AIRCRAFT Boeing 787-9
TAKEOFF 16-04-30 12:30 a.m.
VIEWS 1803
LANDING AT 5:45 p.m.
The 22nd November 2016

Photo review of United Airlines flight from Tokyo to San Francisco in Economy

Hi and welcome to my second installment of American Travel Story!

Return to San Francisco: Three Days in Business Trip

This series will cover my 2nd business trip to SF in Apr. In order to make the reports not so boring, I will reveal the itinerary as we go on.

The report is broken down as follows (all in Y):
1. NH860 HKG-HND B777-200ER [http://flight-report.com/en/report-19480.html]
2. UA876 HND-SFO B787-9 [You are here!]
3. NH7 SFO-NRT B777-300ER [http://flight-report.com/en/report-20208.html]
4. NH811 NRT-HKG B767-300ER [http://flight-report.com/en/report-20581.html]


There are many options between HK and SF while CX, SQ & UA operate direct flights to SF. This time my boss, the original colleague-in-charge, finally had a valid US Visa for the trip and she would travel with me. As mentioned in the previous series it is the company policy that all colleagues cannot be in single aircraft (you can click here for more information). My boss is a CX lover so she immediately picked the CX, and I won’t fly with her.

Fortunately I was notified about this trip much earlier. Therefore I could make my own choice and explore alternative routings other than direct flights. After some considerations, I opted *A since I had flown NH/UA last time and I could obtain the UA sliver status after this trip. SQ was robbed by 2 other colleagues so no hope on it. In order to qualify for the UA status, I need to have one more UA flight to complete the at-least-4-flights requirement. Communicating with the travel agent, they gave some options for flying to SF:

a. HKG-SFO on UA B747 (no thank you)
b. HKG-NRT-SFO on NH then UA B747 only as no seats on NH (no thank you again)
c. HKG-NRT, HND-SFO on NH in pm then UA (Are you kidding me?)
d. HKG-NRT-LAX-SFO on NH then UA/NH and UA (IME not bad, but this time I did not want to do it)
e. HKG-HND-SFO on NH then UA

When I heard choice (e), I was particularly interested since I had not been to Haneda before and UA operates a B789 on 2nd leg which I had good experience on this aircraft last time. The only cons was that I would have about 5 hours to be killed in HND but it doesn’t matter. As a result I picked this one and requested the same seat as my last B789 flight.

This report will also have a brief review of smoking lounges in HND.

Haneda Airport

Erstwhile on last report, I was here once I cleared the security.

photo img_201604_18424

The first thing to do after a flight was to have a break. There are totally 5 smoking lounges in HND. I had plenty of time so I planned to visit them all. The first target was the one near my departure gate.

Luxury shops and an information center

photo img_201604_18432

Passing by the rest zone in the middle concourse. Each reclined seat has power outlets for charging. The guy on the right-hand side later also took the same flight to SF.

photo dscf7403 copy

The FIDS. My flight (サンフランシスコ) was listed on the middle of the right FIDS and showing a 00:30 departure at Gate 148, which is located at left end of the Terminal North.

photo img_201604_18484

Inside the smoking lounge. It is bright and clean. No seats but it has a metal sidebar for leaning. A lighter stand is installed in each smoking lounge for those who did not have lighters, while NRT has none of them.

photo img_201604_18511

Next I went to the toilet opposite to the smoking lounge. It was clean in Japan usual standard.

photo img_201604_18581

Changing a diaper is a man job in Haneda.

photo img_201604_18575

Besides, I went to have a look of my gate. Same as SFO, in HND you need to take the escalator downwards for boarding.

photo dscf7420 copy

I arrived my gate. It was so early that nobody was here. Even the Gate FIDS were not ready to show my flight info.

photo dscf7421 copy

photo dscf7424 copy

Therefore I wandered around the Terminal. There are several books & drugs stores.

photo dscf7417 copy

photo dscf7442 copy

You can read the books for time killing

photo dscf7404 copy

photo dscf7441 copy

The stores also have a wide assortment of omiyages to choose from

photo dscf7405 copy

photo dscf7406 copy

photo dscf7443 copy


photo dscf7411 copy

An UNIQLO store featuring Japan limited collection.

photo img_201604_20020

Escalators to the floor of Lounges. I wished I could have chances to visit them lol

photo dscf7449 copy

I continued exploring the other 3 smoking lounges alongside the middle concourse. They share the same size and layout which their walls are decorated in Mevius branding.

photo dscf7412 copy

Mevius should have dumped a lot of $$$ sponsoring HND. Apart from smoking lounges, Mevius was placed on the prominent shelfs in the duty-free shops^^

photo dscf7410 copy

Still having time, I headed to the smoking lounge located in the South end of the Terminal.

photo img_201604_20025

This is the biggest and the only one featuring couches with a TV playing Mevius commercial. I recharged and napped awhile here.

photo dscf7415 copy

photo dscf7416 copy

In summary, all of the smoking lounges are super clean and have good ventilation, which are far better than HKG.

