AIRCRAFT Airbus A350-900
TAKEOFF 15-10-31 7:35 a.m.
VIEWS 2959
LANDING AT 9:40 a.m.
The 8th November 2015

Photo review of Finnair flight from Helsinki to Paris in Business

Since the A350 is a quite new aircraft and this flight was special, I have decided to translate my report initially written in French to share it with the english readers of Flight report.

After a short night at the Airport Hilton and a 5 minutes walk to the terminal, I am ready for my first flight on board an Airbus A 350. It will be the first and only time Finnair will fly this aircraft to Paris so you can guess that I am very exited about it.

I already have printed by boarding pass so I don't need to stop at the counters or the machine. A display is promoting the brand new A 350.
photo thumb_L1030227_1024 2
photo thumb_L1030231_1024

A large old fashioned flight display screen is placed over the security area. I pass through the priority security checks in less than 2 minutes.
photo thumb_L1030232_1024

I head towards the European and domestic flights lounge which is located on the top of this staircase.
photo thumb_L1030241_1024 2

I am welcomed by a smiling staff member. There are not yet too many people so I take this opportunity to go around the lounge and take pictures. It's not very big but divided in several zones with different settings ( work, relax etc.). It's typical nordic design and I like it.

photo thumb_L1030247_1024
photo thumb_L1030252_1024
photo thumb_L1030255_1024
photo thumb_L1030259_1024
photo thumb_L1030262_1024
photo thumb_L1030275_1024

There is all you need for breakfast both hot and cold choices.
photo thumb_L1030269_1024
photo thumb_L1030268_1024 2
photo thumb_L1030272_1024

With a warm coffee in a typical Marimekko mug and my plate filled with breakfast my day can really start !
photo thumb_L1030256_1024

For those who want Italian Proseco is already on offer.
photo thumb_L1030266_1024

Free wifi is available and iI check flight-report. What else ?
photo thumb_L1030278_1024

It's soon time to head to the gate
photo thumb_L1030234_1024

Boarding is under way but I take some time to admire the aircraft.
photo thumb_L1030280_1024

The Airbus 350 easily recognizable with it's typical mask on the cockpit windows.
photo thumb_L1030282_1024

Flight attendants greet warmly passengers at the door and wear a hat that reminds me of vintage hostesses uniforms.
photo thumb_L1030284_1024

I turn left to my seat in 7A. A blue mood lighting gives a nice touch to the cabin.
photo thumb_L1030286_1024
photo thumb_L1030287_1024 2

I will show you my seat and surroundings later on but for now take you on a tour around this brand new aircraft.

The first business and second class cabins are separated by a galley that is elegantly hidden by a decorated blind.
photo thumb_L1030294_1024 2

The second cabin is smaller than the first.
photo thumb_L1030318_1024

Then is the economy class (quite full on this flight) in a 3X3X3 layout.
The first rows are for economy plus passengers and a better legroom as well a comfort kit are available for it's passengers.

The individual in flight entertainment screen is large and modern.
photo thumb_L1030299_1024
photo thumb_L1030305_1024
photo thumb_L1030315_1024

At the very rear of the plane is a huge galley and another one is located just behind the cockpit door.
photo thumb_L1030300_1024

When I go back to my seat a very nice flight attendant offers me a pre departure drink. I must say that during the flight the cabin crew was really great.
photo thumb_L1030340_1024

I choose an orange juice : Champagne will be for breakfast !
photo thumb_L1030337_1024

A welcome message is displayed on the big and high definition screens.
photo thumb_L1030331_1024
photo thumb_L1030333_1024 2
photo thumb_L1030329_1024

I select my langage among a wide choice and set my screen on the aircraft camera.
photo thumb_L1030349_1024
photo thumb_L1030358_1024

The day breaks up and no doubt we are in Helsinki , home of Finnair.
photo thumb_L1030372_1024 2
photo thumb_L1030378_1024

A security video is show while flight attendants point the exits.
photo thumb_L1030381_1024

We are now on our way to the runway.
photo thumb_L1030390_1024

Take off !
photo thumb_L1030399_1024 2

Bye bye Helsinki
photo thumb_L1030432_1024 2

The mood lightning is now brighter but yet soft , perfect for the time of the day.
This Cirus seat is very comfortable and can be converted to a full flight bed by pressing a button.
photo thumb_L1030437_1024
photo thumb_L1030442_1024

The central seat are set 2 by 2 and perfect for couples, friends or colleagues travelling together.
photo thumb_L1030445_1024

A little set up is done to show the amenities offered on long haul service.The colors complement well the neutral cabin and are very nice.
photo thumb_L1030461_1024 2
photo thumb_L1030473_1024
photo thumb_L1030476_1024

Bathrooms are well decorated and one is dedicated for women.
photo thumb_L1030505_1024
photo thumb_L1030508_1024

The chief purser and a flight attendant take the pose and confirm that they love working on this spanking new aircraft.
photo thumb_L1030291_1024

I have not eaten for at least an hour so it's now time for breakfast !
It consists of a warm salmon omelet with side spinach and a potatoe cake with cream : delicious ! A croisant, bread and a very good blueberry cake as well as a blueberry yogourt are also offered. For drinks I have another Orange juice and a Mimosa with Nicolas Feuillate Champagne . Hey it's Saturday and I am flying my first A 350. ;-)

photo thumb_L1030486_1024
photo thumb_L1030490_1024

Free wifi is available for business class passengers ( 15 euros in coach) and I take this opportunity to tweet in flight.

photo thumb_L1030526_1024
photo thumb_L1030529_1024

A very large window allows me to have a great view of Europe as we go down south.
photo thumb_L1030554_1024 2
photo thumb_L1030516_1024
photo thumb_L1030535_1024

On long haul flight a Bose headset is available . it's very good and keeps you from any conversations or noise in the cabin.
photo thumb_L1030502_1024

It's already time to land in CDG where a surprise is awaiting us. Fire trucks are ready to give us a water salute. My first from the inside of a plane.
photo thumb_L1030568_1024
photo thumb_L1030571_1024
photo thumb_L1030585_1024

A second good surprise is that we will be deplaning by stairs : a greta opportunity to see the aircraft and of course take more pictures.
photo thumb_L1030595_1024 2
photo thumb_L1030600_1024
photo thumb_L1030606_1024
photo thumb_L1030614_1024

Once in the terminal, where many passengers are taking pictures, I say goodbye to this beautiful aircraft
photo thumb_L1030618_1024

Thanks for reading me



Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 9.5
meal/catering 8.5
TOTAL 9.1/10

Finnair Finnair Domestic Lounge 

Comfort 7.0
meal/catering 7.0
Services 7.0
Entertainment 8.0
TOTAL 7.2/10

Helsinki - HEL 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 10.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 8.6/10

Paris - CDG 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 8.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 8.0
TOTAL 7.8/10


I loved flyig the Airbus A350 and Finanir had done a great job with it's new cabin that is comfortable and looks very fresh. i would not mind flying them on a long haul route to Asia!