AIRCRAFT Airbus A330-300
TAKEOFF 16-12-09 2:20 p.m.
LANDING AT 8:45 p.m.
The 4th January 2017

Photo review of EVA Air flight from Jakarta to Taipei in Economy


December is the most wonderful month due to christmas holiday, that's why I decided to have a US trip in the month of December.

Many Indonesians using EVA Air to connect Indonesia to North America due to perfect timing of transit and the spacious legroom (in cattle class) compare to other airlines. At first, I'm quite reluctant to use EVA, but since EVA has just awarded 5-star airline by Skytrax, I was thinking why not trying this "flying into the future" airline.

Here's my report for CGK-TPE:

As usual, CGK airport is quite packed, even though the holiday season had not started. I always did the check-in before going to airport for better seat and avoiding long lines at the airport. Luckily there were no line in EVA air check in counter so I can be served right away. Even though I got my seat through mobile check-in, I asked the agent whether he could put an empty seat next to me as I needed to work using my laptop during the 4:50 hours flight to TPE. He managed to block the seat for me. Well done EVA.

My cabin bag was tagged "hand-luggage" and my luggage was tagged through to JFK.

Boarding was divided by zone and it was well organised. All pax onboard, doors were closed & safety video was played. After that crew started checking the pax' seat belt while also checking the overhead compartment whether it was closed properly or not. So while their head was looking at the seat, both of their hands are up to the overhead compartment. Quite unusual, too bad I didn't take any picture. I was just thinking maybe it's their airline policy that the cabin baggage (so-called-cargo) located inside the compartment must be properly and safely stowed remembering their parent company is in cargo-shipping company.

photo img_0568
photo img_0565
safety video

Once the seat belt sign was turned off, the crew put on the famous pink/light blue apron and started distributing the menu for the meal and immigration card for Taiwan afterwards.

inflight menu - for CGK-TPE & TPE-CGK - food & drinks
photo img_0576

generous seat pitch + nice blanket. Blanket was available upon request.
photo img_0566

Seat pocket
photo img_0578

30 minutes airborne, the crew started the drink service + snack (mixed peanut+rice crackers).
photo img_0579

1 hour airborne, the meal service was started. (CGK catering)
photo img_0574

the food taste decent but the not-in-the-photo-warm-with-crunchy-edge bread tastes so good.

I am quite surprised after the crew had finished the meal service, while the pax were still eating or had just finished, they were walking around offering hot tea, coffee, red wine or white wine. Ah maybe this is one of the 5-star service check-list.

photo img_0572
cabin condition

photo img_0571

Nice touch of using the (fake) plants, at least EVA has tried their best to make the small cramped toilet more beautiful. No amenity provided (tooth brush, etc) in the lavatory.

photo img_0580
is this morning glory or pansy flower? any idea why EVA use this flower? as I understand that ROC's national flower is plum.

The flight was landed onetime. I had a 11-hr layover, my flight to JFK will depart the next morning. STPC and transfer has been arranged beforehand, only needed to report to transfer desk. EVA's Jakarta office had highlighted me to apply for e-visa as the STPC was located outside of the airport which required to clear immigration. Airport to Hotel transport was arranged by a mini van, there were 3 others pax which were bound to JFK and YVR that were booked STPC in the same hotel with me and the next morning they booked a taxi for 2 of us which was heading to JFK.

Thank you for reading.


EVA Air 

Cabin 7.0
Cabin crew 6.5
Entertainment 7.0
meal/catering 7.0
TOTAL 6.9/10

Jakarta - CGK 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 7.5
Services 8.5
Cleanliness 6.5
TOTAL 7.6/10

Taipei - TPE 

Efficiency 7.5
Access 7.5
Services 7.5
Cleanliness 7.5
TOTAL 7.5/10


EVA used old airplane for CGK-TPE route, can be seen from the type of AVOD used, as I don't really use AVOD for this flight I have no problem.
Generous seat pitch (33") is a plus for mid to long haul flight. Cabin crew's service is good, but the way they interact with pax are still lack of sincerity and not as polished as other 5 star airlines.
All in all, EVA's hard products are incredible but the soft product related to crew need to be improved.