AIRCRAFT Boeing 787-8
TAKEOFF 15-10-29 1:30 p.m.
VIEWS 5641
LANDING AT 4:25 p.m.
The 9th December 2015

Photo review of Japan Airlines flight from Boston to Tokyo in Business


This series will cover a recent trip back to the US that required me to be in the greater Los Angeles and Boston areas.

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This report will cover the 14-hour flight from Boston to Narita on JL. Since I flew BOS-HKG on CX earlier this summer (http://flight-report.com/en/report-12199.html), this will be a good opportunity to compare the offerings of these fierce Asian OW competitors.

The travel agent gave me the most direct routing for this segment since I didn’t have time to do a BOS-JFK or BOS-ORD flight in order to get onto a different JL TPAC flight. When given J tickets, I don’t complain because regardless of the product J > Y, but it was a little disheartening when I pulled up my JL record online and saw this:

photo 152

Those not familiar with JL, there are two different B788 configurations. One has 6 rows of J and one has 7 rows of J. The difference: flatbed versus angle lie-flat. Yes, JL continues to install angle lie-flat seats on their long-haul aircraft. NRT-BOS and NRT-SAN are two of those lucky routes that get stuck with angle lie-flat B788s. So this report will cover the B788s installed with the JAL Shell Flat Neo seat.


My day started early, catching the 7:00am Amtrak Acela Express in New London, CT for the trip back to Boston.

photo 136

photo 137

Arriving at Boston South Station, I switched to the Silver Line to the airport. Terminal E is the last stop and I was deposited in front of the terminal at 10:40am (the JL counters open at 10:30am). Stepping inside the international terminal, very quiet midday.

photo 1

photo 2

Both business class agents are busy so I have to wait 5 minutes to get checked-in. The agent was chatty; he was asking me about Nagoya since he was going there on vacation in November.

photo 3

He handed me my boarding passes and reminded me that we will be using the BA Terraces Lounge.

photo 4

FIDS. PD dominates the daytime activities.

photo 5

Security is a ghost town; they even closed off the priority lane since there is no one in sight.

photo 6

Clearing security, I’m dumped into a familiar drab Terminal E.

photo 7

My gate today will be E7.

photo 8

Our bird today (JA843J) is of course present since she spent the night in BOS last night.

photo 9

photo 10

A reminder of the mileage haul to come.

photo 11

Since I still have 2 hours before boarding starts, I decide to do some spotting before heading to the lounge. PD is the only other carrier operating midday from Terminal E. The little PD Dash8 is hiding behind the jetbridge, but the EK B772 is proudly on display across the way at Terminal D. I decide to spot from this window since there was a line of sight to an active runway, but the weather was a little troublesome.

photo 138

B6 E190 lifting up.

photo 139

AA B738 in tin can livery taxing to the runway as a DL ERJ-175 lands.

photo 140

A rare spotting! A little 9K (Nantucket Airlines) Cessna 402 taxing to the runway before taxing off, it used about 30% of the runway.

photo 141

photo 148

UA A320.

photo 142

DL B738 in SkyTeam special livery.

photo 143

US ERJ-190, B6 ERJ-190, and DL B717.

photo 144

B6 ERJ-190 and AA B752 with winglets. Then the AA B752 lifting off, I agree with Kevin, the B752s look great in the new livery.

photo 145

photo 151

DL MD-88.

photo 146

AA CRJ-200.

photo 147

PD Dash8 and B6 ERJ-190.

photo 149

AS B739.

photo 150

With that, I packed up and went to the lounge. The lounges at BOS are located downstairs.

photo 12

After walking down the long dark hallway, we reach the BA Terraces Lounge adorned with our JL FA cutout. There was a BA agent working the front desk, she took my boarding pass, marked my name off her list and then pointed me in the direction of the dining room.

photo 13

JL B788 model on display at the check-in desk.

photo 14

When I went to the buffet area, there was a crowd so no photos, but the options were poor. It was salad and one hot item (rice and curry). The curry didn’t look very good, so I just prepared a salad with a bowl of fruit. The salad at least looked to be of good quality and I washed it down with a Samuel Adams. While I was eating, I booked my SK ticket that will be covered in the next series.

photo 15

photo 16

photo 17

The rest of the seating area and the meager snack/drink options.

photo 24

photo 25

photo 27

About 5 minutes before the boarding time I packed up my stuff and headed to the gate.


