AIRCRAFT Boeing 777-300ER
TAKEOFF 11-01-19 9:15 a.m.
VIEWS 2042
LANDING AT 2:25 p.m.
The 21st October 2016

Photo review of Singapore Airlines flight from Sydney to Singapore in Business

photo sq212 cover

Hello Flight-Reporters, I hope you enjoy segment 7 of 11 on this 32K miles around the world Star Alliance journey.

After a very nice dinner in Sydney next to the Opera House, an early morning flight from SYD to Singapore was on the agenda. I remember having a choice. The early flight on a 777-300 with 1x2x1 business class seating, or the A330 with 2x2x2 seating later on. The choice was obvious, and wrong.

If you ever transit through Sydney, the Rydges hotel is just outside the international terminal. Plus the train to downtown is inside the terminal. It's all super convenient to take an overnight stay and visit beautiful downtown Sydney. Although be forewarned, the train fare is 50% higher from the airport instead of the first stop after at Mascot. But if you stay at a hotel at that stop you pay for shuttle bus to the airport so in the end it's a wash and only a few bucks anyway.
photo sq212 airport hotel

Another modern airport. Immigration was empty as was security. But the airport was fairly busy at 7AM.
photo sq212 airport 1
photo sq212 airport 2

Off to the SilverKris lounge which was right above the gate.
photo sq212 lounge 0

A single room with a nice view of the airfield.
photo sq212 lounge 4_1024
photo sq212 lounge 5

Breakfast was being served with an eclectic selection.
photo sq212 lounge 1
photo sq212 lounge 2
photo sq212 lounge 3
photo sq212 lounge 6

What's this outside the window? Is Star Alliance following me? In fact yes, after making a couple other SIN-MEL runs it was dispatched to Sydney to take me back.

photo sq212 plane 1

Once on board because of my experience I found my seat without guidance. The flight attendant was impressed.

At least it was daytime so I could get some better interior photos.

photo sq212 first 1

Wait, that's not my seat. It is one of the 8 empty first class seats on this flight. Even with no one in first they still kept the curtains pulled and didn't allow deplaning through the front cabin.

Since there were no occupants I thought it was nice of them to properly place the pillows for my photos.
photo sq212 first 2

I fail to see the privacy in this first class cabin, unless no one is in it.
photo sq212 first 3

Row 2 has less leg room than row 11 in business class.
photo sq212 first 4

Back to business, literally.
photo sq212 cabin 1

Not much has changed in a couple days, except the sun was out.
photo sq212 cabin 2

11A. And why does business get two pillows and first only one?
photo sq212 seat 1

11A legroom - take that first class.
photo sq212 seat 2

Storage under the side bench, not allowed on take-off and landing.
photo sq212 seat 4

Plenty of room upstairs.
photo sq212 cabin 4

The seats don't recline very far. But your feet get a rest.
photo sq212 seat 5

Bulkhead seat phone storage.
photo sq212 seat acc 7

Non-bulkhead seats have a different storage area for your phone.
photo sq212 seat acc 2

This was not allowed on take-off, even when closed. And I know the phone doesn't weigh 2 pounds.
photo sq212 seat acc 8

For your drink, except you can't reach it sitting down.
photo sq212 seat acc 5

To freshen up, when not sitting down.
photo sq212 seat acc 6

Nicely positioned seat controls.
photo sq212 seat acc 3

Headphones hook.
photo sq212 seat acc 9

Coat hook.
photo sq212 seat acc 1

Reading lamp. (and a 2nd headphone jack)
photo sq212 seat acc 4

And away they go across barren Australia.
photo sq212 in flight

Time for breakfast. Orange juice was served upon boarding. I suppose one could have gotten some champagne. I'm not one of those AM champagne ones.

Showing the beverage menu again is pointless other than to prove a point. Skeptical of all these selections are actually available, I asked one of the flight attendants if they were. She told me absolutely. Later on I asked the other flight attendant for a Guatemala coffee. He apologized and said they were out.

My suspicions were confirmed.

photo sq212 menu 1
photo sq212 menu 2
photo sq212 menu 3
photo sq212 menu 4
photo sq212 menu 5
photo sq212 menu 6
photo sq212 menu 7
photo sq212 menu 8
photo sq212 menu 9
photo sq212 menu 10

I was anxious to try the Malaysian breakfast Nasi Lemak having had it before, especially after the disastrous American style breakfast on this very plane a couple days ago.
photo sq212 menu food 1

Service began with the typical fresh fruit served on nice sized tray. Have to love the salt and pepper shakers.
photo sq212 food bk 1

The muesli was tasty, and tiny.
photo sq212 food bk 2

If I thought the Melbourne scrambled eggs were bad, then I was in for a huge surprise in the bad category.

photo sq212 food bk 3

Enjoy your bowl of grease. The chicken was a wing of skin, the shrimp were not good and the peanuts had been soaked in oil I think. But the chili sauce tasted like chili sauce. For a supposedly health dish, this was not. I ate the rice.

photo sq212 food bk 7

Before arrival a light lunch was served. This time I opted for the more international cuisine.
photo sq212 menu food 2

Be wary of the last selection on that menu.

The seared tuna nicoise salad was a presentation disaster. It tasted slightly better yet the tuna loin was anything but quality tuna.

photo sq212 food lun 2

The veal was tender and flavorful with a single fondant potato lurking beneath. Baby?? carrots must be in season.

And where did "light lunch" come from??

photo sq212 food lun 4

The ice cream fit nicely in the small bowl, but the name "Serendipity Salty Pistachio Ice Cream" would not have.

photo sq212 food lun 5

But wait. What is this page in the front of the menu?

photo sq212 menu pralines

Pralines for a sweet celebration of National Day. I'm in!

Here is a photo of the pralines.

photo sq212 missing praline photo

Oh, they didn't have any.

All in all I was very disappointed in the Singapore business class food on the 3 flights this trip.

At least I got the right size slippers this time.

photo sq212 amenity 1

Sydney International was great for some plane spotting.

Looking forward to this one next trip.
photo sq212 other plane 1

And this one's sister the A330 on that trip too.
photo sq212 other plane 2

We'll see this guy next.
photo sq212 other plane 3

photo sq212 other plane 4

And this one soon too!

photo sq212 other plane 5

SQ A350
photo sq212 other plane 6

A final thought.

I don't get it.
photo sq212 sin airport 1

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Singapore Airlines 

Cabin 5.0
Cabin crew 7.0
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 4.0
TOTAL 5.3/10

Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge (Business Class Section) 

Comfort 8.0
meal/catering 7.0
Services 7.0
Entertainment 8.0
TOTAL 7.5/10

Sydney - SYD 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 9.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.8/10

Singapore - SIN 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 9.0/10


As much as I was looking forward to flying business class on Singapore's long haul product, given the chance again I would avoid this option. There are better Asian business class products available in my opinion, at least with respect to the older business class seats. The food is a different matter. One or two meals doesn't make a legacy, but SQ is not off to a rousing start with me. Next up will be a try in first class A380 style.