AIRCRAFT Airbus A320
TAKEOFF 15-09-24 7:10 p.m.
VIEWS 1109
LANDING AT midnight
Yonatan Paz
The 19th March 2016

Photo review of Astra Airlines flight from Berlin to Tel Aviv in Economy

On the way home:

We left our hotel, Casa Camper Berlin at 15.50PM for delayed 6.45PM flight (Schelude time was 6.10PM, but it's still better than the 6 hour delay on TLV-SXF flight). We took a S-bahn from Hakesher Markt to Alexanderplatz,and than we connect to the train for Berlin - Schonefeld Airport. In less than a hour we were in the Airport!
From the Train Station of the airport you have to walk about 1 kilometer to the Terminals:
photo 20150924_164943
Our Check-In for this Astra flights was from Terminal D, the newest terminal at the airport, used for airlines like Ryanair, UP, Norwegian, Wow Air etc.
Long line at the check-in:
photo 20150924_165520
Durning the waiting for the Check-In and getting our tickets I went to "Relay" store that located in every airport in Germany and I decided to buy those models:
photo 20150924_165800
photo 20150924_170004
We got seats 27EF but I decided to switch the tickets for alise seats, 19CD, as the flight will be fully dark and it's better to seat in the ailse on this trashy and tight plane.
The air-side of the Terminal was ok but nothing special about it:
photo 20150924_174835
photo 20150924_174847
Pegasus 737-800 is ready for flight to SAW and our plane (SX-DIO, A320, Astra) just arrived from Tel Aviv (and of course that not on-time…):
photo 20150924_174812
photo 20150924_174825
For non-schengen flights departs from Terminal D (UK&Israel&Iceland etc) passengers have to take elevator to climbing stairs to Terminal A and than doing a passport control plus another high-safe security check for flights to Tel Aviv.
Ryanair 737-800 is ready for a short hop to CGN:
photo 20150924_182739
photo 20150924_182756
Waiting for our flight, there aren't enough seats for everyone:
photo 20150924_182729
Boarding was quite slow and we was stucking for 20 minutes inside the jetbridge (one of 3 that that SXF has):
photo 20150924_182744
photo 20150924_183320
photo 20150924_183328
photo 20150924_184010(1)
A view of the old & ugly cabin again from my seat (includes a safety demo from the greek flight attendent that was really nice, it's nice to fly from Germany to Israel and get a greek plane&cabin crew):
photo 20150924_185012
photo 20150924_185759
Take-off was at 7.05PM:
photo 20150924_193657
The service for this 4h flight, including sugar from Israel:
photo 20150924_195930
photo 20150924_201911
Flight was really boring, nothing to read, watch or listen… If you are flying with Astra bring with you something to do!
photo 20150924_203503
photo 20150924_213536
photo 20150924_222232
photo 20150924_222240
No Photos from landing as it was dark, but we landed after twice of trying to land!
We got a bus gate again!
photo 20150926_000943
photo 20150926_000955
photo 20150926_001011
photo 20150926_001013

And as it was the busiest day at the airport, it took one hour and half to get our switcases from the belt!
photo 20150926_003753
Finally, after a long journey I was in home at 2.30AM. No second option for Astra in my career.


Astra Airlines 

Cabin 6.0
Cabin crew 10.0
meal/catering 3.5
TOTAL 4.9/10

Berlin - SXF 

Efficiency 6.0
Access 5.5
Services 7.5
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 7.2/10

Tel Aviv - TLV 

Efficiency 6.5
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.4/10