AIRCRAFT Airbus A350-900
TAKEOFF 16-03-20 10:45 a.m.
VIEWS 3064
LANDING AT 1:15 p.m.
The 20th April 2016

Photo review of Qatar Airways flight from Singapore to Doha in Business

Greetings Flight Report community and welcome to this series of flights.

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Welcome back to more A350-900 flying adventures.

After a great night in Singapore it was time to head back to Changi. Qatar Airlines leaves from T3 so I was conveyed there by taxi and about 3 hours prior to departure.

photo 20160319_163927

photo 20160319_163955

This was my first visit to the main check in area of T3 and I was taken with the grandeur. I located the QR check in positions and had no wait to be processed.

photo 20160319_164046

photo 20160319_164049

photo 20160319_164356

photo 20160319_164557

Off to immigration control with little resistance.

photo 20160319_164604

I have never visited a non-SQ lounge in T3 so I headed to the dnata lounge that QR contracts for this flight.

photo 20160319_172455

My impressions were a lackluster space and limited food and beverage options. Hmmm, last time I took QR from an outstation there was a similar experience at CDG…although this lounge beats that one in every way.

photo 20160319_172758

photo 20160319_172804

photo 20160319_174635

photo 20160319_174655

photo 20160319_174712

photo 20160319_174733

The Perrier was excellent, however.

photo 20160319_173041

Being a lounge hopper I quickly whipped out the Priority Pass app to see if there are other options to explore here in T3. I expected the app to point me here to the dnata lounge but PP also offered a sats lounge nearby. Might as well go have a look.

I found the sats lounge to be a more pleasant space.

photo 20160319_180355

photo 20160319_180604

photo 20160319_180606

photo 20160319_181042

photo 20160319_181049

photo 20160319_181055

photo 20160319_184750

The food and beverage choices are superior as well. Who can pass on make-your-own laksa!

photo 20160319_180648

photo 20160319_180728

photo 20160319_180736

photo 20160319_181553

photo 20160319_181614

photo 20160319_181650

photo 20160319_181806

I also enjoyed some green tea and a bloody mary.

photo 20160319_181145

photo 20160319_182542

photo 20160319_184852

My refreshing of the Flightaware app shows the inbound at the gate so that is always promising for an on-time departure. As boarding time approached, I left for the gate, excited to get my first up-close look at the QR A350.

photo 20160319_185936

I boarded when Business Class was called and was welcomed aboard to a very lovely cabin. I quickly located seat 7K, the bulkhead in the smaller J cabin aft of L2/R2. It is just aft of the lav but this was not noticed during this flight. The proximity of the seat to the open space between J cabins would turn out to have more of an impact than lav placement.

photo 20160319_190909

photo 20160319_192708

photo 20160319_191846

photo 20160319_191800

photo 20160319_202945

photo 20160319_191900

The seat was reminiscent of other reverse herringbone configurations I have encountered but with some extra touches. The storage space is abundant right down to the aisle side armrest with space fore a headset and water bottle. The screen is ample in size and excellent in resolution.

photo 20160319_190800

photo 20160319_190918

photo 20160319_190947

photo 20160319_191123

photo 20160319_191606

photo 20160319_201215

Seat controls.

photo 20160319_191553

Device hub.

photo 20160319_191613

Headphones of decent quality. An amenity kit was also distributed but I guess I didn't take a photo of it.

photo 20160319_193500

Beverages were offered by the eager and friendly crew. QR won't pay to open champagne so it's water or juice.

photo 20160319_191105

Menu and wine list are distributed. I really appreciate the QR a la carte and dine on demand concepts. Very passenger friendly.

photo 20160319_191236

photo 20160319_191337

photo 20160319_191341

photo 20160319_191353

photo 20160319_191402

photo 20160319_191405

photo 20160319_191414

photo 20160319_191417

photo 20160319_191425

photo 20160319_191427

photo 20160319_191434

photo 20160319_191449

photo 20160319_191459

A look at the mid cabin lavs for J pasengers. This is also a well thought our design to keep the lavs away from the cockpit and galley areas so there is less competiion for space and everyone can move about more freely.

photo 20160319_191959

photo 20160319_192003

photo 20160319_192016

I really enjoy the new touch screen controllers for IFE systems these days. Once you get the hang of how they work (sensitivity, speed, scrolling, etc.) it's very cool to have the extra screen to peek at the moving map while watching a movie, for example, or tail camera and map.

photo 20160319_192453

photo 20160319_192507

Preparing to push I spot this handsome neighbor.

photo 20160319_194708

The taxi out included a trip over a bridge.

