QR A388.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0584

The handset/controller.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0585

photo 20150815_015923

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0586

This particular IFE offered a good amount of movies, programs etc. The touchscreen was very responsive, identical to the QR A388. It even had a camera view which I'll show later.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0588

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0589

The seat was comfortable and the seat pitch was great, much better than the QR 788 that I've flown on previously.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0590

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0592

photo 20150815_020500

SQ B77W pushing back.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0595

Overhead bins. The atmosphere in the cabin together with the mood lighting was very nice IMO.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0598

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0599

Your usual headphones when flying with QR, found in the seat pocket behind every seat.
photo 20150815_021347

The tail camera view! A very nice feature.
photo 20150815_021632

These LCD panels replaces the standard seat-belt signs. Texts with information also appear on these.
photo 20150815_021936

We pushed back and began our taxi to the active runway for departures at 02:30 AM local time.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0602

Cathay Pacific B773 in sight.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0603

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0604

Oman Air A333.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0605

Departure from Singapore-Changi.

Listening to music a few minutes after departure. Most of the passengers were sleeping at this point.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0608

The load factor on today's flight was approximately 85% in economy. Most of the passengers were Europeans with 10-14 Swedes onboard.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0609

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0610

Mood lighting in action.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0611

My good friend from Germany managed to track this flight as well! He managed to track the entire flight from start to finish. Thank you for tracking my flight! We departed from Singapore at 02:52 AM local time as you can see on the screenshot. All subsequent screenshots used in this FR were provided by my friend.
photo IMG-20150815-WA0001

photo IMG-20150815-WA0002

Your standard blanket when flying with QR, found on every seat upon boarding.
photo 20150815_030225

This flight was quite uneventful, which wasn't surprising considering it was a red-eye flight. Soon my parents fell asleep and me and my sister were one of the only ones awake. I decided to take some pictures of the moving map offered on this IFE, it was very similar if not identical to the moving map on the QR A380.
photo 20150815_030416

photo 20150815_030421

photo 20150815_030453

photo 20150815_030457

photo 20150815_031316

photo 20150815_031337

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0612

The first snack service began 35 minutes after departure. Most of the passengers were asleep at this time so not a lot of people ate this snack. The crew told us it was a chicken sandwich. However upon further inspection I found out this was the exact same sandwich offered on my previous QR flight from DOH to BKK. The crew on that flight told us it was a vegeterian snack. The contents on this one were the same and tasted identical to the previous one. OJ and water was my drink of choice.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0616

The sandwich didn't taste good in my mouth, but it was edible. The dessert or cake next to it was decent, a bit too sweet for my taste. The flight attendants serving our aisle weren't quite friendly. They offered ZERO smiles throughout the flight. They were very robotic but did their job (with no smiles).
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0617

The handset. You could control the IFE, watch the moving map, play games and a few more things on this device like I've mentioned before.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0619

Pitch black outside.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0620

The IFE also had a USB port, port for the provided headphones and an a/v port.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0621

I used the USB port to charge my phone and watched the moving map on the handset whilst doing other things on the main PTV.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0622

I went to the lavatory 30 minutes later. Here are some shots of it for you guys.
photo 20150815_040346

photo 20150815_040353

photo 20150815_040356

photo 20150815_040400

photo 20150815_040403

photo 20150815_040407

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0623

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0624

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0625

I quickly fell asleep after this picture was taken and slept for a good 4 hours.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0627

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0628

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0629

photo IMG-20150815-WA0003

I woke up 4 hours later to this meal, I've never slept so well on a plane before. It felt like I had got 8-9 hours of sleep. I had absolute no sign of fatigue after I woke up which has never occured before. Anyways there were two options for the breakfast service which was made 1h 30 minutes prior to arrival, pancakes or omelette with chicken sausage and potato. I went with the latter. The meal also consisted of yogurt, a small croissant, a fruit salad and packaged OJ.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0631

I'm not a big fan of omelette but this one was pretty decent. The chicken sausage was decent in the taste department, it was quite juicy as well which I liked. The small pieces of potato were also really good to my surprise, they were juicy with a good amount of taste. I had consumed the same yogurt in SIN before so I knew how it would taste like. It was decent but there are better yogurt brands IMO. I would have preferred Yoplait instead (tried it in KL & SG). The fruit salad consisted of a few different fruits but I only tried the pieces of pineapple. The pieces of pineapple were really good though. The croissant was okay, there's nothing more to write about it. Not the best meal but pretty decent, I don't like to eat breakfast on planes anyway.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0632

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0633

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0637

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0638

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0640

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0641

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0643

Soon we initiated our descent into Doha-Hamad International Airport.
photo 20150815_050114

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0644

photo 20150815_051022

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0645

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0646

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0649

Descending into DOH.
photo 20150815_052337

photo IMG-20150815-WA0006

Lining up with runway 34R.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0650

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0651

This screenshot and the previous pic were both taken at the same time. Wing view by me and screenshot by my friend.
photo IMG-20150815-WA0052

photo IMG-20150815-WA0055

Landing on runway 34R at 04:38 AM local time.

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0655

Taxiing to our gate.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0656

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0657

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0658

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0659

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0660

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0661

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0662

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0664

We parked next to this 787.
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0666

photo IMG-20150815-WA0057

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0667

We had a long layover at DOH this time, our next flight to Stockholm would depart at 14:00 (2 PM) local time. We decided to have a look at Doha so we went to the arrivals area.
photo 20150815_054116

The immigration queues consisted mainly of Arabs, Bengalis and Indians which wasn't surprising. There were maybe 5-8 Europeans out of 300+ people.
photo 20150815_054825

Immigration was rather smooth, my family decided to visit one of the bathrooms while I waited outside with our handbags.
photo 20150815_062046

A good amount of the staff here were Bengalis and I could hear them speak in Bengali (Bangla) with each other.
photo 20150815_063533

My dad later asked one of the workers (in Bengali which was very convenient for my father) for some basic info about Qatar and Doha. We headed to the taxi stand shortly afterwards.
photo 20150815_064258

In a taxi to Doha.
photo 20150815_064858

photo 20150815_065016

photo 20150815_065124

photo 20150815_065156

photo 20150815_065337

photo 20150815_065736

The ride to the city took approximately 15 minutes, I guess that's it for this FR. Thank you for taking your time to read it :).
photo 20150815_065849


photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0670

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0672

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0684

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0676

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0671

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0675

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0685

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0686

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0699

photo 20150815_093645

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0690

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0691

photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0696


Qatar Airways 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 5.0
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 7.0
TOTAL 8.0/10

Singapore - SIN 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 8.5
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 8.9/10

Doha - DOH 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 7.5
Services 7.5
Cleanliness 9.5
TOTAL 8.1/10


Summary is as follow:

Cabin comfort - Very comfortable seats with a great seat pitch. The cabin was very clean which wasn't surprising considering the plane was pretty new.

Crew - Very boring crew, they did their job but didn't offer a single smile throughout the flight.

Meal and catering - Not the best snack but a good breakfast to compensate for that.

Entertainment - State-of-the-art IFE with lots of content. Responsiveness of the screen was on top. It even had a tail camera view which was a big plus.

On-time performance - Departed 22 minutes late and landed 27 minutes early, nothing to complain about here.

Overall QR offered a fantastic hard product with this state-of-the-art A350 aircraft. The soft product was pretty disappointing on this flight which was a shame.