AIRCRAFT Boeing 777-200
TAKEOFF 15-10-05 9 p.m.
VIEWS 2687
LANDING AT 6:06 a.m.
The 12th October 2015

Photo review of American Airlines flight from Rio De Janeiro to New York in Premium Eco

Hi and welcome to the return portion of this series. Here is my schedule so far:

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GIG-JFK on AA Y - you are here
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LAX-SFO on AA F - will not report

This was my second trip to Rio this year and I have succumbed to its charms. Few places in the world can rival the stunning layout of this gorgeous city flanked by beaches and mountains, but for me one of the most rewarding aspects of visiting Rio is dealing with the cariocas who are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people that I have ever encountered in my travels. A small bonus is at the end of this FR for those interested.

The first time I came it was raining and this second time was no exception. Despite having the best intentions to see all the major sights, the weather did not cooperate and therefore I had to improvise and switch to indoor activities instead. As the saying goes, maybe the third time is the charm and I must come back again. ;)

I decided to take a taxi from my hotel to the airport, so when I checked out at reception, the front desk agent told me that there was another guest heading there and asked if I wouldn't mind sharing the taxi. This would come as a blessing in disguise since that meant that I will split the cost 50/50. The taxi arrived shortly but there was a slight problem - the trunk of the car was very small and only one big luggage was able to fit in. Fortunately there were only 2 of us so I placed my luggage in the back seat with me. In the end I paid R$25 (about USD 6.30 or EUR 5.60) which was a couple of dollars more than what the airport bus would have cost.

Since I had plenty of time I got off at T1 along with the other passenger and walked a little bit. It seems that most European carriers operated out of this terminal and there was a long walkway connecting it to T2. My initial impression of GIG has not changed - this is an ugly airport that does not do justice to the city it serves. Hopefully Oderbrecht TransPort and Changi Airports Intl., who are the operators, can make some real improvements soon.

GIG Terminal 1.

photo DSC08345 (1024x738)

photo DSC08346 (1024x692)

Walkway bridge connecting the two terminals.

photo DSC08347 (1024x683)

photo DSC08349 (1024x670)

Some spotting.

photo DSC08350 (1024x683)

photo DSC08352 (1024x683)

photo DSC08353 (1024x564)

photo DSC08355 (1024x707)

photo DSC08359 (1024x647)

AA @ T2

photo DSC08361 (1024x665)

By 16:15, the check-in opens and a friendly agent issued my boarding passes. She also mentioned that the lounge has moved to a new location and points to the back wall where part of the lounge can be seen. Instead of going down the stairs after security, the entrance is now by gate 40. Once you present your credentials to the GOL agent, she directs you through a hallway in the back where you take an elevator to the AA lounge.

GOL Smiles lounge entrance.

photo DSC08412 (1024x749)

On my way to the Admirals Club.

photo DSC08362 (1024x683)

photo DSC08411 (1024x683)

photo DSC08363 (1024x678)

After a warm welcome I settled into a corner in the back and explored the lounge. The new location is brighter and more open than the previous one. The lounge consists of two seating areas with the buffet located to the immediate right of reception. It seems that today was the first opening day for this lounge because I saw some IT technicians testing the computers in the back and a staff snapping pictures. I spoke to one of the staff members about getting a shower later on and he told me that they did not have those available for now due to some maintenance issues.

Main seating room. There is little space to put one's plates in the lounge area so it is better to eat by the buffet tables. I also noticed that the power extension cord is not configured for U.S. plugs unlike the old lounge. One of the nice receptionists checked with me to see if everything was OK and advised me that this new location was temporary.

photo DSC08365 (1024x683)

photo DSC08387 (1024x683)

photo DSC08399 (1024x683)

Adjacent seating area which has a view of the counter.

photo DSC08382 (1024x683)

photo DSC08381 (1024x684)

photo DSC08383 (1024x683)

photo DSC08385 (1024x694)

View of the counters.

photo DSC08367 (1024x637)

Computers in a hallway all the way in the back of the lounge. You can also view the counters from here.

photo DSC08364 (1024x683)

Buffet area.

photo DSC08380 (1024x683)

photo DSC08368 (1024x663)

photo DSC08369 (1024x683)

photo DSC08371 (1024x683)

photo DSC08401 (1024x678)

photo DSC08372 (1024x683)

photo DSC08373 (1024x683)

photo DSC08374 (1024x683)

photo DSC08375 (1024x683)

photo DSC08376 (1024x568)

photo DSC08377 (1024x683)

photo DSC08378 (1024x683)

photo DSC08379 (1024x683)

My selections.

photo DSC08386 (1024x669)

photo DSC08389 (1024x702)

photo DSC08394 (1024x683)

photo DSC08396 (1024x683)

photo DSC08398 (1024x683)

WC's are located right outside of the club. An improvement?

photo DSC08402 (1024x669)

photo DSC08403 (1024x683)

photo DSC08404 (1024x737)

I noticed a small room with 2 showers at the end. I think they were inoperative.

photo DSC08410 (683x1024)

photo DSC08409 (683x1024)

photo DSC08407 (683x1024)

After a while I left the lounge and headed to the gate. There were quite a few agents there.

photo DSC08413 (1024x683)

Boarding was smooth and I was greeted by a smiling FA at the door upon entering the aircraft. The cabin was set in mood lighting mode and the pre-dept. video was playing.