photo 20160319_195548

A look at the progress on T4.

photo 20160319_195714

I see Delta, Air Canada, and FedEx getting some work done at SASCO.

photo 20160319_194718

Taxi and takeoff are so very enhanced withthe addition of the tail camera. I was mesmerized to say the least.

photo 20160319_200154

photo 20160319_200238

photo 20160319_200401

photo 20160319_200409

photo 20160319_200623

The route today.

photo 20160319_201155

The electric window shade options.

photo 20160319_201004

photo 20160319_201033

Service starts with drink orders. I request a dry martini and it is served in a proper up glass.

photo 20160319_202259

I find a show where the President of the United States goes camping with a religious Englishman. Now I've seen it all.

photo 20160319_203419

I opt to enjoy a meal after takeoff and the table is set and some champagne is requested to accompany.

photo 20160319_203803

photo 20160319_203957

photo 20160319_203852

photo 20160319_204015

The Arabic mezze to start. Nicely plated and great fresh flavors.

photo 20160319_204326

photo 20160319_204334

The tom yam soup is spicy as advertised. Very enjoyable.

photo 20160319_210016

photo 20160319_210022

photo 20160319_210113

I request the lamb dish for a main. Unfortunately, but rather expected, it's cooked beyond recognition and is tough and rubbery. I was enjoying the Bordeaux that I ordered to accompany.

photo 20160319_224558

photo 20160319_224607

photo 20160319_224750

photo 20160319_224905

The flight attendant noticed that I had hardly touched the dish and asked if she can replace it with something else. I assured her it was OK and the other dishes were sufficient and lovely. She was very convincing however and I relented tot he offer of the steak sandwich. It tuned out to be a nice dish and was nice to snack on while sipping the wine.

photo 20160319_231856

I accepted the offer of the pandan panna cotta for dessert. It was fine and nicely presented.

photo 20160319_232918

After the meal service the flight attendants set up this lovely display in the passage way between J cabins. Very thoughtful arrangement of snacks, chocolate and champagne. Unfortunately for those of us trying to sleep this space was occupied with 4 or 5 very loud Australians drinking and carrying on the entire flight. It was a bad scene and while I could tell that some of their behaviors towards the female flight attendants were making the staff uncomfortable, nothing was done to remedy the situation.

photo 20160319_213618

photo 20160319_213629

photo 20160319_213635

photo 20160319_213641

In spite of the middle aged men reliving their frat days I was able to sleep for a few hours and only woke as we neared DOH over the Arabian Gulf.

photo 20160319_214729

photo 20160319_214548

Right turn to line up with the runway. I know, enough with the tail camera…

photo 20160320_030857

photo 20160320_032622

photo 20160320_033203

Crabbing a little in the crosswind.

photo 20160320_033218

photo 20160320_033318

Despite many open gates at the terminal we park at a remote stand. No complaints from this avgeek, but curious none the less.

photo 20160320_033324

photo 20160320_033741

photo 20160320_033748

photo 20160320_034210


Qatar Airways 

Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 8.0
Entertainment 9.0
meal/catering 8.5
TOTAL 8.5/10

Dnata Lounge Terminal 3 

Comfort 7.0
meal/catering 7.0
Services 7.0
Entertainment 6.0
TOTAL 6.8/10

Singapore - SIN 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 9.0/10

Doha - DOA 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.8/10


Thank you for joining me for my first look at the QR A350.

The Ground Service: Check in was a breeze and immigration as well as security at the gate were efficient and with minimal delay.

The Lounge: I wasn't super impressed with the dnata lounge. It was a fine contract lounge but I have seen better examples and in fact the sats lounge was a better contract lounge.

The Cabin: The J cabin on the QR A350 is very aesthetically pleasing. The entry way is grand and spacious. The lack of a true bulkhead separating the two J cabins adds tot he sense of spaciousness. The high ceilings do as well. The seat is excellent in both lounging mode and bed mode. I will say I prefer it to the SQ seat installed on the same airplane. Yes, the SQ seat is wider, but that is not really space I can use.The QR seat feels more spacious and with all the storage options you can keep a tidy seat. The IFE system is very good and the tail camera, well, you know my opinion on the tail camera.

The Crew: Very professional and efficient crew. Maybe not the most charismatic bunch that's is not necessary. Every request was hapily accommodated and I have nothing but positive feedback.

The Food and Beverage: Excellent food and beverage options. The lamb was a fail but the sandwich was nice. I thinkt he dining concept that QR uses is a winner.

Overall: A very enjoyable flight on the Qatar A350. They have outfitted the airplane nicely and it is a pleasure to fly aboard.