AIRCRAFT Boeing 787-9
TAKEOFF 15-08-14 1:20 p.m.
VIEWS 3927
LANDING AT 3:25 p.m.
The 10th November 2015

Photo review of Vietnam Airlines flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in Business

Previously, when I reported about the Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350 flight, I promised that I will fly the VN's Boeing 787-9 to compare and report on Flight-Report.com. I flew the VN's B787-9 one month after the A350 flight but I was so lazy to write a report since I have to select the photos, write the text and especially the video report.

My previous report on the VN's A350: http://flight-report.com/en/report-10919.html

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-01

So, the flight was in August. I went to the airport early as usual. The flight was in the afternoon so I didn't have to wake up early, especially I had night shift in the night before. This time I didn't check in online. I went to business class check-in counter then went straight to security clearance. Of course there's a priority gate for Platinum member of LotuSmiles (VN's FFP), business class passengers, VIP and crew. My boarding gate was 14 so I chose to stay in Lotus Lounge near there (or C2 Lounge). The lounge is quite old compare to the new C3 Lounge next door dedicated for VietJet's Skyboss, Mobifone Gold/Platinum members, Priority Pass holders, etc. The food was fine as usual. I made a bowl of Ph? (Vietnamese beef noodle) for me. I don't really like this lounge. Sometimes it is crowded. The serviced lounge next door is much better.

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-02

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-03

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-04

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-05

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-06

The flight was on time. I went to the gate early because I wanted to take photos and shoot video as much as I could. From the terminal, I could see the new B787 on the tarmac. It was new, shiny and sexy. I got into the business class cabin early and there were only 2 passengers already boarded. I took the chance to take photos of the cabin, every single angle. I took a lot of photos, shot a lot of videos. I realized that the cabin crews also watch my action. They must be curious why I took a lot of photos. I asked a female flight attendant to take a photo for me siting in the business class seat. She was very friendly and I have to say her photo skill is great.

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-07

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-08

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-09

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-10

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-11

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-12

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-13

photo 11872153_10155880769540315_4405782609850983286_o

There are 28 business class seats on Vietnam Airlines new Boeing 787-9. Each seat has direct aisle access and can be reclined to full flat bed, which is very comfortable for long haul flight. I wish that I could fly this B787 on a longer flight, not just 1:40 hrs to Hanoi. I think I don't have to describe specifically about the seat as it's quite similar to other airlines' business class seats lately. What I love is the big touch screen in each seat, the USB and power charge and plenty of space to store personal items. The IFE wasn't available on this domestic flight. Wifi wasn't available also although there was network inflight.

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-17

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-18

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-19

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-20

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-21

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-22

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-23

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-24

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-25

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-26

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-27

The service started with welcome drink and cold towel. After the plane took off, the meal service was started soon after that. For this flight after lunch time, snack was served. It was open-faced sandwiches. The fresh fruit came along. I also chose milk and coffee. I enjoyed the meal as well as the comfortable and beautiful business class cabin, and yes, the modern windows. The glass turned blue and I could still see the cloud outside without being annoyed by sunlight.

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-28

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-29

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-30

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-31

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-32

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-33

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-34

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-35

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-36

After the meal, the cabin light was dimmed for passengers to relax and sleep. I turned my seat to bed mode and tried to take nap. The ceiling light turned rainbow also which I told my friends it was like a sky disco.

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-37

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-38

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-39

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-40

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-41

Generally I enjoyed and was satisfied with the flight on the new Boeing 787-9 as well as the Vietnam Airlines improving service. On the return flight, I chose to flight in the deluxe economy cabin, which you can find here: http://flight-report.com/en/report-11453.html

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-42

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-43

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-44

photo vn-j-sgnhan-b787-45

So compare to the VN's A350 business class cabin, I prefer the Boeing 787-9 business class cabin although both are good.

Video of the flight:


Vietnam Airlines 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 7.0
meal/catering 8.0
TOTAL 8.8/10

Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounge - Domestic Terminal 

Comfort 7.0
meal/catering 7.0
Services 7.0
Entertainment 9.5
TOTAL 7.6/10

Ho Chi Minh City - SGN 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 7.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 8.0
TOTAL 8.0/10

Hanoi - HAN 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 6.0
Services 6.0
Cleanliness 6.0
TOTAL 7.0/10


Experience the business class service on Vietnam Airlines' new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.