AIRCRAFT Airbus A320
TAKEOFF 16-07-25 2:30 p.m.
LANDING AT 9:30 p.m.
Yonatan Paz
The 3rd August 2016

Photo review of Monarch Airlines flight from London to Tel Aviv in Economy

After 2 weeks of visitng London and my family there it was the time to flying back home and trying a new airline - MONARCH!

My flights for this trip:

TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) -> LTN (Luton, England) U2 (EasyJet), A320, http://flight-report.com/fr/report/17358/EasyJet-U22084-Tel-Aviv-TLV-London-LTN

LTN (Luton, England) -> (Tel Aviv, Israel) ZB (Monarch) A320 YOU ARE HERE! / VOUS ETES ICI!

Before flight:

My family lives in Radlett, which is 20 minutes by driving from Luton Airport (LTN). I had ordered a taxi for 11.30AM as the flight should depart on 2.30PM.

First view of LTN terminal, now in maintenece:
photo 20160725_122909
The 2 check-in counters for TLV flight. You can see some parts of the city on the screens. I went to the priority desks on the right side, there wasn't a queue and It was free, but no one of the passengers knew it ;)
photo 20160725_124859
The line for Wizz Air's flights, most of them were to some cities in Romania and eastern Europe.
photo 20160725_124902
There was some shops before the secuity that passengers for NON-EU countries could buy there, also there was signs in Hebrew and Romania. May you ask why there are signs in Hebrew? The answer is as LTN serves about 4-6 daily flights from Israel (Eilat-VDA and Tel Aviv-TLV, 2*LY,2*EZY,1*ZB, some flight operted by Arkia and Israir) there is a big crowd that speaks hebrew and their English isn't the best :)
photo 20160725_133322

The line for the Boarding for our flight to TLV, Gate 12. There wasn't a Passport Control! I was shocked!
photo 20160725_135812
Easy-jet Airbus A320 before flight to Paris - CDG, France:
photo 20160725_140021
Our plane for today: Airbus A320, G-ZBAR (EX-2003), bought from Air Malta:
photo 20160725_140017
photo 20160725_140024
photo 20160725_140025
Hi beautiful Wizz Air AIrbus A320 to Iasi (IAS), Romania:
photo 20160725_140356

I'm the king!
photo 20160725_140353
Monarch likes to give their old planes for such a long flights for TLV (There are 2 years old A320 with sharklets!)
photo 20160725_140456
photo 20160725_140507
photo 20160725_140520_hdr
Easyjet Airbus that will fly to Basel, France/Switzerland (BSL):
photo 20160725_140521
Monarch Airbus A321 before flight to Dalaman , Turkey (DLM):
photo 20160725_140523
The cabin of this old A320 upon boarding:
photo 20160725_140812_hdr
photo 20160725_140813
photo 20160725_140831
Seat pitch was horrible and tight, about 28". The slim seats on Easy jets planes provides more legroom than those old seats in Monarch, even they could recline and more comfortable:
photo 20160725_142417
Airbus A320 of wizzair with the new livery, before flight to Cluj-Napoca, Romania (CJU):
photo 20160725_145638_hdr
photo 20160725_145643
Airbus A319 of Easyjet in the new livery is pushing back for Liverpool, UK (LIV):
photo 20160725_145731
Cabin during taxi; flight wasn't full:
photo 20160725_145737
Take off:
photo 20160725_151114
photo 20160725_151116
A view of Radlett area:
photo 20160725_151203
photo 20160725_151213
Cabin durning take-off:
photo 20160725_151125
Entering into the the coastline of belgium, after crossing the channel (Crossing time was 7 minutes!):
photo 20160725_152556
photo 20160725_152606
"Meal Deal" for 7.5 pounds: Crisps, Toast with tomatoes and cheese (It was horrible) and a Cappuchino:
photo 20160725_154907
Over Vienna:
photo 20160725_163341
photo 20160725_163941
I had tried to make a panormaic photo of the cabin:
photo 20160725_163450_pano
Over Budapest, after crossing Balaton Lake:
photo 20160725_165256
photo 20160725_171422
The L1 door:
photo 20160725_174334
photo 20160725_174338
One of the models that I've bought in Farnborough Air Show!
photo 20160725_171722
photo 20160725_171737
Sunset over Bulgaria:
photo 20160725_182007
photo 20160725_182841
photo 20160725_174120
photo 20160725_174123
photo 20160725_181248
One of the cabin crew gave me his book of the flight training!
photo 20160725_190202
Cabin during descending to Tel Aviv:
photo 20160725_192633
The view of Tel Aviv at night:
photo 20160725_194102
photo 20160725_194107
Our plane, G-ZBAR, Airbus A320 after this 4.30h flight:
photo 20160725_215358
photo 20160725_215403
Our belt for collecting the suitcases:
photo 20160725_221142
View of Terminal 3 in TLV:
photo 20160725_222531
photo 20160725_222533
photo 20160725_222630
photo 20160725_222633


Monarch Airlines 

Cabin 6.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 3.0
Buy on board 5.0
TOTAL 6.0/10

London - LTN 

Efficiency 6.5
Access 5.5
Services 6.5
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 7.1/10

Tel Aviv - TLV 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 10.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 10.0/10