Review of Allegiant Air flight St Petersburg-Clearwater Chattanooga in Economy

Airline Allegiant Air
Flight G4805
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 22:20
Take-off 25 Nov 16, 19:40
Arrival at 26 Nov 16, 18:00
G4 7 review
Published on 9th January 2017
Hello Everyone,
Sorry about not posting lately, I have been busy with School. I totally forgot to post on my return from my trip over the Thanksgiving Break.
This flight was unusual because of of the fact the flight left at 8 P.M instead of 8 in the morning, So when I arrived at KPIE it was actually pretty quietphoto 20161125_210547530_ios
So after a rather intrusive experience with TSA I was air-side with nothing to see except this A320 N221NV that was headed to Knoxville, St. Pete seems to have a lot of flights to Knoxvillephoto 20161125_214848729_iosphoto 20161125_220642037_ios
After watching the Knoxville bound A320 , I noticed that my flight 804 was delayed, fortunately it had just left Belleville later than expected
After waiting for a short 45 minutes the plane finally arrived, turns out I will be on N215NV, which I've never flown on but has made appearances of previous reports photo 20161125_235109090_ios
about 10 minutes after all the previous passengers exited the aircraft they started calling zone by zone is rapid succession. I wanted to take more pictures but I feared making my fellow passengers hate me for holding them 20161126_001023870_iosphoto 20161126_001057238_ios
Once on board I found my seat 20A, a window seat of coarse, which Allegiant charges extra for. I assume it's only for people who really want a windowphoto 20161126_001209680_ios
This was my view of the cabin during boardingphoto 20161126_001749353_ios
I got a beautiful view of the wing, unfortunately the darkness out side made it hard to see outside without the fact they either have really bright cabin lights when dimmed or they where in such a rush they forgot to turn them 20161126_001307313_ios
When taxied out a lined up with the runway a lifted off, I was unable to get a good photo due to cabin lights
The flight overall was rather turbulent, who doesn't like a little turbulence now and then, it can be fun sometimes ;)
My view of cabin during Cruise photo newimage3
After a surprisingly smooth landing for the amount of turbulence, we disembarked and I turned to get one last picture of N215NV
(Note: I was really surprised they used a jetway, I wasn't expecting that at all)

Overall: Other than everyone seeming in a rush the service was still really good and the cabin crew where efficient

Thanks for reading my flight report

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Allegiant Air

Cabin crew9.0

St Petersburg-Clearwater - PIE


Chattanooga - CHA





  • Comment 381259 by
    SKYTEAMCHC 4148 Comments

    Thanks for posting this report. Allegiant is not well known in Europe and seems to be just ok ( except for the crew) But if the price is good why not ?

    • Comment 381274 by
      LvanCleef886 AUTHOR 3 Comments

      They don't do flights in Europe Strictly the US. They'd probably get a good market in Europe though. I hear people fly low cost carriers over there a lot. Such as those Giants Ryanair and Easyjet. Allegiant is probably most comparable to Easyjet


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