AIRCRAFT Boeing 777-300ER
TAKEOFF 16-11-02 1:25 p.m.
LANDING AT 11:20 p.m.
The 7th January 2017

Photo review of Air France flight from Paris to Dubai in Economy

Hi !

Second part of this report , in a "Love is in the air" mood

photo resume


AF1247 : waw-cdg : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21225/Air-France-AF1247-Warsaw-WAW-Paris-CDG
AF0662 : cdg-dxb : here
KL428 : dxb-ams : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21227/KLM-KL428-Dubai-DXB-Amsterdam-AMS
KL1363 : ams-waw : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21228/KLM-KL1363-Amsterdam-AMS-Warsaw-WAW

Back from Aéroville , by free shuttle , them from Roissy Pole ,to terminal 2F with the CDGval

photo dsc02285

photo dsc02286

photo dsc02287

The check-in is in another sector , not the same as Schengen flights with their awful self-check-in and drop-off luggage

photo dsc02288

As i was pretty happy i tried my chance for an upgrade., 300€ to premium economy and 600€ for business , so not for today

photo img_20161102_113902

Need to pass the security , one thing in terminal 2 , the security checkpoints seems to be common for all flights from terminal 2 , including schengen flights

At noon it was empty so no stress today

photo dsc02289

photo dsc02290

photo dsc02291

Next steep , immigration , i had a nice chat with one of the policeman , because he saw the cover of my passport and we started to talk about Ukraine (his wife is ukrainian)

photo dsc02292

photo dsc02293

photo dsc02294
photo dsc02296

Endless walking through this terminal , i thought i was about to reach BVA in the end

photo dsc02297

photo dsc02298

photo dsc02299
photo dsc02300
photo dsc02301
photo dsc02302
photo dsc02303
photo dsc02304
photo dsc02306

And finally gate L26, i enjoyed the PS4 a bit then i needed to charge my smartphone

photo dsc02309

photo dsc02307

After playing Naruto on PlayStation , a guy seated in front of me was watching this ! Such a coincidence

photo dsc02308

Our bird for today

photo dsc02310

photo dsc02311

Time for boarding , today is such a mess !

photo dsc02312

photo dsc02313

photo dsc02315
photo dsc02317
photo dsc02318

New cabins B&B in longhaul version , first business , then premium economy , and economy

photo dsc02320

photo dsc02321

photo dsc02322

Waiting further , seems like we will be late

Today's docs !

photo dsc02326

The AF mag of November , talks about the country of Thomas Sankara

photo dsc02331

And i was right , as the captain announced 15 minutes delay

Few minutes later , ''this is your captain speaking , we have an issue with ******** our technician is on the way to fix it and we should leave soon''

If possible , iam willing to sacrifice myself and be rerouted to AUH

Oh , you know now where i keep my money

photo dsc02333

One hour later , aircraft starts to move , but stops again , same issue , so we need to come back to gate

I don't know the rest of the story , cause i started to sleep , was woken by the plane's engine just before take-off around 16.20

taxing and takeoff , then we turned to fly southeast

photo dsc02340

photo dsc02343
photo dsc02345
photo dsc02346
photo dsc02355
photo dsc02357

photo dsc02347

Last contact with Roissy Charles de Gaulle

photo cdg

I was worried about my seat , if it would be comfortable or not , especially the pitch , so i get a seat in emergency exit for free at online checkin , i even bring my pyjama under my jean cause i know it can get very cold . But as our plane is almost empty today , i decided to seat somewhere else

photo dsc02332

photo dsc02334

photo dsc02335

A huge difference compared to the configuration of the 777-300's flying to the west-indies , there are so many business class seats , and don't even think about LaPremiere . So if AF wants they can make the same plane very comfortable and nice , instead of these shoe boxes used to fly between orly and Caribbean islands

The eco seats are in the middle and rear of the aircraft so you can't escape from the noise of engines

photo dsc02371

photo dsc02373

After 39072233 plans , with layovers in prg, fco , jed/ruh, doh or svo , i choose KLM to AUH because it's my final destination , and they also placed a dreamliner on this route

The only issue is the price from Warsaw , so i checked from Berlin TXL and found really cheap tickets

I also have some miles on my account so i decided to use them in order to enjoy the promo awards

At the time i booked my flights ,only DXB was available … but one month after AUH came back in the promos (sick)

One hour later the service started , i pre ordered a meal , Menu Tradition , and it was delicious . Usually i dont like BoB or options like this cause airlines just buy items available in supermarket and sell it 3 times the normal prices but these menus from AirFrance are awesome i recommend you to try if possible

photo dsc02363

photo dsc02364

photo dsc02365

photo dsc02366

photo dsc02367

Unfortunately , there was not enough duck and i could order only one.

photo dsc02361

photo dsc02362

Get dark while flying over Hungary

This flightpath is just amazing , i love it ! Since my first flights back in 2008 i always wanted to know where we are exactly and now my wish has been granted

My next report is located in this map . Can you guess where will i fly next ???

photo dsc02384

photo dsc02385

Finished to play with IFE and i switched to flat mode for the last 3 hours

We started our descent after we passed Iran , seems that traffic is fery low at that time of the night

photo dsc02387

photo dsc02388

Landing delayed by 2 hours , 10 minutes of taxing and we arrived at gate C59

KL , LX , TK , PK , and so on…. Yes, we are in Dubai

photo dsc02389

Exit through the business class , judging by the mess it was half empty today , so why AF didn't offered an upgrade for 300euros instead of 600 ???

photo dsc02392

La Premiere , tonight was full

photo dsc02393

Time to leave the aircraft and start our pilgrim , wait for the people mover , then walk again to reach immigration

photo dsc02394

photo dsc02397

photo dsc02400
photo dsc02401
photo dsc02402
photo dsc02404
photo dsc02405

photo dsc02411
photo dsc02412

Almost nobody tonight , people are comin by waves

photo dsc02415

photo dsc02417

Welcome to mogoyland !

photo dsc02418

It was long journey , i had to wait 2 hours to get a stupid stamp but finally i'am in the United Arab Emirates

Next things to do : Etisalat + Uber , so no pixs anymore

photo dsc02419

The end …. or not !!


Air France 

Cabin 9.0
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 9.0
meal/catering 9.0
TOTAL 9.0/10

Paris - CDG 

Efficiency 7.5
Access 7.5
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 5.0
TOTAL 7.0/10

Dubai - DXB 

Efficiency 2.5
Access 4.5
Services 8.5
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 6.0/10


AF = the best flight i had with AF
CDG = only issue is the distance
DXB = huge , but empty at this time of the night