Kept smoking in the lounge was somehow boring lol I walked back to my gate.

photo dscf7418 copy

The passenger carts should be very happy that they did not need to work (in feeding mode).

photo dscf7444 copy

The gate was more than nothing: a MU A330 parked at the adjacent gate.

photo dscf7422 copy

There were still no one in the Terminal North. I grabbed a reclining chair in the rest zone there.

photo dscf7426 copy

I turned on my Surface and the Wi-Fi in HND is super-fast.

photo dscf7427 copy

After killing some work emails, I continued binge-watching Nirvana in Fire, the ancient Chinese reenacted version of The Count of Monte Cristo.

photo dscf7431 copy

I backed to my gate 1.5 hours later.

photo dscf7446 copy

The gate was still not ready but few passengers started to appear.

photo dscf7445 copy

Eventually HND came alive after 10:30pm since a lot of international flights departed at midnight. We will later find out where did the staff (right hand side in front of the duty-free shop) go.

photo dscf7452 copy

The JL flight to Hawaii was about to board. So many people queued.

photo dscf7453 copy

Our twin (JL2 to SFO) had finished its boarding and flew ahead of us.

photo dscf7454 copy

An interactive weather forecasting display

photo dscf7450 copy

The food court. Some restaurants open 24 hours!

photo dscf7451 copy

The sushi restaurant. It looked very delicious^^

photo dscf7457 copy

I backed to my gate 20 minutes before boarding.

photo dscf7458 copy

Passengers started lining up. Today we had 1 GS member on this flight and the staff we had seen before (holding the cardboard) served him exclusively.

photo dscf7459 copy

Our bird finally arrived! A brand new Boeing 787-9 which was delivered in Jan 2016 (N17963). BTW HND is a plane spotting unfriendly airport.

photo dscf7466 copy

The vending machines and massage chairs at my gate.

photo dscf7465 copy

I went to have the final break in HND. This time I tried the lighter stand by taking out the tap and lighted my cigarette. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful after I tried several times lol

photo dscf7447 copy

In the meantime an United FA was also smoking in the Lounge. She looked at me and asked if I needed help. She thought I did not have lighter and would like to let her lighter to me. I explained that I just wanted to try the machine. We chatted for a while and the FA shared her story how she started her career from CO, and subsequently I discovered all FAs on this flight were ex-CO.

Flight Report

Around 11:45pm boarding started and passengers boarded in order. I queued last minute until the line of Group 5 started moving

photo img_201604_20154

My boarding pass for this flight (I took it in HKG)

photo img_201604_13132

Embarking. A FA welcomed me on board and I replied with Konnichiwa.

photo img_201604_23551

photo img_201604_23554

The Y+ cabin with new leather seats installed. It looks more modern than the old CO one.

photo dscf7467 copy

The economy cabin in 3-3-3 configuration. I could feel with the new plane smell.

photo dscf7468 copy

My aisle seat 29C. Pillow and blanket were preplaced on the seat. My seatmates (29A & B) were an elderly couple and already settled down. We greeted each other.

photo dscf7471 copy

The seat is comfortable and has good seat pitch.

photo dscf7472 copy

The IFE along with the USB port and headphone jack.

photo dscf7469 copy

2 power outlets are installed per row. But they were already occupied by the couple.

photo img_201604_00023

The cabin LED mood lighting system for B787.

photo dscf7470 copy

We should appreciate the inner beauty of a blanket before open it^^

photo dscf7475 copy

Meanwhile I was busy in photographing, my seatmates looked curiously at me and asked why I kept taking pictures of the amenities. They believed that I was a hidden UA staff inspecting the inflight services. I lied to him this was my 1st time on UA B787 :P

The husband asked me in Hispanic accent “Hey boy what are you going to do in California?” They were a bit surprise when knowing that I am not a Japanese but came from HK.

