AIRCRAFT Airbus A340-300
TAKEOFF 16-03-31 10:20 a.m.
LANDING AT 3:50 p.m.
The 4th January 2017

Photo review of Air France flight from Paris to Bogota in Economy


Hello everyone, this is the third installment of a trip I made last semester to Abu Dhabi.

Itinerary was as follows:
AUH-CDG: Not Reported.
CDG-BOG: Here you are.

Connecting in CDG

So after a dreadful flight from Abu Dhabi, in which my seat assignment was unilaterally changed by EY…I made it to Paris. As soon as we descended from the plane, there was a passport check by the French Police. A lady checked mine, and as soon as she saw I am from Colombia she switched to Spanish (I don't know why but I found this a very nice touch by her and made my day), she asked me where was I going, and then let me pass when I told her home. Then to the security check and then to the connecting bus lounge, EY operates from the 2AC Terminals, whilst my flight to BOG was leaving from the L gates meaning that I would have to ride the Blue Bus to the right concourse.

photo dscn0608

The bus ride allowed for nice views of the visitors to CDG that morning, although the rain didn't help for good pictures, sorry.

photo dscn0609
photo dscn0610
photo dscn0611
photo dscn0613
photo dscn0614

I got off the bus and then to the elevator to the connecting walkway, I could spot a beautiful "retro" A343 and hoped it would be mine…but alas it wasn't.
photo dscn0615

Through the Duty Free stores…I bought a couple of bottles of whisky, one for my then in-law who had just graduated from Law School and my grandpa who turned 80 years by the end of the month.
photo dscn0616


I made it to the gate and our plane was there basking in the rain. At a point the gate agents warned that the flight might be delayed due to a strike…but in the end we boarded on time…uh?
photo dscn0617

Rainy fuselage shot…
photo dscn0619

The aircraft was fitted with the regular mid 2000s cabin. Nothing new here. But I reckon that out of my atlantic crossings this year it was one of the most comfortable seats I had.
photo dscn0620
photo dscn0621

Taxi and Takeoff

Occupation was around 85%, I hoped to score a free seat besides me, but I got a no-talkative-at-all seatmate, I assume from her looks that she was Colombian. Everything in order and we were on our way to America!
photo dscn0622

Even in its static form the Concorde is lovely to watch…
photo dscn0624

Some unusual sights (for me at least) visiting CDG
photo dscn0625
photo dscn0626

This one not so much…I haven't been able to spot a TK plane in Bogotá though.
photo dscn0627

Thai whalejet to BKK
photo dscn0628

Cabin view before takeoff
photo dscn0629

And the A343 slowly went into the cloudy skies to take us across the Atlantic.
photo dscn0630
photo dscn0631

En route to BOG

Soon after take off Menus were delivered.
photo dscn0632
photo dscn0633
photo dscn0634

Adieu France
photo dscn0635
photo dscn0636

Champagne and crackers for the drinks service
photo dscn0637

We flew over GB and then Ireland if I'm not wrong…
photo dscn0638
photo dscn0639

Then lunch, I asked for two of the ciabatta (right?) breads…I love the bread they hand on the ex-CDG flights!
photo dscn0640

Pineapples are one of the few fruits I like to eat, AF was just hitting the spot with me.
photo dscn0641

The main was tasty and filling. Full marks for me this time!
photo dscn0642

The rest of the flight was an uneventful atlantic crossing, at one point we were given super frozen ice cream lollipops. Since the gameboy screen was so lousy, and I was still asleep from my AUH-CDG flight I slept most of the way.

Then the second meal…I ate it all like the smart boy I am.
photo dscn0643

No meat this once, but the taste was good. Catering was quite satisfactory for me.
photo dscn0644

Land Ahoy! This is Aruba if I'm not wrong
photo dscn0645
photo dscn0646

And into South America through Venezuela
photo dscn0647

Arrival at BOG

It was rainy and cloudy throughout most of our fligh time over Colombia…boring. The landing was a bit rough but within reasonable.
photo dscn0648

Our plane at the gate.
photo dscn0650

Immigration into Colombia was quick enough and my bag didn't take too long to come for claim. In no time I was picked by my mum and to my house for a good rest in the afternoon.


Air France 

Cabin 8.0
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 6.0
meal/catering 10.0
TOTAL 8.3/10

Paris - CDG 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 5.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 7.8/10

Bogota - BOG 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 7.5
Services 7.5
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 8.8/10


Compared to Avianca (the other airline I used to Europe this year FR coming soon) AF was my favourite pick to the Old Continent. Even when old, the A343 still provides a comfortable ride for the long haul, I take the 2-4-2 anytime over the 3-3-3 of the AV 788s. The crew is very attentive and overall provide a satisfactory service. Catering is way better than AV's, it feels quite premium compared to the cheap things you get on the Colombian carrier. The only thing lacking is IFE...or else AF would have received full-er marks from me, the movie choices and all are super good, however the screen quality is so bad it is basically unwatchable during daytime.

CDG proved once again to be a great place to connect (something I would like congratulate the French for, since I remember reading not too long ago how hideous and horrible CDG was for connections, so kudos!)

BOG delivered as expected.

Thanks for reading this FR, and stay tuned for my next adventure featuring B6. Feliz 2017!