AIRCRAFT Airbus A350-900
TAKEOFF 15-10-16 7:35 p.m.
VIEWS 3775
LANDING AT 12:30 a.m.
Jett Tyler
The 7th October 2015

Photo review of Finnair flight from London to Helsinki in Economy

Finnair is an airline that is new to me. I wasn't really planning on doing this trip. I booked it as it was the A350 and I got a good deal for it.

For this trip: I paid about £150 for AY996 on October 16th for the A350 and AY995 on October 17th on A320. I paid £13 more for reserved seating on both these flights: Seat 43A on the A350 and 9F on the A320.

My trips to Amsterdam and Cologne, plus my Madeira holiday came and went (see previous reviews). I went back to college in September.

October comes around. Finnair got their Airbus A350-900 (OH-LWA) about 2 weeks before my flight with them. I was ecstatic!

On October 16th I got to London Heathrow just before 18:00pm for my 19:35pm flight. I wasn't checking in hold luggage and I checked in online, so I had plenty of time. This is something I normally do always.

photo T3 Car Park

photo T3 THY

photo T3 Entrance

photo T3 Rugby Ball

photo Welcome to T3

I got through the airport security within a quick 10-15 minutes. I arrived just after the peak time rush.

photo My Flight on Board

I found some window areas around Terminal 3 and got some pictures around the airport. Including the just arrived AY995 operated by the Airbus A350 I was to be flying on in just over an hour!

photo Finnair A321

photo Pair of Virgins

photo Virgin Dreamliner

When boarding finally commenced, I waited until nearly everyone was on the aircraft so I could have a nice look around as well as having a more relaxed boarding. There was a confusing moment between me and one of the cabin stewardesses as I asked about my seat which I recorded on the video.

photo A350

I settled into Sear 43A, my home for the next 2 hour 22 minute flight. The legroom was great, the seat felt nice. I also thought it was cool I was going to have on a short haul flight a Personal In-flight Entertainment on a short-haul flight.

photo A350 Map

We departed London Heathrow on time. We began our flight to Helsinki. The flight overall was pretty calm.

photo DSCF0034

photo DSCF0040

photo A350 safety

photo A350 screen

Food service began about 30 minutes into the flight as we past the Belgium/Holland/German shorelines over the North Sea.

The airline offered complimentary Tea and Coffee, there was a free blueberry cake offered to each PAX, I think this is a standard on long-haul Finnair flights (don't quote me) and I paid 7EUR (£5) for a Screwdriver (Orange Juice and Vodka). This was a nice culinary serving for the 2 1/2 hour flight. I couldn't afford champaign but wanted an alcoholic beverage for this flight.

photo A350 Screwdriver

photo A350 snack

After a while the service for food/drink ended and I needed the onboard W/C. I used this oppertunity to get my camera and after I was done and dusted- I did some filming and photography from and around the rear Galley.

photo DSCF0037

We began our descent into Helsinki Vantaa just after we past the Danish coast over the Gulf of Finland.

We arrived at 00:20am Finland time (They are 2 hours ahead of the UK). I got off the plane last. I went via the flight deck…

photo DSCF0048

photo DSCF0049

After departing the plane, I spent just over 5 hours (00:20am - 05:40am) airside at Helsinki: charging my equipment, going over my images and picturing/filming the nearly deserted terminal. Airside was slightly busy than what I expected because it turns out that the 23:40pm flight to Hong Kong (operated by a OneWorld livery Finnair A340) was delayed until 08:35am the next day. I had to quietly sneak around c.25 people who probably came here on a connecting flight and didn't know about the reschedule until they arrived.

photo Aeroflot Bag Check

photo Finnair Ad 2

photo Finnair Ad

photo HEL Airside (2)

photo HEL Airside (3)

photo HEL Airside

photo HEL Check In BA

photo HEL Terminal Model

Airbus A350 Flight Review Video:

Airside Tour of Helsinki Vantaa Terminal 2:



Cabin 9.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 9.5
TOTAL 9.6/10

London - LHR 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 9.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.8/10

Helsinki - HEL 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 10.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.2/10


I thought London Heathrow Terminal 3 was quite a nice building once airside, some places for descent views, which are probably better during the day- not at night or during the evening. Just as good as Terminal 4 & Terminal 5.

I thought the Airbus A350-900 was a brilliant aircraft having flown it. Finnair as an airline was absolutely brilliant, very friendly staff. I am pleased they offer free Tea or Coffee at least, don't mind paying for the extras.

Helsinki airport to stay for the overnighter was a good choice, only one bar was open- but it was quite and I enjoyed speaking to the Barista who was on that night. Enjoyed exploring the Airside of the Terminal- More airports need the charging points that HEL offers.