Japan Airlines, JL 7
Equipment: Boeing B787-800 [JA843J, delivered June 2013]
Departure: 13:30 (ATD: 13:41)
Arrival: 16:25 (ATA: 16:16)
Flight time: 13:35

Boarding was called right on time. Special assistance boarding was followed by JL/OW elites and business class. My boarding pass was scanned by the same agent that checked me in. He wished me a safe trip home. Reaching the mouth of the beast, the purser and 2 FAs are there to greet me with big smiles and a konnichiwa.

photo 18

The purser welcomes me on board, checks my boarding pass, then hands me off to one of the FAs who walks me to my seat. She took my backpack and placed in the overhead bin, introduced herself, and then asked me if I needed anything. Preplaced on the seats are pillow/duvet and amenity kit. The headphones are preplaced in the side storage compartment.

photo 19

Taking my seat, the pitch in the bulkhead is very generous and it allows enough space for me to get out without disturbing my seatmate when the seat is in bed mode. No need for acrobatics today.

photo 20

The pocket contains coat hangar and slippers.

photo 21

photo 22

The FA returns and brings me a The Japan Times and then fans out some magazines for me to choose from. I take a National Geographic to peruse during boarding.

photo 23

photo 24

The JL dolls in the galley during boarding. Wish I had noticed them while I was walking by earlier. ?????

photo 25

Great view from my seat.

photo 26

So the biggest complaint about JL is that they do not offer a pre-departure beverage or oshibori. I don’t know why, but that is their service protocol and it really does start the trip with a real negative feeling. If you don’t want to offer alcohol for tax reasons, fine, but you should at least offer something to drink. It’s almost a 30-45 minute wait from boarding to pushback.

We eventually close the front door, the FAs bow, the safety video fires up, and we begin our push back.

photo 27

We taxi past a DL B764 on our short taxi to the runway.

photo 28

Turning on to the runway.

photo 29

The GE90s wind up and we are off. Breathtaking aerial shots of Boston on departure.

photo 30

photo 31

photo 32

We make a sharp left-turn towards the Atlantic Ocean before looping around towards New Hampshire in a 270-degree turn.

photo 33

photo 34

photo 35

photo 36

photo 37

photo 38

The packed duvet (really nice) and the pillow. The pillow was the thinnest J pillow I have ever seen before. This was thinner than a Y pillow and provided no padding.

photo 39

photo 40

TUMI amenity kit. Nice bag that I’ll repurpose, but completely void of any contents.

photo 41

photo 42

Sony noise-cancelling headphones.

photo 45

Arrival documents were distributed once the FAs were released as they prepared the galley for service.

photo 46

This is when the FAs came through with the pre-departure, I mean POST-departure drink tray (water, orange juice, champagne). I grabbed champagne.

photo 57

This was followed by an oshibori on a platter.

photo 58

Crossing over the Fall foliage in New Hampshire.

photo 55

photo 59

There is one big disadvantage of the bulkhead seats, and that is the IFE. The IFE for the bulkhead seats (10.6”) is smaller than all the other seats (15.4”) and the resolution is not as good. I find Magic-V to offer a pretty poor selection. Very limited movie and TV show selections.

photo 52

The IFE is controlled by this little guy or you can just use the touch screen.

photo 53

Standard Airshow offering.

photo 54

I was intrigued by the “eBooks” listing on the home screen. Opening up that option, we find manga, manga, manga! I guess JL knows who their customers are and don’t want to deprive them of their late night manga reading in the conbinis.

photo 56

Menus were distributed by the purser as the champagne glasses were cleared. The purser introduced herself and welcomed me on-board. JL caters this flight in their typical fashion. They do one meal service after takeoff and then the rest of the flight is on-demand catering. The purse personally took my order for the meal; I obviously requested the Japanese meal, which I will accompany with imo shochu.

photo 60

photo 128

photo 129

photo 130

photo 131

photo 132

photo 133

photo 134

photo 135

The FAs then come through the cabin and offered sweaters. JL and NH are the only carriers that I’ve ever flown that offer sweaters to premium cabin passengers. I always get cold on the plane, so I happily took the JL-branded Mr. Rodger’s sweater.

