AIRCRAFT Airbus A320
TAKEOFF 16-07-12 3 p.m.
LANDING AT 6:25 p.m.
Yonatan Paz
The 28th July 2016

Photo review of EasyJet flight from Tel Aviv to London in Economy

Hello and welcome to my flight-report about my visit in London!

My flights for this trip:

TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) -> LTN (Luton, England) U2 (EasyJet), A320, YOU ARE HERE! / VOUS ETES ICI!

LTN (Luton, England) -> (Tel Aviv, Israel) ZB (Monarch) A320

Before flight:

The plane that flies for flight U22084 departed late from Luton (1 hour behind scheldue) , and as a result, our flight from Tel Aviv delayed to 15:20.
Our plane departing Luton :
photo 20160712_095850

I took a taxi to the airport at 1:00PM, as I knew about the delay, Normally it's about 20 min by driving but actually there was an accident on the Highway to the Airport, and I arrived to the airport only on 2:00PM (Less than 90 minutes for an International flight from The most secured airport, Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion (TLV)!!!

Some airlines have the check in and the passport control in the old terminal of TLV, Terminal 1. The airlines that use this terminal are Easyjet, Wizzair, Norwegian, UP, and some flights of Arkia, Israir and Pegasus. Terminal 1 also operates the domestic route for Eilat (30 min by flying).

So I hadn't been in Terminal 1 since Terminal 3 opened (2004).
This is Terminal 1:
photo 20160712_134352

The queue for UP flights and our check-in desk was on the right side:
photo 20160712_134732
Passport Control, No line and quite old:
photo 20160712_140101
There is a beautiful view of the Runways from Terminal 1, as not as Terminal 3:
photo 20160712_140737
The waiting area for the shuttle to the main terminal, Terminal 3:
photo 20160712_140743

Privelege Style Boeing 777-200ER (Operated by El Al), EC-MIA, Will be flown to Toronto, Canada (YYZ) later this night:
photo 20160712_141305
photo 20160712_141310
Israir ATR72 landed from Eilat, Israel (ETH):
photo 20160712_141318
A view of the eastern side of Terminal 3, including taxing Air Canada Boeing 787-9, that fly to Toronto, Canada (YYZ) after a delay of 2 hours!
photo 20160712_141642
The new concourse, E is by building:
photo 20160712_141705
Bye bye Air Canada! photo 20160712_141722
Corendon Airlines Boeing 737-800, will be flown to Antalya, Turkey (AYT):
photo 20160712_141816
Alitalia Airbus A320 landed from Rome, Italy (FCO):
photo 20160712_141912
El Al Boeing 737-900ER landed from Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF) and Aegean Airlines Airbus A320, will fly to Rhodes, Greece (RHO):
photo 20160712_141914
Turkish Airlines Airbus A320 arrived from Istanbul, Turkey (IST) and Hainan Airlines Airbus A330-300, will be departed soon to a 9 hours flight to Beijing, China (PEK):
photo 20160712_141926
photo 20160712_141928
photo 20160712_141930
photo 20160712_141931
photo 20160712_141933
A closer looking about the HOT Hainan Airlines plane:
photo 20160712_142515
photo 20160712_142516
Austrian Airlines Airbus A321 just landed from Vienna, Austria (VIE) , You can also see the Boeing 777-200ER of British Airways that landed from London-Heathrow, UK (LHR):
photo 20160712_151042
Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 will be flown to Brussels, Belgium (BRU) and Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER pushing back for departing to Moscow-Shermeytevo, Russia (SVO):
photo 20160712_151120
On the way to our bus gate :
photo 20160712_142907
Our flight had a delay again:
photo 20160712_151522
Passengers are bording to the bus that will take us to the plane:
photo 20160712_151526
photo 20160712_152001
Austrian n Brussels Again:
photo 20160712_152608
photo 20160712_152652
Swiss Airbus A330-300, will be flown to Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH) soon:
photo 20160712_152701_hdr
Again Hainan Airlines:
photo 20160712_152718
Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800, just landed from Istanbul - Sabiha Gocken, Turkey (SAW):
photo 20160712_152723
AtlasGlobal Airbus A321 that will be flying soon to Antalya, Turkey (AYT) and also EL AL Boeing 737-800 that landed from Marseille, France (MRS):
photo 20160712_152752


