AIRCRAFT Boeing 757-300
TAKEOFF 16-08-10 5:20 p.m.
LANDING AT 9:15 p.m.
Yonatan Paz
The 19th August 2016

Photo review of Arkia Israel Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to Lisbon in Economy

Hello and welcome to my flight-report on this trip to Portugal!

My flights for this trip:

TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) -> LIS (Lisbon, Portugal) IZ (Arkia), B753, YOU ARE HERE! / VOUS ETES ICI!

OPO (Porto, Portugal) -> TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel), IZ (Arkia), B753

Before flight:

I arrived to TLV airport on 2:50PM, for a 5:20PM departure. I took a taxi from Tel Aviv by "Hadar - Lod" company which cost 100 NIS (23 EUR, 26 $ ) for this direction.
The enterace for Terminal 3, In Israel every driver has been asking by some guards before enter to the airport:
photo 20160810_144629
After security questions and standing for the check-in line (It took about 40 minutes) we'd arrived to the Check-in counter that all Arkia flighs shared those counters. You can see my flight to Lisbon on the screen:
photo 20160810_152322
photo 20160810_152627
The left airside before entering to the security check:
photo 20160810_153139
New Dock E which is under constructor:
photo 20160810_154556_hdr

The corridor after the Passport Control to the duty-free zone, it's about 180m length:
photo 20160810_154644
Austrian Airlines Airbus A321 landed from Vienna (VIE), Austria and AirEuropa Boeing 737-800 landed from Madrid (MAD), Spain:
photo 20160810_160648
El Al Boeing 767-300ER before flying to Amsterdam (AMS), Netherlands and El Al Boeing 737-900ER landed from Frankfurt (FRA), Germany:
photo 20160810_160558
British Airways Boeing 777-200ER before flight to London - Heathrow (LHR), UK and El Al Boeing 767-300ER landed from Boston (BOS), USA:
photo 20160810_160906
El Al Boeing 737-800 before flying to Paris - Charlles de Gaulle (CDG), France:
photo 20160810_161022
United Boeing 777-200ER landed from Newark (EWR), USA:
photo 20160810_161042
photo 20160810_161044
Again Austrian:
photo 20160810_161520
photo 20160810_161522
Swiss Airbus A330-300 before flying to Zurich (ZRH), Switzerland:
photo 20160810_161649
photo 20160810_161652
Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 in a special livery landed from Brussels (BRU), Belgium:
photo 20160810_161735
photo 20160810_161755
photo 20160810_161757
Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 before flying to Istanbul - Ataturk (IST), Turkey:
photo 20160810_162017
photo 20160810_162020
Bye Bye Swiss!
photo 20160810_161842
photo 20160810_161845
UP operated by Smartwings Boeing 737-800 before flying to Prague (PRG), Czech Republic:
photo 20160810_165652
photo 20160810_165722
Alitalia AIrbus A320 landed from Rome -Fumichino (FCO), Italy. I've lived there for 2 years:
photo 20160810_165810
photo 20160810_165813
Arkia Embarer E-195 before flying to Minsk (MSQ), Belarus:
photo 20160810_172750
Up Boeing 737-800 landed from Berlin - Schonefeld (SXF), Germany. Front Lufthasna Airbus A321 before flying to Munich (MUC). Germany while the other LH's A321 will fly to Frankfurt (FRA), Germany:
photo 20160810_165145
photo 20160810_165147
photo 20160810_165148
Iberia Airbus A340-600 landed from Madrid (MAD), Spain and Aeroflot A320 landed from Moscow - Shermetevyo (SVO). Russia:
photo 20160810_172618
Our Plane for this flight (Sorry about the photo): Arkia's Boeing 757-300, 4X-BAW, EX-2000:
photo 20160810_173926
photo 20160810_161716
photo 20160810_174327
Turning right for 15A: (The front side is for rows 1-9):
photo 20160810_174502
Air France Airbus A320 landed from Paris - Charlles De Gaulle (CDG), France:
photo 20160810_174945
photo 20160810_174955
3*737 of El Al. They flew to Barcelona, Marseille and Athens:
photo 20160810_180351
Seat pitch, little bit cramped for this 6h flight:
photo 20160810_175003
Taxi to Runway 26:
photo 20160810_180354
Safety Video was shown on the old CRT screens and I couldn't see nothing:
photo 20160810_175414
The Bedek Hangar for Maintencace, operate by the Israeli Air Industry:
photo 20160810_181350
Take off!!!
photo 20160810_181625
photo 20160810_181626
Leaving Israel's coastline:
photo 20160810_181704
photo 20160810_181815
Karaphatos Island, Greece:
photo 20160810_182854
photo 20160810_182856
The service for this flight: A soft drink (also coffe and tea offered) and a choice between a cheese sandwich or Tuna. I chose the cheese option but I didn't eat it as I had been eating a salad at the airport.
photo 20160810_185549
Cabin views:
photo 20160810_173140
photo 20160810_173147
photo 20160810_173209
photo 20160810_173315
photo 20160810_191712
photo 20160810_191840
photo 20160810_191913
photo 20160810_192106
My seat:
photo 20160810_192100
In flight:
photo 20160810_191831
Over Spain:
photo 20160810_192142
photo 20160810_192144
photo 20160810_192226
Descending to LIS;
photo 20160810_211843
photo 20160810_212141
photo 20160810_212300
The city includes Baixa neigborhood:
photo 20160810_212355
photo 20160810_212413

I was so happy to reach Lisbon after this 6 hours flight!!!
A private jet and Fokker 100 of Portugalia behalf of TAP, Landed from Malaga (AGP), Spain:
photo 20160810_212911
Emirates Boieng 777-300ER before flight to Dubai (DXB), UAE:
photo 20160810_212927
Tap Airbus A340-300 before flight to Maputo (MPM), Mozambique and Euro Atlantic Boeing 767-300ER landed from Praia (RAI), Cape Verde:
photo 20160810_212954
photo 20160810_213050
photo 20160810_213056
Israir Airbus A320 (The new one with the Sharklets…. 4X-ABI) operated by Sun D'or arrived few minutes before us from Tel Aviv (TLV), Israel:
photo 20160810_213021
photo 20160810_213023
It took about 20 minutes to connect our 757 to the jetbridge because there wasn't a sign on the ground!
photo 20160810_214116

Bye Bye cramped 757 after this 6 hours flight:
photo 20160810_214748
Israir A320 again, which isn't better than Arkia's 757-300:
photo 20160810_214832
Comparing those Israelis Charter flights:
photo 20160810_214731


Arkia Israel Airlines 

Cabin 7.5
Cabin crew 5.0
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 4.0
TOTAL 5.4/10

Tel Aviv - TLV 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 8.5
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.4/10

Lisbon - LIS 

Efficiency 2.5
Access 3.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 5.6/10