AIRCRAFT Boeing 787-8
TAKEOFF 16-06-13 3:25 p.m.
VIEWS 4660
The 27th June 2016

Photo review of Air Europa flight from Madrid to Miami in Business

Hello everybody,

This is a trip report that I took in connection to my previous Air Europa flight from Munich:
Air Europa Business Class Munich - Madrid

I already was in transit and did spend around one hour in the common Sala VIP Cibeles at the older Terminal 2 of Madrid.
The lounge is quite nice: very modern, airy and with some great apron views.
Newspaper and magazine selection is good although food and drink choice is only basic.

photo imag2602

photo imag2603

I reached my boarding gate at the very end of the terminal as boarding was already in full swing.
However a separate Sky Priority lane made me pass through in a few minutes.

photo imag2604

I was greeted friendly at door 2L by the crew and made my way to the left to my great window seat 2K.

photo imag2605

photo imag2606

photo imag2608

photo imag2609

A friendly older female crew welcomed me and distributed an amenity kit, blanket and a pre departure beverage where I had some still water.
A big and comfy pillow has already been placed on the seat.

Cabin in the end was only filled with 9 passengers so seat next to me was empty and in overall the flight was very quiet with a lot of personal service due to so few passengers in Business Class.

The seat is very nice and modern. It allows a lot of privacy due to the separator between the pair of two seats and allows a comfortable seating and relaxing position.
Also it transforms into a complete flat bed which I tried out for a ca. 1,5 hours rest during this daytime flight.
Bed size is a little bit narrow however still totally fine.

photo imag2624

We departed around 30 minutes late into sunny skies over Madrid towards direction Portugal and Atlantic Ocean.

photo imag2611

The purser distributed a very nice menu pouch with some personal introduction of herself and making sure that I can contact her anytime.

photo imag2613

photo imag2614

This was followed by a run of hot towels before aperitif service started with a bowl of nice chips and a good tasting box of Sushi - a nice idea and something different compared to regular airline routines.
Service was done from a cart nicely made up with some linens.

photo imag2616

After this appetizer tray followed which tasted great.

photo imag2617

Air Europa enhanced inflight services a lot during recent months and now takes care of details and healty and fresh food.

Out of three main dishes I decided for a beef steak which was cooked perfectly and tasted great and juicy.

photo imag2618

After this the main tray was cleared away and I was asked for my dessert whishes.
I decided for cake and cheese accompanied by some tea. Both the coffee taste cake and the selection of cheeses were simply excellent.

photo imag2620

After this I decided to watch some movies on the excellent AVOD system with a great touchpad remote control.
An extensive selection of movies was available with many languages to choose from.
I was really surprised to find almost all movies also available in German language on this Spanish airline.

photo imag2612

photo imag2628

Flight attentands passed by with a choice of different midflight sandwiches where I enjoyed one with ham and cheese:

photo imag2622

Around 2 hours before landing a very good light dinner with a warm main dish was served, followed by some very good espresso.

photo imag2625

photo imag2626

We then started our smooth descend towards Miami Airport while having some great views on Miami beach and downtown before touchdown.

photo imag2629

photo imag2631

After a flight time of around 8:30 we landed safely at Miami which meant the end of this great Air Europa flight which I really enjoyed.

Thanks for reading,


Air Europa 

Cabin 9.5
Cabin crew 8.5
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 10.0
TOTAL 9.5/10

Independent Sala VIP Cibeles 

Comfort 8.5
meal/catering 7.0
Services 7.0
Entertainment 8.0
TOTAL 7.6/10

Madrid - MAD 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 8.5
Services 8.5
Cleanliness 6.5
TOTAL 8.0/10

Miami - MIA 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 8.0
Services 6.0
Cleanliness 6.0
TOTAL 7.0/10


Air Europa offered an excellent Business Class experience on this Dreamliner to Miami.
I was really surprised any you notice the efforts of Air Europa to enhance the inflight services.
Meals were great, seat very good and the crew very helpful and attentive paying attention to many small details just like placing the napkin under each glass in the correct direction so that Air Europa name and logo is readable.