Our plane, Airbus A320, G-EZUG (Moscow Livery), ex-2011:
photo 20160712_153415
photo 20160712_153418
photo 20160712_153444
photo 20160712_153447
photo 20160712_153449
photo 20160712_153502
photo 20160712_153523
photo 20160712_153534
photo 20160712_153622
photo 20160712_153634
photo 20160712_153804
Hey pilot!
photo 20160712_153752
Old Cabin with 186 economy class seats!
photo 20160712_153930
photo 20160712_154001
photo 20160712_154002
photo 20160712_154202
Finally seated:
photo 20160712_154208
photo 20160712_154706
Seat pitch were less than Ok for 5 hours flight:
photo 20160712_194302
Safety demo:
photo 20160712_162645
Pushback, you can also see an Airbus A321 behalf of Lufthansa, Landed from Frankfurt, Germany (FRA):
photo 20160712_162700_hdr
Take off from Runway 26, leaving Tel Aviv:
photo 20160712_164041
photo 20160712_164152
Bye-Bye Israel :)!!!
photo 20160712_164334
photo 20160712_171313
photo 20160712_171528
Tour in the toilets:
photo 20160712_172419
Backward cabin on this A320:
photo 20160712_172137
Entering into the Turkish coastline;
photo 20160712_173338
A view of Side, 50km east from Antalya, you can see the luxury hotels and their pools:
photo 20160712_173338
photo 20160712_173511
photo 20160712_174538
Overhead Cabin , No screens:
photo 20160712_174549
A view of the cabin from my seat:
photo 20160712_174543
Istanbul from above!!!
photo 20160712_180729
photo 20160712_180739
photo 20160712_180744
Sabiha Gocken Airport, (SAW), the second airport serving Istanbul, Turkey:
photo 20160712_180630
Ataturk Airport, (IST), the main airport serving Istanbul, Turkey:
photo 20160712_180823
A view of Corlu and Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300, on IST-BCNroute:
photo 20160712_181738
Burgas, Bulgaria. Also you can see Burgas Airport (BOJ):
photo 20160712_182117
photo 20160712_182132
photo 20160712_182410
My meal for this 5 hours flight: A "meal deal" - Chicken Sandwich (No pork on flights from/to Israel), San Pallegrino Lemon and Crisps, all this for 8.5 GBP:
photo 20160712_190345
Clouds over Hungary:
photo 20160712_193043
What a romantic sign!
photo 20160712_195246_hdr
Turning right after passing Vienna, Austria!
photo 20160712_193045
I've decided to buy the models box of easyjet! 1 boeing 737-200 and 1 Airbus A320 with sharklets and the new livery for 13 GBP!
photo 20160712_194513
photo 20160712_211132
Cabin tour again:
photo 20160712_193924
photo 20160712_193931
Turning left near dusseldort, by the direction to Luton:
photo 20160712_200109
This port is in Rotterdam, Netherlands!
photo 20160712_204823
Cabin is preparing to Landing in LTN:
photo 20160712_211109
photo 20160712_211111
photo 20160712_211308
Approching LTN:
photo 20160712_211106
photo 20160712_211726
photo 20160712_211839
photo 20160712_211952
Dark Cabin:
photo 20160712_212508
After 4 hours and 45 minutes we landed on Runway 26 in London-Luton (LTN) airport:
photo 20160712_212314
photo 20160712_212456
Couple of WizzAir and Ryanair Planes:
photo 20160712_212526
photo 20160712_212539
photo 20160712_212548
What a rainny day in the UK, 13 degrees comparing to 34 in Tel Aviv!
photo 20160712_212621
photo 20160712_213018
photo 20160712_212911
Bye-bye easyjet Moscow!!! I will continue to fly with Easyjet even it was such a long low-cost flight!
photo 20160712_193537
photo 20160712_193716
photo 20160712_193717



Cabin 7.5
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 6.0
Buy on board 7.0
TOTAL 7.4/10

Independent Dan Lounge 

Comfort 8.5
meal/catering 3.0
Services 6.5
Entertainment 5.5
TOTAL 5.9/10

Tel Aviv - TLV 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 10.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 10.0/10

London - LTN 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 3.0
Services 3.0
Cleanliness 5.0
TOTAL 4.5/10