AIRCRAFT Boeing 787-8
TAKEOFF 16-04-13 3 p.m.
VIEWS 1251
LANDING AT 3:50 p.m.
The 21st April 2016

Photo review of Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Manama in Economy

Hi fellas,

Welcome to the second leg of my series of flights between CMB-DOH-BAH.
You can find the first report from the following link.

1. Qatar Airways QR665 CMB-DOH Airbus A340-600 - http://flight-report.com/en/report-14013.html
2. Qatar Airways QR1110 DOH-BAH Boeing 787-8 - You are here.

After getting refreshed, we headed to the gate which was at the other end of the concourse.

photo IMG_7118

photo IMG_7122

photo IMG_7125

The aircraft model for this flight was mystery until I saw it from my own eyes. At the time of the booking it was mentioned as A333 then it changed to B777 and finally a week before the flight it became B788. I was happy as I have never flown it before but bit skeptic as I checked FR24 in that week and saw the aircraft changing between A320, A321, B777 and B787. But finally when I reached the gate it was the Dream)Liner.

photo IMG_7117

photo IMG_7126

photo IMG_7127

Internet Kiosk inside the boarding lounge.

photo IMG_7130

The boarding commenced about 40 mins prior to departure time. The flight had a full load.

photo IMG_7131

photo IMG_7135

photo IMG_7138

photo IMG_7140

Sneaking to the business class cabin.

photo IMG_7143

photo IMG_7144

IFE box. Not large as the one in A346.

photo IMG_7145

IFE Controls. The Screen can be operated by touch too.

photo IMG_7147

Seat pitch and width was bit tight but alright for this short hop. Not sure about long journeys.

photo IMG_7149

photo IMG_7151

photo IMG_7154

photo IMG_7155

photo IMG_7156

The IFE looked slow and the system time was wrong.

photo IMG_7159

photo IMG_7162

photo IMG_7163

photo IMG_7166

Pushing back and taxiing.

photo IMG_7168

photo IMG_7172

photo IMG_7178

photo IMG_7180

photo IMG_7182

photo IMG_7184

Didn't expecting a service in this 35 minute flight but the crew quickly distributed some orange juice as just as we were reaching our cruising altitude of 12000 ft.

Oops… I forgot to take a pic before finishing it.

photo IMG_7185

photo IMG_7186

photo IMG_7187

photo IMG_7189

By the time the drink service concluded, the captain announced that the descending has started.

Innovative window dimming of the Dreamliner.

photo IMG_7190

photo IMG_7195

photo IMG_7199

photo IMG_7200


photo IMG_7203

photo IMG_7204

photo IMG_7208

photo IMG_7215

photo IMG_7216

photo IMG_7218

We parked next to this Oman Air 738. We were not given a jet bridge and had to use the buses.

photo IMG_7220

Buses waiting for us.

photo IMG_7224

View of the One of the two GEnx-1B Engines of this aircraft from the bus.

photo IMG_7226

Heading to the immigration.

photo IMG_7228

Immigraton gates.

photo IMG_7230

My father went throught the immigration without a trouble. But when I handed over my visa document to the officer and he entered something in his computer and sealed the entry stamp in my passport. But just as he tried to print the receipt for service fee collected the system got stuck. He took my passport and went to his boss and asked me to be seated. Bit of a panicking situation!

He returned with his boss after about ten minutes and the boss was able to issue the receipt. Welcome to Bahrain!

Outside the airport.

photo IMG_7232

photo IMG_7235

Will be back with the reports of my return journey soon.


Qatar Airways 

Cabin 8.0
Cabin crew 9.5
Entertainment 8.0
meal/catering 8.5
TOTAL 8.5/10

Doha - DOH 

Efficiency 9.5
Access 9.0
Services 9.5
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.5/10

Manama - BAH 

Efficiency 7.5
Access 9.5
Services 9.5
Cleanliness 9.5
TOTAL 9.0/10


It was a short pleasant trip. Nothing much special. Appreciate the drink service provided for such a short flight.