photo 51

Cabin shot pre-meal.

photo 61

The wing as we cruise towards Canada.

photo 62

Linens are laid.

photo 63

The amuse bouche is presented along with some otsumami, a glass of water, and a glass of shochu.

photo 64

The amuse bouche is nicely presented and both tasted good, but I preferred the mushroom flan with feta cheese and truffle oil. That was very tasty. The crab, avocado, and grapefruit dish was also good. The grapefruit was thankfully not too sour.

photo 65

photo 66

photo 67

The otsumami. Mmm, natt?!

photo 68

photo 69

After the amuse bouche was cleared, the FA brought out my bento box. A delicious seafood filled offering. The presentation is superb, but the inclusion of a packaged little plastic bottle of soy sauce is not so attractive. I know this is standard protocol for Asian carriers, but it would be nicer if it were served in a small dish.

photo 70

photo 71

photo 72

photo 73

photo 74

My water and shochu glasses were promptly refilled.

photo 75

I like the crane-shaped hashioki, a nice homage to the JL logo.

photo 76

It was completely inedible…

photo 77

After clearing my bento box, the FA then returned with my Chilean sea bass main that was served on a tray with rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables. I really like the rice bowl. The presentation of the main was a little average, but the fish was good and cooked well as were the tofu and shrimp.

photo 78

photo 79

photo 80

Napkin details, and yes it had a buttonhole.

photo 81

JL has had an identity crisis in the past 10-15 years and the remnants are still present with these two different glasses. Thankfully they have returned to their tsuru logo.

photo 82

As my tray was cleared, the FA took my after dinner drink orders. Coffee with the really good panna cotta. It was so nice to get a real dessert on an Asian carrier instead of the standard ice cream offering (which will make a cameo later).

photo 83

photo 84

Meal service concluded with oshibori on platters.

photo 85

After meal service the cabin lights were dimmed. What really angered me is that when JL turns off the cabin lights they also lock the windows! And since this is a B787 with the dimming windows it means that I was forced into darkness until the cabin was prepared for landing. No chance to crack the shade and snap some wing shots. Marathon would not be a happy camper.

A coffee as I finish my movie.

photo 86

Water bottles were distributed.

photo 87

As we were leaving the Hudson Bay, I got ready for a nap.

photo 88

The lavatories were pretty standard issue for a B787. At least JL opted for the bidet toilets, but no heated seat :(

photo 123

photo 124

photo 125

Toothbrushes and mouthwash were available in the lavatory.

photo 126

Before we nap, a quick seat tour. The seat guide.

photo 103

photo 104

The seat tour starts with the controls located on the armrest.

photo 47

The IFE folds out from inside of the sliding middle console.

photo 48

The privacy divider between the two seats is not very large, but there is a reading light. When upright there is not a lot of privacy, but once you go into bed mode, the seat sinks down and you are hidden from your neighbor.

photo 49

There is a storage compartment under the armrest for small personal items.

photo 50

A blurry shot of the seat fully reclined. It was pretty flat and I didn’t get any wedgie effect so it wasn’t that steep (I’m also not heavy enough to slide).

photo 89

There was an additional panel to control the seat that was more accessible when in bed mode.

photo 90

I slept for about 4 hours as we crossed Canada and were soon approaching Alaska.

photo 91

Wing shot through the dimmed glass.

photo 92

I pressed the call button in order to get some food. I ordered magurotatakidon and hot tea. The FA returned about 5 minutes later with my tray and an oshibori on a platter. This was delicious, I can’t really say much more about it. I almost ordered another bowl it was that good.

photo 93

photo 94

After I finished my donburi, I decided to order ice cream and a fruit plate for dessert. I at least got a laugh when she brought the ice cream. It was “Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream” flavored Ben & Jerry's.

photo 95

After my ice cream, my fruit plate was served along with a cup of coffee. More scrambling of the JL logos on the cutlery.

photo 96

photo 97

Another water bottle and an eye refresher were given to me as the FA cleared my tray table.

photo 98

photo 99

On to the seat back contents.

photo 100

The safety card for this B788.

photo 101

photo 102

I napped again until we were leaving Russia.

photo 105

I wandered into the galley, here is a cell-phone shot of the bar area.

