AIRCRAFT Airbus A330-300
TAKEOFF 16-08-03 noon
LANDING AT 12:55 p.m.
The 22nd December 2016

Photo review of Garuda Indonesia flight from Denpasar to Jakarta in Economy

It was my trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Bali in July and August. For the return leg, I flew from Denpasar (DPS) to Jakarta (CGK) before flying back to Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnam Airlines. For this domestic leg, I chose GA since it's a Skyteam member and I could accumulate miles into my Vietnam Airlines Lotusmiles membership as well as got the benefits from my Elite Plus tier.

I had a nice trip to Bali in 5 days. I visited several places such as Trunyan skull village, temples and beaches. Really love this country.

photo bali2016-05
photo bali2016-07
photo bali2016-11
photo bali2016-14
photo bali2016-19

My flight was at 12:00 so at 8:30 I check-out at Mercure Kuta Hotel and took a taxi to the airport. DPS domestic terminal is actually its old terminal. Since the new terminal opened, this old terminal became the domestic one.

As I have Vietnam Airlines Platinum membership (Skyteam Elite Plus), I finished my check-in very quickly. GA has a separate area for CIP check-in, including business class, Elite and Elite Plus passenger. I quickly proceeded to the airside to take some photos and go shopping. There was nothing much to tell at DPS domestic terminal except for the great view to the runway and tarmac. Although I have Elite Plus tier but it's a Vietnam Airlines one, not GA so I was not invited to CIP lounge.

DPS domestic terminal
photo gadpscgk01

Business class, Elite and Elite Plus check-in area
photo gadpscgk02
photo gadpscgk03
photo gadpscgk04
photo gadpscgk05
photo gadpscgk06

The flight was on time. I boarded GA's Airbus A330-300 through aerobridge. It was so exciting because this was the first time I flew with GA's Airbus A330-300. The plane has 42 J seats in 2 cabin. The smaller one has 12 J seats. The rest is 215 Y seats in 2 cabin also. Anyway, I was impressed with the business class cabin because of the seats color.

The boarding gate:
photo gadpscgk07
photo gadpscgk08

The business class cabin:
photo gadpscgk09
photo gadpscgk10
photo gadpscgk11

Wifi available on board. Oh yeah!
photo gadpscgk12

The Y seats are quite comfortable with large seat pitch. Before take-off, the cabin crew invited passengers with candies. This is great! Passengers like me feel that I was taken care very well and the service is good for a short domestic flight like this!

Comfortable seat pitch:
photo gadpscgk13
photo gadpscgk14
photo gadpscgk15
photo gadpscgk16
photo gadpscgk17

And wow, headset was distributed to enjoy the entertainment system for just a short domestic flight. That's great!
photo gadpscgk18

Welcome candy:
photo gadpscgk19
photo gadpscgk20

Shortly after take-off, meal service began. Hot meal for short domestic flight is not strange to me. I usually take flights from Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi and was served full meal during these flights. But GA's meal is more well-presented and they use stainless steel dining set (not plastic). I chose fish with potatoes while my mom chose chicken with rice. There was a small cup of jelly as dessert. Tea and coffee was served after that.

photo gadpscgk21
photo gadpscgk22
photo gadpscgk24
photo gadpscgk25
photo gadpscgk26
photo gadpscgk27
photo gadpscgk28
photo gadpscgk29

After the meal, I experience the free wifi onboard. GA offers 15 minutes of wifi free. I think it's enough.
photo gadpscgk23

After around almost 2 hours, the plane landed in CGK. I stay at ibis Styles hotel near the airport before going back to Ho Chi Minh City the day after that. The hotel offers free airport transfer.

photo gadpscgk30
photo gadpscgk31
photo gadpscgk32
photo gadpscgk33

Video about the flight:


Garuda Indonesia 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 10.0
TOTAL 10.0/10

Denpasar - DPS 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 7.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 8.0
TOTAL 7.5/10

Jakarta - CGK 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 6.0
Services 6.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 6.5/10


Flight from Denpasar to Jakarta with the 5 star-airline Garuda Indonesia. The flight featured onboard wifi, hot meal for a short domestic flight.