AIRCRAFT Airbus A330-300
TAKEOFF 15-12-25 3:20 p.m.
VIEWS 1253
The 29th July 2016

Photo review of EVA Air flight from Chitose to Taipei in Business

SKYTRAX awards prestigious 5-Star ranking to EVA Air in 2016, so i thought this is a great time to share my previous experience on EVA Air in late 2015.
EVA Air canceled their signature "Hello Kitty Jet" service on flights to Sapporo in 2015, which in fact is a good news to me because they replace it with the brand new A330-300.

Check in was fast, however the check-in counters will only open 2 hours before departure
For J class passengers departing from CTS airport, you can either choose to use the lounge or use it as 1500 JPY meal coupon.
Since the airport lounge do not provide hot meal, only a limited selections of beverages provided.
photo 12466206_10205316151724973_8155605753319879759_o

No much international flights departing from CTS
photo 12440472_10205316151764974_7865950348865749402_o

Inside the lounge, the atmosphere was relaxed
photo 1482784_10201284188408410_1290123934_n

photo 1599466_10201284189008425_70795998_o

About time to board to plane, a brand new a330-300, B-16335
photo 921070_10205316151804975_5752023690409582189_o

photo 12377719_10205316154405040_6959818058933046007_o

The brand new interior on board EVA Air's A330, this is the one and only new A330 during that period of time (B-16335)

photo 740147_10205316154565044_2136884643267755983_o

photo 10556930_10205316154525043_56218581955445308_o

photo 10604508_10205316155525068_2454555368677453829_o

The welcome drink made me feel fresh, a glass of cold-pressed pineapple juice
photo 1534833_10205316155845076_6967810907660776675_o

Shortly after take off, cocktails served with nuts
photo 1510361_10205316156605095_937670584174558883_n

photo 1934945_10205316157765124_4396558092797190636_n

photo 12401837_10205316157805125_3450097641997944165_o

Some seat controls
photo 886908_10205316156925103_8370467946073595012_o

photo 12418879_10205316167485367_1386461628839366363_o

photo 12466287_10205316167685372_3764012164145868236_o

The meal was served
photo 1522930_10205316157845126_3081767296680939518_o

photo 12440712_10205316159445166_6909639107693714034_o

photo 10648406_10205316159885177_5779218694317494472_o

Some Japanese green tea served in a stylish cup
photo 12401678_10205316167125358_5307169872492015407_o


EVA Air 

Cabin 9.5
Cabin crew 9.5
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 7.0
TOTAL 9.0/10

ANA Business Lounge 

Comfort 9.5
meal/catering 6.0
Services 9.5
Entertainment 5.0
TOTAL 7.5/10

Chitose - CTS 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 10.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.5/10

Taipei - TPE 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 9.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 7.5/10


The new cabin on board their A330-300 are refreshing compare to their aging A330-200, a huge improvement indeed.
Slippers are provided as usual, the new headphones are in good sound quality.
The flight attendances are friendly and professional, they frequently check on passengers.
The food quality is just average, the main course is a bit disappointing.

Overall, EVA Air did not disappoint me, and i have to say that they deserve to be awarded.