AIRCRAFT Bombardier CS100
TAKEOFF 16-11-18 5:30 p.m.
LANDING AT 6:25 p.m.
The 9th January 2017

Photo review of SWISS flight from Frankfurt-am-Main to Zurich in Business

Date : 18 November 2016
Airline : Swiss
Flight : LX 1075
Class : Business Class
Itinerary : Frankfurt (FRA) - Zurich (ZRH)
Aircraft : Bombardier C Series

this trip report was my 1st flight on the Swiss C Series - CS 100 - I was very exited and took couple of pictures.

Check in was done in GDN and I was transiting in FRA to get to ZRH.

Arrival at FRA :
photo img_3839

Lounge :
My flight from GDN was delayed, I did not have time to visit the Senator Lounge.

Just arrive at the Gate :
view from the gate I really find this aircraft beautiful :
photo img_3841

photo img_3844

photo img_3848

Boarding :
was quite quick : boarding in the priority line :
photo img_3850

C SERIES : under my feet :
photo img_3851

getting to my Seat 4A :
photo img_3853

photo img_3854

View from the CABIN : 2- 3 :
photo img_3855

View from my seat :
photo img_3856
photo img_3857

Back seat design :
photo img_3876 2

Window view : Big windows :
photo img_3876 5

Visit to the front toilets :
photo img_3876 6

Security card :
photo img_3876 4

Big engines :
photo img_3876 3

Ready to Take off : despite 1 h delay cause by air traffic in FRANKFURT

Snack was served :
the cake was good : and the champagne was good : Duval Leroy champagne : standard for Swiss Business class
photo img_3876 8

Tea service and more champagne :
photo img_3876 9

Already time for landing : only 55 minutes flight.

Landing in ZRH
photo img_3876 10

Luggage waiting in ZRH :
photo img_3876 1

Back in TOWN with SBB first class :
photo img_3877

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Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 8.5
meal/catering 9.0
TOTAL 8.8/10

Frankfurt-am-Main - FRA 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 8.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 8.3/10

Zurich - ZRH 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 9.5
Services 8.5
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 8.9/10


Despite the 1 h delay on a 55 minutes flight time, the flight was nice.

The C Series is super quiet and powerful, very impressed by the cabin, with enough space for the legs and TV for every row.

The Swiss service was quick and efficient, without too much spark.

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