Review of Singapore Airlines flight Bangkok Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ979
Class Business
Seat 11A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 2:30
Take-off 23 Aug 16, 18:30
Arrival at 23 Aug 16, 22:00
SQ   #1 out of 111 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 372 reviews
By 1209
Published on 24th September 2016
photo sq979 cover

Continuing the 11- flight around the world journey….

Arrival into Bangkok at 3AM threw a wrench in plans to see some sights before heading to Singapore. Fortunately I had arranged to stay at the Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi which is at the airport. While there was a shuttle bus on arrival, it is actually easier to take the underground tunnel as it's only a few minutes walk. It's easy to spend an afternoon at this hotel. What a beautiful hotel. Enjoy some of the lobby.

Next up was Singapore Airlines flight 977 from Bangkok to Singapore. This itinerary was due to the Thai A350 delivery delay, but it didn't matter as I would have missed that connection anyway because of Typhoon Mindulle.

Date: August 2016
Route: BKK-SIN
Flight #: SQ979
Aircraft: A330-300 #9V-STB
Configuration: C30/Y255
Seat(s): 11A
On Time: Late Departure (weather) Arrival on time

Traveling on a first class ticket I had hopes of entering the Thai Royal Silk First Class lounge and Spa for first class treatment. (Even though I'd read I wouldn't be granted access.) But I tried and was denied for two reasons, first I was outbound on Singapore in business class, second my Thai first class flight was the day before, even though technically it had landed on that day. I have to admit, the receptionist was extremely nice in the way she denied my access. I hope to go back.

photo sq979 bkk 1photo sq979 bkk2

So on to the KrisFlyer lounge a short distance away. This lounge is extremely small. So small it doesn't have restroom facilities. You must use the airport restrooms outside and down the hall. It is a comfortable lounge and overlooks an atrium outside the terminal.

photo sq979 lounge 9photo sq979 lounge 8

The redeeming factor was the food. Granted it was 5PM so the dinner spread was on display, but it was extensive and interesting.

Notice the cracked mini-coconuts in the beverage cooler.

photo sq979 lounge 4

After a few bites to try the local fare it was off to the gate. Bangkok airport is a beautiful multi-level airport where the gates are on the arrival level and departing passengers go down individual ramps from above to your gate.

photo sq979 bkk3

A storm was in the area as darkness set in. A glimpse of 9V-STB.

photo sq979 plane 1

My opinion of the business class cabin in this older Singapore A330 was quite positive. The opinion is based on a comparison to the 777 long haul cabin I'd fly next. This was simply a more pleasing cabin to the eye, a little brighter due to the consistent leather color, lilac head rest linens and matching pillows.

photo sq979 cabin 1photo sq979 cabin 4

Luggage bins are not as large as on 777's and newer aircraft. Also it's important to note that the bins in business class row 11 are not available for passenger storage. photo sq979 cabin 5

There is no lavatory ahead of the business class cabin, cutting down on cabin traffic for the front rows. And there is only a single lavatory for business class, located on the left side of the plane at the second door. Plan accordingly.

Lavatories were stocked with typical amenity items as well as a shaving mirror.

photo sq979 lav 1

And a nicely shaped hand sink to keep the floor dry.

photo sq979 lav 3

Seat Comfort:

These seats are the Zodiac 7811 Twin Aisle seats that are capable of 172 degree angle lie flat. While this may not be ideal for long haul flights, as measured by today's standards, the seat itself is very comfortable to sit in. I preferred this seat over the long haul business class seat.

Yes, these seats are an older model and contemporary business class seats are better designed. But for comfort on a regional flight these seats are more than adequate.

Seat controls in the armrest. I think they fibbed on that lie flat button.

photo sq979 seat acc 4

Next to the seat is a place to store your laptop or tablet.

photo sq979 seat 3

Which also houses the electronics, having spent a long time upside down.

photo sq979 seat acc 1

And yes, showing age.

photo sq979 seat acc 2

Along with the glass holders imbedded in the armrest are trays underneath that you can share stuff with your neighbor, or allow it to slip through the cutout and fall to the tray below.
photo sq979 seat 4

A reading light is placed at the top side of the pod, which are surprisingly private.

photo sq979 seat acc 5

Looking for the best seat in the house? Pick row 11 and unless you are 8 feet tall you will love it.
photo sq979 seat 2photo sq979 seat preferred

As mentioned, typical amenities were stocked in the lavatories. With this being a short haul flight an amenity kit was not expected anyway nor does Singapore believe in them for business class. A pillow and blanket along with headphones were provided.

photo sq979 amenity 1

A 10 page beverage book, check, menu for a regional flight is commendable, but is it necessary? And are all the products really available? I would save that question for another flight.

photo sq979 menu 1

To view the complete menu see the full report using this link.

In the meantime a nice Charles Heidsieck Brut flowed from the start.
photo sq979 champagne 1

Dinner Menu
photo sq979 menu 3

Dinner was served promptly as this was a short 2 hour flight at 40,000 feet down the Gulf of Thailand above the storms, where there was still a little chop, at least in a couple food photos.
photo sq979 food 1

A typical business class meal. Not very attractive in presentation, yet plentiful and edible. Would I get it again at a restaurant, no, other than photo #3.

The IFE system is old. Enough said. If there is a drawback to seats in row 11 it's that the monitors are on the bulkhead wall. With a small 11 inch monitor it doesn't make for great viewing. On the other hand it wasn't long ago when the mini Airbus A320 fold down monitors where the rage, remember?

WiFi: No

Flight Attendants:
The flight attendants were courteous, polite and friendly. From offering champagne immediately upon boarding, returning frequently for refills and provided prompt food service they were a fine crew.

A special shout out goes to the agent at check-in. My connection from this flight was to Melbourne and due to arrive around 9AM the next morning. At noon I had a separate reservation on Air New Zealand to Auckland. Not wanting to lug my suitcase around I asked if it could be checked all the way through. The agent asked for the ticket on the NZ flight and checked my bag all the way through to AKL. Take that Oneworld.

This Airbus A330 was one of Singapore's older aircraft, yet it was clean and other than the seats showing some wear didn't reveal it's age in any way. Also, considering the weather the ride was pretty smooth.
photo sq979 flight path

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This was a great short haul flight and recommend it if traveling in Asia. They do fly this plane on longer flights to Australia and up to Tokyo and Seoul as well as Shanghai. For a day time flight it would be fine, overnight it's probably best to fly Singapore's long haul business class.



  • Comment 367969 by
    KévinDC TEAM 3962 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this next leg in the epic series.
    Too bad you didn't get access to the First lounge, but at least you were denied nicely. Haha. The kindness of the Thai people always shines through, even when delivering news we don't want to hear.

    The food selection at the SQ lounge is definitely impressive. Too bad there are no restrooms inside the lounge itself though.

    I like the colors of the regional business class and agree that it is more aesthetically pleasing than the long-haul cabin--though the long-haul cabin has much better seats. For a short flight like BKK-SIN, the regional seats look great and with 172 degrees of recline are better than Cathay's regional Business class seats.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 367978 by
      Rewardflying AUTHOR 150 Comments

      Thanks for reading KevinDC. Yes, I think these regionals are better than CX or ANA for that matter and I'm sure better than Thai's. Just have to be careful on these regional routes not to get the older cloth seats on the 772. They don't look so great. I was booked on a 772 back to BKK then switched to Thai 747 and got to sit in first. A Thai redeeming report coming later in the trip. Thanks again.


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