AIRCRAFT Airbus A350-900
TAKEOFF 16-10-23 6:10 p.m.
VIEWS 1860
The 5th November 2016

Photo review of Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Jakarta in Business

Date : 23 October 2016
Airline : SQ - Singapore Airlines
Flight : SQ 962
Class : Business Class
Itinerary : Singapore (SIN) - Jakarta (CGK)
Aircraft : Airbus A350-900

Check in :
Went super quick in Terminal 2 in Singapore.
specific area for business class (Star Alliance Gold) - Row 1

After immigration :
A lot of shopping in Changi :
photo img_3103
photo img_3104

Direction the Lounge :
photo img_3105

SQ offers 2 lounges for business class passenger :
- KrisFlyer Gold Lounge
- SilverKris (First + Business)

I would recommend to use the SIlverKris (Only dedicated for Business class passenger) more food offer and champagne a la discretion

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge : Entrance:
photo img_3106

Silver Kris Entrance :
photo img_3108
photo img_3109
photo img_3110

Seating area :
photo img_3111

my favourite teas : TWG
photo img_3113
food area :
a lot of choice : Indian, sushi, noodle :
photo img_3115

photo img_3117

Drinking area :
photo img_3118

Champagne : Taittinger
photo img_3119

my food selection and a glass of champagne
photo img_3120

the food was very good and tasty : a very good choice

the toilet have nice Amenities : Miller Harris London
photo img_3116

Now its time to board and pass security :
photo img_3122

View from the waiting room the beauty of the A350, second time I fly it after Qatar airways,

photo img_3123
photo img_3124
photo img_3126
photo img_3127

Boarding time :
was quick and efficient : 2 doors where opened :
photo img_3128
photo img_3129

Stunning Cabine : 1-2-1 config :
photo img_3130

My Seat the : 11 A :
a very wide seat :
photo img_3135
photo img_3131
photo img_3136

View from the Cabin : very clean and the quite private for the layout:
photo img_3132
photo img_3133
photo img_3148

Time to seat : the leg pitch is quite long ( more than 6' as I was not touching the wall in front)
the screen is quite large.
The entertainment system is very good : a lot movie offered, unfortunately the flight is only 1H45.
photo img_3137

Pre- drink offered : champagne :
photo img_3145

view from 11 A : only 1 window in this seat :
photo img_3147

View from the cockpit : technology wonder :
photo img_3150

3 Toilets are reserved for Business class passenger where you find the Miller Harris Amenities :
consistent with the lounge offer :

view from the back : photo img_3152

The remote control :
photo img_3153

Hot Towel distribution :
photo img_3156

Seat Adjustment :
photo img_3157

to put it fully flat you need to stand and reverse the back of the seat to a flat position (will not have the time to test it)

SQ Fleet
photo img_3158

Taxing to the Runway : raining on Singapore :
photo img_3159

Take off :
photo img_3163
photo img_3161

More lights :
photo img_3164

after reaching Cruise altitude : Menu were distributed, order and service done in very short time :
photo img_3166
I choose the chicken with vegetable :

the presentation could be improved the aluminium plate is a bit cheap in my opinion :
but the taste was nice, the desert was not very tasty it was like a jello :
photo img_3165

I had an other glass of champagne : I believe it Charles Heidseck champagne served.

time to land on CGK : short flight :
photo img_3170
photo img_3173

Immigration in CGK was quick and luggage arrive quite fast :
photo img_3177

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Singapore Airlines 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 9.5
Entertainment 9.5
meal/catering 8.5
TOTAL 9.4/10

Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge / Business Class Section 

Comfort 9.0
meal/catering 8.5
Services 8.5
Entertainment 8.0
TOTAL 8.5/10

Singapore - SIN 

Efficiency 9.5
Access 9.0
Services 9.5
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 9.3/10

Jakarta - CGK 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 3.0
Services 6.5
Cleanliness 7.5
TOTAL 6.4/10


Business class with SQ on the A350 is a charm :
- Lounge in Singapore offers good food and drinks, maybe a lack of entertainment not too much magazine offered.
- the hard product is solid with a good configuration, a comfortable seat, latest technology (Wifi)
- the soft product on this very short flight was good ( choice of food and drinks ).

Very impressed also by the aircraft very quiet and powerful.

will fly SQ Again anytime.

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