AIRCRAFT Airbus A330-300
TAKEOFF 16-11-24 9 a.m.
LANDING AT 12:50 p.m.
The 2nd December 2016

Photo review of Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul to Hong Kong in Economy


This series covers a trip to Kaohsiung (高雄) and Kinmen (金門). Refer to Part 1 for a detailed background. As a reminder, the routing for this series is:

Part 1 – LAX-ICN [OZ 203, Boeing B777-200ER, Economy] – Here
Part 2 – ICN-HKG [OZ 721, Airbus A330-300, Economy] – You are here
Part 3 – HKG-KHH [CI 948, Airbus A330-300, Economy] – Here
Part 4 – KHH-KNH [B7 8915, Aérospatiale/Alenia ATR 72-600, Economy] – Here
Part 5 – KNH-RMQ [AE 770, Embraer ERJ-190, Economy] – Here
Part 6 – KHH-HKG [AE 981, Boeing B737-800, Economy] – Here
Part 7 – HKG-ICN [OZ 722, Boeing B747-400(Combi), Business] – Here
Part 8 – ICN-LAX [OZ 204, Airbus A380-800, Economy] – Here


I left off the last report as I cleared the transit security at ICN and took the escalator back into the terminal.

photo 1

My first stop will be the Asiana Lounge.

photo 2

photo 3

Checking in, I ask if a shower is available. The agent hands me a key in exchange for my boarding pass. She notices I’m missing a gate on my boarding pass and she writes it down saying: “did you know your flight is delayed until 10:30?” Not the news I wanted, but I had a long layover in HKG so it didn’t affect my downstream plans. As an aside, there was a passenger trying to get in with Priority Pass and was having a heated argument about why they wouldn’t let him in. The OZ agent's response was that it is too keep the lounge less crowded for its own passengers. Trust me, the OZ Lounge gets hammered before/after TPAC arrivals so I appreciate them trying to keep the crowds to a reasonable amount.

photo 4

Off to the shower room I go. Looks the same as my last trip through ICN, but this time the shower products have changed.

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

photo 9

photo 10

After my shower, I went back into the lounge. At 7am, the lounge was still light since the mad rush hadn’t started yet.

photo 11

Maybe something in the previous photo caught your attention^^ I just roll my eyes and keep walking…

photo 12

I stopped by one of the computers in the business center to do OLCI for my CI flight and collect a boarding pass.

photo 13

The chef station was making scrambled eggs, so I grabbed some along with fried rice.

photo 14

photo 15

Then some ramen and a pint of Cass as I watch the traffic outside.

photo 17

photo 18

At 9:15, I got up and headed towards my gate to see what aircraft was going to be there. Flightradar wasn’t showing a plane listed yet so I was still hopefully of a B744.


photo 20

OZ A380.

photo 21

OZ and KE A333s.

photo 22

OZ A321 operating the 10:00 flight to HKG. They’ll clearly be beating us there.

photo 23

KE B739 and B738.

photo 24

photo 25

OZ A333.

photo 26

My boarding documents.

photo 27


Asiana Airlines, OZ 721
Equipment: Airbus A330-300 [HL7746, delivered July 2006]
Departure: 9:00 (ATD: 10:52)
Arrival: 11:50 (ATA: 13:16)
Flight time: 3:23

Reaching my gate, I noticed that there was an A333 sitting outside. Very disappointing. And to throw salt in the wound, there was a B744 in the background sitting at a remote stand.

photo 28

Realizing the aircraft swap meant my carefully selected seat 22K now equated to a seat on top of the wing, I went up to the counter to ask if I could get a window seat in front or behind the wing. The agent looks and tells me that no other window seats are free.

photo 29

The sign announcing the delay from 9:00 to 10:30 due to “aircraft connections.”

photo 31

At 10:00 boarding commenced.

photo 30
Down to the plane we go.

photo 32

There were newspapers at the entrance of the plane with English, Korean, and Chinese selections.

photo 33

Entering the cabin, the FA standing there looks at me and asks: “aren’t you cold???” I was wearing a t-shirt having come from 20C weather in Los Angeles and heading to 28C weather in Taiwan so didn’t think about the fact that it was -2C that morning in Seoul. She checked my boarding pass and then directed me through the galley and to the right. Entering the cabin, there were 4 FAs standing there ready to greet passengers and they looked startled when I turned the corner. There were no special assistance passengers on this flight so I was the first person to enter Y. Here is the rear half of the Y cabin. It will be the oldest Y-cabin on this plane.

