AIRCRAFT Airbus A350-900
TAKEOFF 16-02-02 11:35 a.m.
VIEWS 3878
LANDING AT 2:25 p.m.
The 20th February 2016

Photo review of Finnair flight from Beijing to Helsinki in Business

After a few days in Beijing i discover not everyone speak english, imagine Spanish. But the Chines are ok, not warm, just the necessary.

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The view from my car going to the PEK Airport

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Finnair doesn't have personal or counter there. They use Air Chine staff and counters. This was the worst part of the trip. They are not kind, doesn't ask if you want windows or not, doesn't use the Priority Orange Tag for your baggage and the lady enter wrong my Advantage partner number, so my boarding pass doesn't have the Priority information.

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Like i have time and status i tried to visit the Cathay Pacific lounge in the Terminal 3 thinking, maybe, the lounge can be great, but this was like a joke. The lady in the entrance speak english like me, so i never understand what she said. But i just take pictures for the report and i went out

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My mistake was went to the Air China First Class Lounge, because is similar at the Business Class 50mts near, but the lady doesn't knew about my Advantage Status so she left me visit the lounge and stay there lol.

The lounge is bigger, classic and oldie, but have a lady making chines tea at request like a nice touch.

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You have this totem to recharge your devices too.

photo 47

And if you forgot some souvenir, have the option with the Communist soldier figure. Looks like kids, this is the most impressive.

photo 48

The boarding was delayed a 30 minutes. The Air China staff make the boarding too

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The plane was the First Airbus 350 for Finnair. You can purchase it in scale model onboard like a nice souvenir.

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The Galley of the tail serve for the Y Pax. Have a express coffee too? Im not sure

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I traed to take pictures to show the difference between Economy and Economy Plus pitch. In a few weeks AY start to sell the Plus service including a Amenity kit

So, Economy Pitch

photo 74

photo 75

photo 76

Economy Plus Pitch

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Sometimes you have just one shoot in your life so i went to ask to the purser if i can visit the cabin. She was amazing and spoke with the Captain and invite me to visit it, smiling and so excited i toke pictures. Im just uploading this one because im not sure if i can show the face of the captain but him and the co pilot was amazing with me

photo 88

photo 93

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photo 96

photo IMG_3199

Look this detail. If you are not too tall and fly in the middle seats have a space to put your foot, like a step to open the trunk.

photo 97

photo 97a

photo 99

Ready to depart. The point was, the flight was delayed but we arrived on time.

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The crew gave me a file with the menu, wine menu and wifi information.

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The TCP that stay in my side was amazing with me. Like my english is not the best she show me the meals options, help me in my choice, them we talk about Finland and Argentina and the Airplane, she tell me things about it so i was really happy there.
My first choice was the Finnair Signature drink, she told me its a great decision. The amuse bouche was a Salmon with something but was really fresh and tasty

photo 53

photo 106

photo 107

photo 108

The meal option that i toke was Lamb, by the size this lamb was really young but i didn't think too much and was tender and tasty by the way

photo 109

photo 110

Outside at Chines space you can use the wifi. The price is just u$s15 for all the flight but Business Pax are for free, You have the code in your tv screen. This was convenient and don't have to keep papers or something

I make print screen just to see the 3 steps to connect

photo 111

photo 112

photo 113

photo 114

This is a 8 hours and a half flight and if you still have hungry can choice snacks or ask a sandwich at request

photo 115

photo 116

The WC was full with amenities. I never saw too much stuff in a Business Class WC. Maybe because the cabin was empty (Just 8 pax) and nobody toke it before

photo 117

photo 118

photo 119

Returning to my seat i toke a Galley picture, and my TCP saw me and she say maybe i can like the nice covering poster and she expanded just to take a picture. Them she gave me more chocolates and candies. So sympathy

photo 120

photo 121

Im not sure way but i have the impression, the second meals, in general, looks better and taste better that the main meal. In this flight you can choose a chicken sandwich, a salad or this chicken with hummus. Was really great.

photo 122

My TCP offered me a tea and she gave me this typically finland sweet with cinnamon. Was tender and warm and really nice with the tea

photo 123

Before arrived and was grateful with the purser and the TCP, they make my flight the most amazing flight and the most warm and excited experience on board. Im just forget to ask they names and imho ashamed.

photo 124



Cabin 9.5
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 9.0
meal/catering 9.0
TOTAL 9.4/10

Air China T3 First Class Lounge - International 

Comfort 2.5
meal/catering 2.5
Services 2.5
Entertainment 6.5
TOTAL 3.5/10

Beijing - PEK 

Efficiency 4.0
Access 6.5
Services 6.5
Cleanliness 7.5
TOTAL 6.1/10

Helsinki - HEL 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 8.5
Services 8.5
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 8.9/10


I have to say, this was my best flight ever. In a new plane, the super A359, visiting the cockpit, having the best crew ever and having a empty cabin, free and great wifi and enjoying every moment all flight long.
The crew, 3 TCP and the purser were sympathy, warm, educated and attentive in all the flight. The walk for the cabin watching if you need something, if you was working they gave a drink or coffee or tea. I think the seat is important for a Business Class trip but the difference you will found in the details and in the crew, who make it happened.
I just have nice words to all they. Just im so sorry in don't ask the names but i sent my congratulations to this crew after my flight.
No im real AY fan and if you think about try it... try it, you will really like.