Here is a sample of the boarding music posted on youtube by a fan.


photo DSC08416 (1024x683)

photo DSC08421 (1024x683)

My seat. The Y+ section was semi empty and in the end most passengers had a row for themselves. At the completion of boarding a passenger sat at the opposite aisle seat from my row and prevented me from having a bed while the people behind me stretched out and slept soundly. Aargh!

photo DSC08415 (1024x683)

photo DSC08419 (1024x683)

photo DSC08450 (1024x683)

Dinner service began and I was given my special meal by a friendly FA. I ordered a diabetic meal and it consisted of grilled chicken with vegetables and rice, a salad, fruits for dessert, crackers and some processed cheese. The chicken was tough to cut and afterwards I requested a regular meal to compare.

photo DSC08422 (1024x683)

photo DSC08429 (1024x683)

photo DSC08427 (1024x683)

photo DSC08424 (1024x683)

photo DSC08425 (1024x683)

Cheese course. How processed is processed?

photo DSC08430 (1024x683)

photo DSC08431 (1024x683)

Regular chicken meal with mustard sauce. It was delicious with a sauce that tasted like crème fraîche mixed with moutarde à l'ancienne.

photo DSC08432 (1024x683)

photo DSC08437 (1024x683)

Galley with beverages and snacks.

photo DSC08440 (1024x683)

photo DSC08441 (1024x687)

After a few hours breakfast was served and this time I won the special meal lottery. I received a hot plate of scrambled eggs with roasted tomatoes and fruit while the rest of the passengers had some fruit and a hot croissant.

photo DSC08442 (1024x663)

photo DSC08448 (1024x683)

We arrived in JFK earlier than expected and sat at the gate for a few minutes until Immigrations opened at 06:00.


Rain followed me to Rio again and outdoor activities were extremely limited, so I decided to visit the famous Confeitaria Colombo and have a nice dinner at Cafe Lamas the night before.

Centro. I took the efficient and safe metro to downtown on my way to Confeitaria Colombo.

photo DSC08287 (1024x683)

photo DSC08315 (1024x682)

Municipal Theater.

photo DSC08291 (1024x666)

Museum of Fine Arts.

photo DSC08300 (657x1024)

Petrobras Headquarters.

photo DSC08306 (1024x683)

Confeitaria Colombo

Founded in 1894, this magnificent landmark is a part of Rio's history and an amazing place to have a light meal or coffee break, especially on a rainy day.

photo DSC08321 (1024x676)

photo DSC08322 (1024x683)

photo DSC08330 (1024x683)

photo DSC08323 (1024x683)

photo DSC08324 (1024x621)

photo DSC08325 (1024x645)

photo DSC08328 (1024x683)

photo DSC08331 (1024x683)

Cafe Lamas.

Had a very carioca dish @ Cafe Lamas - Filé à Osvaldo Aranha which is tender filet mignon with a layer of crunchy fried garlic, rice, farofa and Portuguese potatoes. It's not a cheap dish, but worth every cent of it.

photo DSC08268 (1024x683)

photo DSC08271 (1024x630)

photo DSC08272 (1024x683)

Sirio Libanes Rotisseria.

One of the best snacks that I have tasted in Rio were the cheese and chicken esfihas from the Sirio Libanes Rotisseria by Lago Machado. This place is quite an institution and these soft and slightly chewy pillows are out of this world. Just add a few drops of Pimenta Malagueta oil and you are all set.

photo DSC08273 (1024x750)

photo DSC08281 (1024x743)

photo DSC08274 (1024x683)

photo DSC08275 (1024x683)

Cashew drink and esfihas.

photo DSC08277 (1024x708)

photo DSC08278 (1024x683)

photo DSC08280 (1024x683)


American Airlines 

Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 8.5
meal/catering 8.0
TOTAL 8.5/10

American Airlines Admirals Club 

Comfort 8.0
meal/catering 8.0
Services 8.0
Entertainment 7.0
TOTAL 7.8/10

Rio De Janeiro - GIG 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 7.5
Services 6.5
Cleanliness 8.0
TOTAL 7.6/10

New York - JFK 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.9/10


This was a good flight on AA with professional and friendly crew.

It was nice to have an open seat next to me, although a full row for myself would have been better. I guess you can't have it all.

Catering was acceptable for Y and the breakfast this time was better than the outbound.