photo 127

I was grabbing a truffle when an FA came up and started talking to me. She was asking me if I wanted a cheese plate since I already had the fruit plate. I don’t normally eat cheese plates, but why not. She brought out my cheese plate along with a glass of port wine, water, and another oshibori. A decent offering.

photo 106

photo 107

The movie selection was so poor that I ended up watching Austin Powers. As we were crossing Hokkaido, the FAs came through the cabin announcing that it was last order. I wasn’t really hungry, but I had seen my seatmate get a curry earlier in the flight that looked good so I decided to try that.

photo 108

The seafood curry was served with a glass of orange juice, garnishes, and yet another oshibori (JL must have a really high laundry bill). The curry was very good.

photo 109

photo 110

As meal service on this flight concluded, we were given water bottles for arrival. They must have finally run out of the Crystal Geyser bottles because I was given an Asahi bottle.

photo 111

We approached Narita from the eastern coast of Honsh?.

photo 112

Japan is almost always cloudy.

photo 113

Finally, the lock on the window dimming was removed and I can take real shots of the wing.

photo 114

Crossing into Chiba-ken.

photo 115

Beautiful wing at dusk.

photo 116

Sunset arrival into Narita a little bit ahead of schedule.

photo 117

photo 118

The FA that was making the announcements during the taxi didn’t sound right, her voice kept cracking. Something suspicious was going on…

GK A320 with sharklets.

photo 119

AA B788.

photo 120

We pull into Gate 74 in between the AA B788 and a CX A333.

photo 121

As we are waiting in the galley to deplane, I see the same FA that was doing the cabin announcements during the taxi. I ask her if she is alright and she just starts crying. Another FA tells me that this is her last flight. On carriers like JL, we take their service for granted, but it is a touching moment when you see how much their job means to them. I give her an otsukaresamadeshita as we deplane.

On the way to immigration, a shot of the CX A333.

photo 122

Immigration was very quick (there is almost never anyone in line for special re-entry). It’s a 15-minute wait for bags. The lines for customs were long; there are always a handful of people that didn’t fill out the customs form before deplaning that causes a traffic jam. No questions today. I find that when you show the residence card to the customs officers, they just wave you through like any Japanese passport holder. That concludes this report and tune into the final part of this series for a look at the domestic JL Sakura Lounge at NRT and the return to NGO.


Japan Airlines 

Cabin 6.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 7.0
meal/catering 9.0
TOTAL 8.0/10

British Airways Club World Lounge 

Comfort 5.0
meal/catering 5.0
Services 6.0
Entertainment 9.0
TOTAL 6.2/10

Boston - BOS 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 9.0
Services 5.0
Cleanliness 7.5
TOTAL 7.9/10

Tokyo - NRT 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 7.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.5/10


As is often the case with JL: a mediocre hard-product and a great soft-product. Angle lie-flat seats on a 14-hour flight is far from ideal. What the seat and IFE lacked, the crew and catering made up for. Having completed both BOS-HKG on CX and BOS-NRT on JL, my conclusion is that CX has the better hard-product and JL has the better soft-product. Pick your poison.

Cabin comfort: A 1-year-old B788 with a >5-year-old cabin, what is JL thinking? Not only that, but why on earth are you putting B788s with flatbed seats on regional routes like NGO-BKK, but angle lie-flat seats on ultra long-haul NRT-BOS routes? The flight was 100% full and the 2-2-2 does feel tight. Being in the bulkhead, I was not trapped in my window seat. Window dimming is locked during the flight.

Crew: Wonderful JL crew. Not incredible chatty (as is customary for Japanese carriers). They purser was omnipresent throughout the flight personally welcoming passengers and handing out menus. The FAs were very attentive even with the full cabin. No complaints and no negative interactions with any crewmembers.

Meal and catering: No pre-departure drink, shame on you JL. The Japanese meal was excellent and was capped with the best dessert I’ve had this year. I like the on-demand catering concept and there was a quite thorough menu to choose from. I pretty much grazed for the rest of the flight. The donburi was fantastic and the curry was also really good.

Entertainment: Newspapers and magazines distributed. The screen for bulkhead seats is small for current standards (other seats get 15.4” screens). The content of [i]Magic-V[/i] was weak unless you are a huge manga fan. Lots of room for improvement in this area for JL.

On-time performance: Perfect: left on time and landed a little bit early.