Our route today. The air show was default in English only.

photo img_201604_00072

The seatback materials

photo img_201604_00101

Safety card

photo img_201604_17262

A FA came and offered pre-departure drinks to the husband since he is a 1K member. He ordered Asahi and asked her if they could move to Y+ whatever they could pay for the seats. The FA replied that today the flight was very full and she could not guarantee them for the time being. She would update the status once boarding completed.

The pathetic headphone was distributed before push back.

photo img_201604_00110

The FA returned to our row after the boarding and apologized to the couple that today the flight was in full load due to the start of Golden Week in Japan hence no Y+ available. From their conversations I knew that the couple had swapped to this flight last minute.

Boarding finished ahead of schedule so the plane pushed back on 00:20. United corporate video was played which emphasizes that UA is environmental friendly.

photo img_201604_00225

Following was the safety video and Joanna teaches you how to fasten your seatbelt.

photo img_201604_00241

The captain made on board announcement when we had a long taxiing to the Runway D. He firstly welcomed us for flying with United. He thanked the NH agents for helping the boarding process smoothly. The captain shared some weather info of Pacific Ocean and then continued selling United is not you think so bad and all the crews are very nice (um…)

We took off. All the windows were dimmed throughout the flight and unadjustable.

photo img_201604_00291

During the lifting, the husband suddenly took out a large pack of cartridges. He took out one of them, loaded into the pen and lifted up his shirt… My neighbor made a deep stab into his abdomen!!!

OK he was just injecting insulin @@ In fact I was really scared in the moment because the aircraft was shaking, which you would have accident and get injured very easily. Ultimately the skillful husband successfully made it and my worries cleared lol

We had a U-turn in Tokyo Bay to the South and towards Pacific Ocean from Uraga Channel (浦賀水道).

photo img_201604_00553

Once our plane leveled off, immigration form was distributed.

I browsed the IFE. It is responsive and contains adequate selection of programs.

photo img_201604_00124

photo img_201604_00571

photo img_201604_00582

It has UA self-produced shows (you can watch them on YouTube)

photo img_201604_00132

But it is wired that they do not provide a full season of TV dramas! Only 3 episodes per drama

photo img_201604_00590

I connected to the inflight Wi-Fi which was worked. Yet I did not use it.

photo screenshot_20160430-005324

Suddenly my IFE freezed with a false-positioned airshow. I sought help from a nearby FA and she helped me promptly. However she had to reset my IFE several times for resuming to normal.

photo img_201604_01061

Supper services started about an hour into the flight. No aperitif services provided.

photo img_201604_01154

The wife pre-ordered the special meal so she was the first to be served with a Hindu meal.

The entrée on the food cart looked unappetizing lol

photo img_201604_01210

No menus were provided. The FA asked “chicken or chicken?” The husband and I instantly showed a strange face and my seatmate asked "You said they were chicken and chicken. Only one choice! What are the differences?" The FA immediately apologized and explained they were Oyakodon (Chicken and egg rice) or Chicken Karēdon (Curry chicken rice). Both my seatmate and I chose the Oyakodon. Here is my tray.

photo img_201604_01230

For the drinks I had OJ and water while Asahi for the husband.

photo img_201604_01270

Although portion is small, to me it is adequate for supper. I used the passport for size reference

photo img_201604_01262

The Oyakodon looked colorful and surprisingly it tasted really good (in UA standard)! The chicken was tender while the Japanese rice was fluffy. It was always good to have the made-in-Japan cookies.

photo img_201604_01301

After the meal trays were cleaned up, a bottle of water was given away. The FA dimmed the light for resting after the supper services.

Was Matt Damon’s the Martian very popular at that time? All my neighbors watched that movie… in response to them, I watched Jimmy Kimmel Live on my Surface^^

Afterward I went to toilet before resting. Cabin shot from the rear toilet.

photo img_201604_02161

I had a very good 4-hour sleep even my seatmate started leaning and sleeping on my shoulder halfway through the night.

Later I felt that my arms were twined by something and tried taking it off. I woke up here and found that I accidently teared the earphone rope lol

photo img_201604_06274

View from the dimmed window.

photo dscf7478 copy

I headed to the rear galley for getting a new headphone. The FAs were busy in preparing the 2nd meal services in the galley. Once I entered, they smiley asked what I need. They handed me a new earphone. The FAs were in good mood and we even had a short chat since they were very interested in my apparel and kept asking where I bought my glasses/ jeans/ NB… at the end they also gave me a cup of water.

