AIRCRAFT Boeing 747-400
TAKEOFF 16-10-11 1:40 p.m.
VIEWS 1325
LANDING AT 5:40 p.m.
Yonatan Paz
The 10th January 2017

Photo review of Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt-am-Main to Orlando in Economy

Hello everybody and welcome to my America - Europe grand trip!

I took a brake of 3 weeks from college & job for travelling across the USA, Carribiean Islands and Poland.

The flights:

TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) -> FRA (Frankfurt, Germany) LH A321 Economy http://flight-report.com/en/report/19777/Lufthansa-LH695-Tel-Aviv-TLV-Frankfurt-am-Main-FRA
FRA (Frankfurt, Germany) -> MCO (Orlando, FL, USA) LH B744 Economy (YOU ARE HERE! / VOUS ETES ICI!)
MCO (Orlando, FL, USA) -> EWR (Newark, NJ, USA) UA B738 EconomyPlus
JFK (New York, NY, USA) -> WAW (Warsaw, Poland) LO B788 Economy
KTW (Katowice, Poland) -> TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) E4 B738 Economy


As my flight should deaprt at 1.40PM, I had more than 1h30 to spend in Z part which is the new part that serves the most Intercontinetal flights of Lufthansa.
What a long corridor!
photo 20161011_122347
Durning the layover I did a little spotting:
Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 before flying to Hong Kong, HKG:
photo 20161011_121306
photo 20161011_122136
Lufthansa Airbus A380 before flying to San Francisco, SFO:
photo 20161011_121413
Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 before flying to Panama City which is my next destantion:
photo 20161011_122605
United Boeing 747-400 before flying to San Francisco, SFO:
photo 20161011_124202
Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 before flying to Mumbai, BOM:
photo 20161011_122947
United Boeing 777-200ER before flying to Houston, IAH. There were 2 Indian ladies that didn't reached the gate on time:
photo 20161011_124819
Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 "Star Alliance" livery before flying to Nairobi, NBO:
photo 20161011_125010
What a nice mate!!! Swiss Boeing 777-300ER with the special livery after a short hop from Zurich, ZRH:
photo 20161011_131935
Time to reach our gate! Boarding was to much crowded:
photo 20161011_132347
Lufthansa Airbus A320 NEO before flying to Bucharest, OTP:
photo 20161011_132806
My plane for this sector today: Boeing 747-400, D-ABVM, EX1998:
photo 20161011_123908
photo 20161011_131705
The poor bridge vs the rich bridge:
photo 20161011_133451_hdr
Economy class:
photo 20161011_134041 1

photo 20161011_134409
Seat pitch was good:
photo 20161011_134254
Every seat has a new IFE with touch screen:
photo 20161011_134803
Before pushingback for this 9 hours and 20 minutes flight:
photo 20161011_135606
Safety video:
photo 20161011_134845
photo 20161011_135719
Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 "Star Alliance" that will fly to Tampa, TPA and A330-300 that will fly to Lagos, LOS soon:
photo 20161011_135859
photo 20161011_140955
The big boss if following us:
photo 20161011_141332
IcelandAir Boeing 757-200 will depart soon to Reykjavik, KEF:
photo 20161011_141111
I love this flight-map!
photo 20161011_141342
Cabin before take off!
photo 20161011_141433
The most beautiful livery on the most beautiful plane (Air China's 787-9)!
photo 20161011_141446
Finally take off to America!
photo 20161011_141612
photo 20161011_141847
Crossing the border to France!
photo 20161011_143722 1
Little snack and drinks before the Lunch, I'd opted to Tomato juice and Coca Cola:
photo 20161011_145406
Leaving europe for the next 2 weeks:
photo 20161011_151525
First meal is served! There was a choice between Pasta in red sauce with mushrooms or A goulash with fried vegetables and puree, I chose the goulash option:
photo 20161011_154757
Cabin lights were dimmed to allow passengers to get a nap:
photo 20161011_170154 1

photo 20161011_170154
photo 20161011_185803
Over the Atlantic Ocean:
photo 20161011_212344
photo 20161011_221742
Love this cabin!
photo 20161011_185809
Second meal was served, there was a choice between Pasta with spinach or Chicken with rice, I choose the pasta option:
photo 20161011_222048
30 min after the meal it was the time to descend into Orlando :
Florida coastline!
photo 20161011_233307
Cabin before landing!
photo 20161011_233320
Landing! Total flight time was 9 hours and 19 minutes which passed really fast!
photo 20161011_233739

photo 20161011_233947
Azul A330-200 from Sao Paulo, (VCP):
photo 20161011_234003
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 is taking off to Gatwick, (LGW):
photo 20161011_234129
International Terminal is seen:
photo 20161011_234231

photo 20161011_234411
TAM Boeing 777-300ER before flight to Sao Paulo, (GRU). Many brasillians are visitng Orlando, mostly for shopping!
photo 20161011_234919
We can't finish a flight to the US without a photo of BA's plane!
photo 20161011_234810
Economy Plus;
photo 20161011_235545

photo 20161011_235547
Bye Bye king of the skies!
photo 20161011_235805




Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 9.5
meal/catering 10.0
TOTAL 9.3/10

Frankfurt-am-Main - FRA 

Efficiency 9.5
Access 9.0
Services 8.5
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.3/10

Orlando - MCO 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 9.5
Services 7.5
Cleanliness 9.5
TOTAL 8.8/10