AIRCRAFT Embraer E-170
TAKEOFF 16-06-17 8:30 p.m.
LANDING AT 10:30 p.m.
The 24th June 2016

Photo review of KLM Cityhopper flight from Amsterdam to Kraków in Economy


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Here is the main point of the journey !

photo dsc00669

i planned 1h layover in AMS between my two flights , however i saw it only when i reached the gate in CDG , so i had to think about possible solutions , like change to another flight to WAW , and my luggage will join me by mail , but i did not wanted

Once in AMS i went to transfer desk T2

photo dsc00672

a small queue , but 20 mins later i was called for my case

photo dsc00679

Then i received a voucher for the hotel and a boarding pass for the next flight , 24h later

photo capture

Then i was able to leave the airport and reach the hotel by shuttle

photo dsc00681

photo dsc00683

photo dsc00685

photo dsc00690

Too the train from amsterdam centraal

photo dsc00699

And again in schiphol , after a nice day visiting amsterdam

photo dsc00697

photo dsc00698

photo dsc00717

I was scared about queues in AMS , i heard so many things about it . but finally everything was done in less than 3 mins , even in CDG at such hours it can be crowded like hell

Then went to terminal B , which is quite far away . As i suspected we will board with paxbus .

photo dsc00719

photo dsc00720

photo dsc00722

Only one bus , so he went back for the other passengers , we had to wait 10 mins more

photo dsc00725

photo dsc00726

Good , i can see my luggage , so no need to worry , then we took-off on time

photo dsc00733

photo dsc00738

photo dsc00741

I was lucky that i received an safety exit's seat for free , the pitch was awesome !

During flight we received chips and juice ! What i loved with KLM was their meal for the AMS-IST flights , unfortunately its an old story

photo dsc00743

Then we started our descent to KRK and landed earlier than planned

photo dsc00746

photo dsc00752

Grabbed my luggage then went to city center with train , then i joined my friends and had fun !

photo dsc00756

photo dsc00757

photo dsc00758

photo dsc00759

Sunday morning took the train to warsaw and went home finally after 3 days of travelling

photo dsc00763

End of the journey !

Next destination : Istanbul , so see you next month for another flight-report


KLM Cityhopper 

Cabin 5.0
Cabin crew 5.0
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 5.0
TOTAL 5.0/10

Amsterdam - AMS 

Efficiency 5.0
Access 5.0
Services 5.0
Cleanliness 5.0
TOTAL 5.0/10

Kraków - KRK 

Efficiency 5.0
Access 5.0
Services 5.0
Cleanliness 5.0
TOTAL 5.0/10


The stop in Amsterdam was not planned , but finally it was a good event cause , as i was quite often in AMS in transit , i always wanted to go there for meet with my dutch friends . The EC+ seat helped me to rest a lot , especially because i'am kind of tall guy (2m/6.56'')

That is a pity that airlines now sell these seats as ''Economy Comfort'' , i remember my days flying with lufthansa when i was always running after those seats and often they were still available while checking at the airport