AIRCRAFT Boeing 777-300ER
TAKEOFF 16-08-17 9:20 a.m.
VIEWS 1976
LANDING AT 2:10 p.m.
The 5th October 2016

Photo review of Air France flight from Seoul to Paris in Business

Hello and welcome English readers
French report is here: http://flight-report.com/fr/report/18142/Air-France-AF267-Seoul-ICN-Paris-CDG
Roundtrip for this summer was as follow:
CDG-ICN B777–300 (ER) Business class
ICN-CDG B777-300. (ER) Business class

We booked flights with our Flying Blue account's airmiles:
Total cost was 100.000 miles and 400€/passenger.
After a early wake-up and one hour cab ride from historical center of Seoul to Incheon (total price:65.000 KRW=53€)
photo l1150786
photo l1150787
we arrived in front of International Departures at 7:00 am.
photo l1150788
photo l1150790
Check-in Business SkyTeam counter:
There were quite a few passengers in the queue and the check-in was very fast.
The agent was professional and friendly.
We received our BP quickly and she gave us invitations and directions to the lounge KAL.
photo l1150791
We go throught passport control and transit security without fast-track access:it'very long.
We were through to airside in under 30 minutes.
photo l1150792
We have a short ride with a monorail train to the concourse before heading to the lounge.
photo l1150435
photo l1150437

The entrance of KAL SkyTeam lounge:
photo l1150814
photo l1150822
photo l1150823
When she saw me the unfriendly agent advised me that photographs are not allowed inside.
Of course I decided to ignore her warning!!!
Decent sized:
It's clean,quiet,light filled,spotter-friendly,not to many people,but there are a lot of chairs quite uncomfortable.
photo l1150797
photo l1150799
photo l1150795
photo l1150812
There is another section close to the toilets and shower area with TV and seating space more comfortable
photo l1150833

There is an area with hot items:
The food offering is very basic
photo l1150808

photo l1150809
photo l1150810
Another small buffet
photo l1150806
photo l1150807
photo l1150811
photo l1150805

Toilets and showers are inside the lounge
photo l1150803
photo l1150804
photo l1150832
Very nice view of the tarmac: ideal for avgeeks like me.
photo l1150824
photo l1150825
photo l1150826
photo l1150827
Shots of our triple seven with SkyTeam livery:
photo l1150816
photo l1150819
photo l1150834
photo l1150835
it's F-GZNT that was delivered to AF in march 2016.
photo l1150796
passports and BP:We are ready for boarding.
photo l1150828
We left the lounge and head to gate 113.
photo l1150821
Our flight is showing on time.
photo l1150815
Waiting to board by the gate.
photo l1150836
As usual,J class passengers,Sky Priority file were invited on first to board throught the deck jet bridge.
photo l1150837
We are the first ones on board
Business class seat 2 A and B for the next 11 hours.
photo l1150838
An overwiev of the main J cabin
photo l1150839
It's the NEV 4 generation cabin equipped with a old IFE and control panel
photo l1150840
photo l1150843
photo l1150844
Pre-placed on the seat are a pillow and blanket.
photo l1150842
Welcome drink were offered:champagne
photo l1150852
A very friendly crew also came with tray of newspapers and magazines
photo l1150851
The amenity kit with a new design.
photo l1150850
There is a unfriendly crew dressed in traditional Korean costume
photo l1150846
Safetycard for this B777
photo l1150880
Cabin light
photo l1150845
USB charging ports
photo l1150849
The seat pitch:excellent of course
photo l1150841
photo l1150871
Safety instructions
photo l1150858
Pushing back on time.
photo l1150853
photo l1150854
We made a long taxi to the main runway.
photo l1150859
photo l1150860
photo l1150861
Bye-bye ICN
photo l1150863
photo l1150866
photo l1150868
photo l1150872
photo l1150873
photo l1150874
photo l1150875
photo l1150876
photo l1150877
photo l1150878
Soon enough,drinks, cashew nuts and appetizer were given
photo l1150879
To start the lunch:shrimps and duck breast
photo l1150884
full champagne meal for me with "Brice" champagne
photo l1150883
Lamb stew with vegetables:excellent
photo l1150886
Cheese course
photo l1150887
Dessert with an expresso and a digestif
photo l1150888
Overflying Siberia
photo l1150903
photo l1150904
photo l1150907
An afternoon flight is really quite bad for sleeping so I enjoyed the world outside
photo l1150889
photo l1150890
photo l1150902
photo l1150882

Overwiev of Y main cabin
photo l1150895
A snack bar was set up in the galley but I asked for an expresso
photo l1150912

I got hungry in the middle of the flight and so I ordered a "croque-monsieur"and a ice cream
photo l1150906

Overflying Germany
photo l1150911

photo l1150916
About 1,3 hours before arrival the second meal service started:
It was an absolute delight to eat
photo l1150914

My spouse took the chicken option
photo l1150913
We begin our descent to CDG.
photo l1150917

photo l1150919
photo l1150920
Final approach
photo l1150921
photo l1150922
photo l1150923
photo l1150924
We landed on time but taxi time was long.
photo l1150925
There was a little wait for the passport control and down in baggage claim,there was 30mn wait for our bags.
photo l1150926

BONUS for this report
After the Korean war,South Korea and North Korea established a border.
On either side of this border is the DMZ (demilitarized zone).
photo l1150657
photo l1150694
If you're in Seoul you can only visit the DMZ with a tour,as it has restricted civillian access and requires a mandatory military escort.
Imjingak tourist area with the freedom bridge and the peace Bell
photo l1150663

photo l1150669
Dorasan station is the northernmost stop on South Korea's railroad system.
photo l1150674

Dora observatory where you can see North Korea.
photo l1150673
photo l1150678
photo l1150680
photo l1150687
Haemaru village located in the restricted area where you can by ginseng.
photo l1150695
In parallel with this visit:war memorial of Korea in Seoul :this is the best place to learn about Korea relationships with its near neighbours.
photo l1150639
photo l1150644
photo l1150645
Thank you for reading my report


Air France 

Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 9.5
Entertainment 7.5
meal/catering 8.5
TOTAL 8.5/10

Korean Air Prestige Class Lounge 

Comfort 5.0
meal/catering 4.5
Services 5.5
Entertainment 5.0
TOTAL 5.0/10

Seoul - ICN 

Efficiency 4.5
Access 5.5
Services 5.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 5.5/10

Paris - CDG 

Efficiency 5.0
Access 7.5
Services 6.0
Cleanliness 6.0
TOTAL 6.1/10


A satisfactory flight on AF.
NEV4 seat is comfortable when you are travelling as a couple.
The AF crews were very professional on this flight.
I thought the meal services on this flight were good but not the beast of meals
This was a good experience with AF but not a great experience.