It was the time for 2nd meal services which was 3 hours prior to arrival.

photo img_201604_06111

The FAs turned on the cabin lighting.

photo img_201604_06261

It started with a no-drinks aperitif service. Only Otsumami were distributed.

photo img_201604_06311

Drinks was only offered to those 1k members. My seatmate kept requesting Asahi.

photo img_201604_06421

Same as supper services the wife’s special meal was delivered in advance.

photo img_201604_06105

Question again: Chicken or Pasta? A little surprise since I assumed it would be breakfast (currently morning time in Japan). This time the FA briefly explained what the chicken option was (Chicken Teriyaki Don). I did not want the 3rd chicken meal on this trip thus I chose the Pasta. The husband ordered the chicken rice. For drinks I ordered OJ and the husband requested another Asahi

photo img_201604_06131

As expected portion was small and passport was used for reference.

photo img_201604_06172

The bread was again a rubber even it was manufactured by 山崎製パン (Yamazaki). The visually appealing salad was indeed deceptive, which was too raw and blend with no dressing. But the pasta was exceptionally delicious.

photo img_201604_06165

Trip to toilet after finishing the main. It was new and clean.

photo img_201604_06210

photo img_201604_06213

I am a law-abiding passenger ;)

photo img_201604_07414

The rear galley. Long live CO

photo img_201604_07453

Backed to my seat, the Glico green tea ice-cream was served, which was tasty! Overall the lunch was good (in UA standard) excluding the bread and salad.

photo img_201604_06441

Lunch service concluded here and I completed the immigration form.

photo img_201604_06482

photo screenshot_20160430-064354

I did some stretching after the lunch. A Y+ cabin shot.

photo img_201604_07451

Our windows were eventually released until we started descending

photo img_201604_07485

photo img_201604_07505

The captain made the arrival announcement that we would arrived SFO 30 minutes early. He also updated the SF weather info.

We had another U-turn over the Peninsula for landing.

photo img_201604_08080

photo img_201604_08042

photo img_201604_08111

Finally our plane landed on the runway 28L.

photo img_201604_08125

Taxiing to the Terminal G. We passed an EI A330. Our plane arrived at Gate 91 in Terminal G.

photo img_201604_17221

Deplaning. I helped the couple to unload their baggage.

photo img_201604_17275

photo img_201604_17304

photo img_201604_17314

Walking along in Terminal G to the immigration.

photo img_201604_17331

The immigration counters had a long queue because several international flights arrived at SFO concurrently. I waited for at least 30 minutes.

My turn. The immigration staff took my passport, scanned it and I got fingerprinted. He simply asked my nature and length of the trip. I cleared the immigration with the staff had a funny face saying “Welcome to America~~~”

The baggage claim.

photo img_201604_18152

My baggage was already circling on the conveyor belt. I picked it and then I passed the customs form to the staff and walked out the customs. I took the elevator to the departure level to have a recharge and waited for the company car.

photo img_201604_18173

Welcome to San Francisco!

photo dscf7483 copy

This is the second part of flight report and please stop by the rest of this series! BTW the pathetic Head will appear again in the next report.

photo dscf7688 copy

Thank you for your reading!

(A kind reminder: Smoking is not good to health. If you haven't smoked, please don't try!)


United Airlines 

Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 8.0
meal/catering 8.0
TOTAL 8.4/10

Tokyo - HND 

Efficiency 9.5
Access 9.5
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.5/10

San Francisco - SFO 

Efficiency 7.5
Access 8.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 8.0/10


With the same aircraft type and same seat as per my last UA33 flight, it is another pleasant flight on UA with professional crews and good catering.

Cabin: Good. Another brand new B787, the cabin is equipped with latest leather seat which is comfort with good seat pitch and I can sleep well. Toilets are clean throughout the flight. But you cannot control the windows dimmer and power outlets are not enough.

Cabin Crew: Good. The FAs are very initiative and helpful even before boarding in HND. Maybe the crews on this flight belong to ex-CO, they have good attitudes towards passengers and always smile in their interactions with passengers.

Entertainment: Good. Standard seatback materials. Responsive and functional IFE with adequate programs and language choices. But it is wired that they do not provide a full season of TV dramas. Also the airshow is in English only despite language changed.

Meal and catering: Good. UA surprisingly provides 2 full meals on this red-eye flight. Although portions are small, the 2 entrées are the best among my 3 UA TPAC flights up to now, at the expenses of the poor bread and salad.

For HND, it is very clean, spacious and has distinct signs for passengers. It has plenty of amenities for travelers. The terminal Wi-Fi is super-fast. The smoking lounges are clean with good ventilation.