AIRCRAFT Boeing 737-600
TAKEOFF 16-11-19 9:10 a.m.
LANDING AT 11 a.m.
The 7th January 2017

Photo review of SAS flight from Stockholm to Prague in Economy

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Welcome to another segment of my round-the-world trip. i promise that this segment will be more interesting. For once, I took a window seat and that gave me the opportunity to take more pics (spotting, aerials, etc.). So hopefully there is something here for every avgeek. ;) I usually don't take window seats and prefer an aisle one because I value the flexibility to get out and walk through the cabin without being a "pain in the butt". However, I've been known to make exceptions, especially on short flights and on segments that I feel that might be of interest. Of course, if I am flying in a premium cabin that provides all aisle access, i usually go for the window under those circumstances too.

So i arrived hungry into ARN and after my "feast" at McDonalds, I took the shuttle to the Connect hotel for my quick layover. For SEK 599 (EUR 62.50 or USD 65.83) this was quite a nice rate including breakfast. I have stayed here in the past and have found it very satisfactory. The room might be small, but you get a private WC and it is very clean.

Connect Hotel.

photo dsc05469

photo dsc05470

photo dsc05473


photo dsc05459

photo dsc05460

photo dsc05461

They should include English magazines, but I guess most of the clientele are made up by Swedes.

photo dsc05462


photo dsc05467

photo dsc05466

It's 06:00 and the shuttle drops me back at the airport. I check-in at the SK J counter and a friendly agent issues me my boarding pass. It has my TK Gold Elite number and when I scan it on the Fast Track reader it beeps, so an agent takes it and asks me to go around. Apparently it doesn't recognize my *A Gold status and I must get on the regular line. I guess ARN does not participate in the *A Gold Track program. The lines don't look too bad so it is not a big deal.

SK checking counter with ad to MIA.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 1 - copy

Once inside the secured area I pass by the huge Duty Free shop area and make a couple of souvenir purchases at the last minute.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 2 - copy

Direction - SK lounge. I pass through more shops on my way there.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 3 - copy

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 4 - copy

SK Business lounge.

I was looking forward to this visit because I've read that this lounge has been renovated since the last time that I was here. This time however I was able to proceed to the left side and enter the *A Gold area. First impressions were positive. The lounge felt spacious with lots of private areas and decorated with a stylish and minimalist approach that is so Scandinavian. "J'adore" as the Dior commercial says.

Elevators to the SK lounge.

photo sk lounge  arn 1


photo sk lounge  arn 2


photo sk lounge  arn 3

photo sk lounge  arn 4

photo sk lounge arn nov 2016 5 - copy

photo sk lounge  arn 7

photo sk lounge  arn 8

photo sk lounge  arn 9

photo sk lounge  arn 10

photo sk lounge  arn 12


photo sk lounge  arn 6

photo sk lounge  arn 13

photo sk lounge  arn 14

photo sk lounge  arn 17

photo sk lounge  arn 20

photo sk lounge  arn 21

photo sk lounge  arn 29

photo sk lounge  arn 30

photo sk lounge  arn 31

photo sk lounge  arn 32

Wine descriptions for the wine lovers.

photo sk lounge arn nov 2016 33

photo sk lounge arn nov 2016 34

photo sk lounge arn nov 2016 35

photo sk lounge arn nov 2016 36

photo sk lounge arn nov 2016 37

Buffet area.

photo sk lounge  arn 38

photo sk lounge  arn 39

photo sk lounge  arn 51

photo sk lounge  arn 24

photo sk lounge  arn 25

photo sk lounge  arn 27

photo sk lounge  arn 28

photo sk lounge  arn 22

photo sk lounge  arn 23

photo sk lounge  arn 52

photo sk lounge  arn 53

photo sk lounge  arn 18

Dining area.

photo sk lounge  arn 48

My samplings.

photo sk lounge  arn 42

photo sk lounge  arn 46

Just close your eyes and think of foie gras with chutney. :P

photo sk lounge  arn 44

A cup of coffee with lots of milk.

photo sk lounge  arn 47

Shot of a TG plane taken from the SK lounge.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 5 - copy

Time to head to the gate for my flight to PRG.

Plane at the gate.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 6

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 7


photo sk 1767 arn-prg 11

Boarding started in an orderly way with passengers in wheelchairs boarding first. Then SK+ and elite members were called. There was a barrier inside the jetbridge right before the door and everyone had to wait for about 5 min. until the wheelchair personnel exited the plane.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 13

A FA greeted passengers as they boarded the plane.

My seat & cabin shots.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 14

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 36

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 18

My row was right behind SK+.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 16

Coat hook and seat pitch.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 43

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 15

Taxiing out with some spotting.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 17

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 19

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 20

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 22

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 23

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 25

Take off. These few shots are dedicated to RI 777.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 27

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 29

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 31

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 32

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 33

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 34

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 35

Thankfully nobody sat in the middle and I was even more comfortable that some passengers in SK+ who occupied a full row.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 26

Since there was no partition between SK+ and the rest of the cabin, I saw that the service in the front consisted of a hot towel and then a boxed meal. For the rest of the cabin, there was B.O.B. and free tea or coffee. I was intrigued by the sandwich of the day and it was a Brie with tomato pesto that cost EUR 7.

Our efficient and professional FA.

photo dsc05587 - copy


photo sk 1767 arn-prg 38

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 41

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 42

Landing in PRG.

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 44

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 45

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 47

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 50

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 52

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 53

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 54

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 56

photo sk 1767 arn-prg 57



Cabin 9.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 7.0
TOTAL 7.8/10

SAS Business Lounge 

Comfort 10.0
meal/catering 8.5
Services 8.0
Entertainment 7.5
TOTAL 8.5/10

Stockholm - ARN 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.0/10

Prague - PRG 

Efficiency 8.0
Access 9.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.5/10


I really enjoyed my visit at the improved SK Business lounge in ARN. The *A Gold side was spacious and consisted of different sections that allowed some level of privacy. The lounge never felt really crowded and catering was adequate for breakfast. It would have been perfect if they offered hot dishes. There is also some nice airplane spotting.

This was a standard SK intra-European flight with B.O.B. in the back. The sandwich was tasty and portion was fine. Crew was professional and did the job efficiently. I was lucky to score an empty middle seat in my row and actually traveled more comfortably that some passengers in SK+.