AIRCRAFT Boeing 737-800
TAKEOFF 16-11-10 10:05 a.m.
The 9th January 2017

Photo review of KLM flight from Amsterdam to Warsaw in Economy


Last segment of this report "fiftytwo go home"

photo resume


AF1247 : waw-cdg : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21225/Air-France-AF1247-Warsaw-WAW-Paris-CDG
AF0662 : cdg-dxb : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21226/Air-France-AF662-Paris-CDG-Dubai-DXB
KL428 : dxb-ams : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21227/KLM-KL428-Dubai-DXB-Amsterdam-AMS
KL1363 : ams-waw : here

After security , i'am in Schiphol until 10 o'clock , so plenty of time to try the Aspire lounge 41

photo dsc02786

photo dsc02787

photo dsc02788

Nice welcome , and the lady warned me that no calls are done in this lounge so better to check the FIDS

When i arrived it was empty and calm , still night in Amsterdam

photo dsc02789

One part of this lounge was dedicated to SQ , they hired a chinese-speaking agent specially for this lounge

photo dsc02795

Lounge started to get crowded

photo dsc02801

Spotting and wilkmommen in DL/KL land !

photo dsc02797

photo dsc02798

After a red-eye flight , i needed a breakfast

photo dsc02804

And that's what i choose

photo dsc02794

Ok this one looks more usual.

photo dsc02805

This lounge is very good , especially the food , if you need a breakfast , unlike the Aspire26 , which is absolutely useless

Almost nothing to read if you don't speak Hebrew Turkish or Dutch

photo dsc02791

photo dsc02792

photo dsc02802
photo dsc02803

CNN on air , the headline of the day is about Trump

photo dsc02790

8.30am , and the lounge is almost full

photo dsc02809

Before leaving the lounge i went to toilets , unfortunately that's not the Emirates palace of Abu Dhabi

photo dsc02807

photo dsc02808

The day before , i received an email from AF/KL, they asked me to be a

''Quality Observer'' , i will report this flight to Warsaw , but i need to download the application again and find the password again

Left the lounge , when i reached immigration i realized that i was still in non-schengen area , after this i went to gate D19

photo dsc02813

Oh , i get new ideas (or reminders) about destinations i should visit

photo dsc02815

photo dsc02819

Boarding started 10 minutes late

photo dsc02821

We can go first

photo dsc02824

photo dsc02829

and something i love , when the cabin is empty

photo dsc02830

Boarding was quick , 6 pax with similar names are late , maybe their first flight is delayed, so unload -> new slot -> etc …..

photo dsc02831

photo dsc02832

Taxing and spotting

photo dsc02833

photo dsc02837

This plane was assigned to the next AMS-WAW

photo dsc02839

Belgrad is calling

photo dsc02842

Then we left Schiphol

photo dsc02835

photo dsc02844
photo dsc02845
photo dsc02846

Nothing to say about the flight cause i was sleeping , i woke up just before landing in Chopin

photo dsc02853

photo dsc02856

Bye bye damn sun ! I've seen enough sun in the UAE

Flying over south-east of Warsaw

Kabaty's forest

photo dsc02857

"PuĊ‚awska street" ( 14 kms long)

photo dsc02858

And we are at home

photo dsc02861
photo dsc02862

Not so much activity now , only flights to Dubai and Helsinki

photo dsc02863

photo dsc02864

Left the plane and went to luggage's delivery

photo dsc02866

photo dsc02868

photo dsc02869
photo dsc02870

Today , Number 1

photo dsc02874

I hope my luggage will be there cause i lost my BP in Dubai with the sticker

photo dsc02877

Everything is alright , i have what i wanted , so i can go home

photo dsc02878

photo dsc02880

Today , out of luck , i had to wait 4 minutes for the bus :-)

photo dsc02881

That's all folks

Next stop : Lviv



Cabin 6.5
Cabin crew 6.5
Entertainment 6.5
meal/catering 6.5
TOTAL 6.5/10

Swissport Lounge 41 

Comfort 7.5
meal/catering 7.5
Services 7.5
Entertainment 7.5
TOTAL 7.5/10

Amsterdam - AMS 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 7.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 7.0/10

Warsaw - WAW 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 9.0/10


KLM = nothing to say
AMS = lot of shops , but few restaurants
WAW = home is home
Lounge = i will return to this lounge in 2017 for sure