AIRCRAFT Airbus A330-300
TAKEOFF 16-07-15 2:35 a.m.
VIEWS 1662
LANDING AT 5:50 a.m.
The 15th August 2016

Photo review of Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Dubai in Business

Hi readers! This is my FR of Cathay Pacific's flight from HKG to DXB. I hope you'll enjoy.

I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) for check in for my flight to Dubai International Airport (DXB). My flight is CX745 fro HKG via DXB to Bahrain (BAH). This report will be about my flight from HKG to DXB.

A view of HKG Airport T1
photo hkia

At the airport:
Arriving HKG airport 7 minutes after midnight (0:07am), I checked in for my flight. Oh My God! I've been free upgraded to Business class for the flight! It's the first time in my life. I'm so happy!

Aisle seat… not bad at all. Though I can't see the views, but it was very quiet since there are only 3 people including me at the back of the Business class.
photo 14344966_1577516479222187_182250986036184828_n

How to spend the time in the Airport:
I finished my check in at 0:15, then I headed downstairs for the wifi-egg. The company is crazyegg. Since CX's check in desks are at the B side (of the meeting hall), I have to travel down to 5/f and walk to the A side. This took me 10 minutes. I got the egg by 30 minutes after midnight. Then, another long walk to the 7/f toilet. When I finished peeing, it was 0:40! Time passed so quickly… We could go in from the South side of the immigration, but there are repairing works, so another walk to the north side. After the immigration, it was 0:50… I spent so much time in the non-restricted area… then I tried to get in to the Wing Lounge, but failed. The staff said: "I'm sorry, Mr. Ho, but you can't go in, because your ticket is free upgraded." Then I headed to the departure gate, 19. From gate 2 to gate 19, it was a long walk, at least 8 minutes. On the way, I saw the plaza premium lounge, and I get in using my card. But, I only have a 15 minute stay there. My boarding time is 1:20 (unknown to the delayed boarding time at that moment).

Ate a noodle and drinked a can of oolong tea before heading back to gate 19.
photo plaza prem

The seats are quite confortable there.
photo plaza prem seats

I headed back to the gate at 1:15, still unknown to the delay. When I asked them at 1:25, why aren't we boarding? Then they told me because of reduced flight time, we would be boarding at 1:50. I want to swear so much, because there are no announcements made and I could spend more time in the lounge if the announcement was made. Also, I rushed back for the boarding because of the boarding time witten on the BP - 1:20am. They are so "responsible". So I took a few photos before I boarded the plane.

Dragonair A330-300 at the left of our plane to Dubai.
photo dragonair a330-300

Our flight!
photo flight

Flight Information Panel (In Chinese)
photo notice board

First/Business class queue
photo business class

Boarding was commenced at 1:50am with the people with disabilities going first. Then it is business class, oneworld, and Marco Polo members. At last it will be Economy class passengers. I was in the middle of the business class queue. It was a long walk to the plane, an A330-300 from gate 19 because of the design of the terminal. When I reached the aircraft, the crew greeted me very happily with a big smile on their faces. They were very polite. The hot welcome towel and the welcome drink was served after all business class passengers board the plane and settled down.

Control Panel
photo control panel

Welcome drink
photo welcome drink

Welcome Hot Towel
photo welcome hot towel

After a 11 minutes taxing on the tarmac, takeoff started. We took off on 2:34am. The plane was piloted by professional pilots. At about 5 minutes after take off, the seat belt sign was off.

Airplane meals:
The dinner was served shortly after reaching cruising altitude. At 1hr 20mins before landing, continental breakfast was served.

Dinner Menu
photo supper

Continental Breakfast Menu
photo continential breakfast

After 7hrs 17mins on the sky, on 5:51am we landed in DXB airport runway 12R. Before we land, we circled around the airport for a few minutes and the first attempt to land was a go around due to the high altitude (7000ft, 18miles). A second landing was successful and splendid. We were taxied to the terminal by 6am.

photo sunrise

DXB Airport Baggage claim Information Panel
photo dxb baggage claim

I wasn't a sleeper on the plane. At about 2:21am Dubai time, I woke up. It wasn't a time where flight attendants work, so when they come and see me awake, they would chat with me. Also, a flight attendant called Sarah Ho was very polite to the elderly on the flight.

The delayed boarding time issue wasn't announced, could be improved.

P.S. Please give me comments on how to improve. This is my first flight report.


Cathay Pacific 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 10.0
TOTAL 10.0/10

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited The Travelers\' Lounge (East Hall) 

Comfort 7.5
meal/catering 8.5
Services 7.5
Entertainment 8.0
TOTAL 7.9/10

Hong Kong - HKG 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 8.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.0/10

Dubai - DXB 

Efficiency 3.0
Access 4.0
Services 2.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 4.0/10


Hong Kong International Airport: A very clean airport, very hygienic. Officers at the Customs are always polite. The bad thing is that they won't announce delayed boarding and due to the curvature of the airport, the bridge linking to the plane may be very long.

Plaza Premium Lounge (Near Gate 1): The reception person there is quite rude, but the lounge is overall ok. A wide selection of food and drinks. The lounge looks dull. Lastly, toilets are very clean.

Flight: I was in the 33E configuration, so I got the long haul business class seat. The seat has amazing seat pitch and width. The food is amazing, very tasty. Amazing flight crew, very polite. They are chatty and always has a smile on their faces. Cathay Pacific will always be my no.1 choice for travel.

Dubai (DXB) Intenational Airport: Terrible. The people was not trained to listen to instructions and only care for money. My grandma's mini wheelchair arrived 50 mins after the plane parked into the gate and the person who hands the luggage is neither deaf or don't know English. I told that guy to give the wheelchair to me and let me handle it. He just put all the luggage he collected and then go away! Than the person who wheeled my grandma through the terminal so fast that I almost can't chase him despite I am a fast walker. My grandma almost faint because of him. Never choose Dubai (DXB) International Airport for interchange/travel!