photo 34

The FAs quickly turn back around and get back into position to greet the rest of the passengers.

photo 35

View down my row.

photo 36

The prehistoric IFE.

photo 37

photo 38

The sidewall of this cabin was really protruding into window seats and I kept hitting my head on it.

photo 39

Pillow and blanket were pre-placed on the seat.

photo 40

Headphones were pre-placed in the seatback pocket.

photo 45

The seat pitch is good, but not as good as the B772s or A380s.

photo 42

The window seats have an entertainment box under them.

photo 41

IFE controls are in the armrest.

photo 43

The Korean newspapers are of course talking about the Park scandal.

photo 44

The seatback contents.

photo 46

The safety card on this A333.

photo 47

The flight was nearly full in Y. The safety video played as we initiated pushback.

photo 48

OZ A333.

photo 49

The B744 to FRA quickly takes our gate.

photo 50

We get a wave from the ground crew as we roll out on our short taxi.

photo 51

OZ A380.

photo 52

Aligning onto the runway.

photo 53

Tons of diversity at the “non-Korean” terminal.

photo 54

photo 55

Lifting up over the new terminal.

photo 56

photo 57

A KE B777 lifts up in parallel in the horizon.

photo 58

photo 59

It’s impossible to see anything on this IFE, but it projects a 3h 20m flight down to HKG.

photo 61

I dozed off on the ascent, but woke to find that the FA had left a HK immigration card clipped to my tray table.

photo 62

Meal service commenced in usual fashion with 4 carts deployed in each cabin working front to back. The options were bibimbap or fish/rice. I went for the bibimbap since it is higher quality/quantity than the western meals.

photo 63

photo 64

photo 65

The tray is the same on all regional flights and differs from the long-haul flights. The regional tray comes with kimchi in place of the omelet. The fruit cup and the dried Pollock soup are the same as the long-haul version of the tray.

photo 66

photo 67

photo 68

Meal service ended as we got near Taiwan.

photo 69

The lavatory was okay, but no amenities are out (just skin toner and coffee grounds).

photo 70

photo 71

photo 72

The view of the cabin from the back of the plane.

photo 73

Water was handed out from trays throughout the flight.

photo 74

Approaching HK.

photo 75

Orange juice and water were handed out for the final descent.

photo 76

First sight of land.

photo 77

Glimpses of HK through the clouds.

photo 78

photo 79

Cutting through the clouds on the approach.

photo 80

Dropping into HKG.

photo 81

photo 82

UN B763.

photo 83

So I guess the Borussia Dortmund livery is now on OM instead of TK.

photo 84

KL B744.

photo 85

The OZ A321 that was operating the 10:00 flight from ICN.

photo 86

SQ A380.

photo 87

We pull into a gate next to a CZ A321.

photo 88


photo 89

A last glimpse of my plane before I head towards the CI transfer desk.

photo 90

I'll leave off this series here as I begin my layover in HKG at the ST Lounge.


Asiana Airlines 

Cabin 7.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 4.0
meal/catering 8.5
TOTAL 7.4/10

Asiana Airlines Business Lounge 

Comfort 7.0
meal/catering 7.0
Services 8.0
Entertainment 7.0
TOTAL 7.3/10

Seoul - ICN 

Efficiency 9.5
Access 8.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.9/10

Hong Kong - HKG 

Efficiency 9.5
Access 8.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.9/10


OZ regional flights are pretty mundane, there isn't too much to get excited about. The catering and crews are still good, but the hard product on most of their older heavies leave a lot to be desired. That said, it's more than acceptable, just don't expect anything new and shiny.

Cabin comfort: To tease me with a B744, then give me this... come on OZ^^ I'm not a big A330 fan from the start and this was probably the worst OZ heavy I've tried so far (I liked the old cabin B772s better than this old cabin A333).

Crew: The OZ crew was again very good with very friendly and attentive FAs. English ability of crew and flight deck were both very good. There was a large tour group of rowdy older Korean men who were pressing call buttons like mad requesting more beers and the FAs seemed to handle it very well.

Meal and catering: The meal quantity/quality was exactly what you'd expect from a bibimbap tray on a Korean carrier. Drinks were offered regularly post-meal. The lack of an aperitif service is the only negative (but OZ never does this, so it is what it is).

Entertainment: Newspaper available on the jetbridge, magazine rack on the bulkheads, and the standard seatback literature. OZ’s IFE in the old cabins is essentially unusable. The contrast is poor and the size is poor. On top of that, the content is reduced from what is available on the long-haul flights.