AIRCRAFT Boeing 737-800
TAKEOFF 16-11-21 7 a.m.
LANDING AT 8:10 a.m.
The 10th January 2017

Photo review of Ukraine International flight from Lviv to Kiev in Economy


Here is the report of mny weekend in Galicia with Ukraine International Airlines


photo aaa outbound

PS802 : waw-kbp : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21348/Ukraine-International-PS802-Warsaw-WAW-Kiev-KBP
PS033 : kbp-lwo : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21349/Ukraine-International-PS33-Kiev-KBP-Lviv-LWO
PS034 : lwo-kbp : here
PS801 : kbp-waw : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21351/LOT-Polish-LO752-Kiev-KBP-Warsaw-WAW

Left from hoetl by taxi around 5am

Danylo Halytskyi Airport , empty , checkin super quick , i checked my luggage to Kiev only

photo dsc03162

photo dsc03163

photo dsc03165

Then security only , as iám on a domestic flight

photo dsc03167

photo dsc03168

photo dsc03169

photo dsc03170

Next step is the lounge , or what i thought should be a lounge

photo dsc03174

photo dsc03175

Also not very crowded

photo dsc03176

photo dsc03177

Just to show you what was available this day

photo dsc03178

photo dsc03179

And my breakfast

photo dsc03181

20 minutes before take-off i left the lounge , i havent seen any changed on the screen , seems we will be late today

Only two gates for domestic traffic , you will understand why

photo dsc03171

The schedule for today , only 4 flights and that's all

photo dsc03183

06.40am , pax still arriving at security , so it was useless to hurry

photo dsc03186

photo dsc03187

Our plane is there , UR-PSA , used also for longhaul flights , to mplaces such as Tbilisi , Dubai , or Almaty , i can't imageine someone sitting there for more than 90 minutes

photo dsc03190

Boarding started at 6.59

photo dsc03192

With so many people to board i guess we will be 20/25 minutes late

photo dsc03193

photo dsc03194

Oh , joysticks , buttons and a screen , i want to play Tekken/Naruto

photo dsc03196

My seat for the next 60 minutes

photo dsc03197

Guys and girls , you are really nice but i need to go , so please hurry up !!

photo dsc03198

photo dsc03199

photo dsc03207

The plane assigned to the 08.50's flight is already there

photo dsc03205

And as always i was right , push back at 06.25

photo dsc03212

photo dsc03211

Taxing and take-off

photo dsc03222

photo dsc03223

photo dsc03224

Sun is rising over Eastern Europe

photo dsc03227

Pitch is ridiculous

photo dsc03201

Safety card

photo dsc03232

30 minutes later we started our descent

photo dsc03235

photo dsc03237

photo dsc03240

photo dsc03244
photo dsc03246

B2 from MSQ , now that flights between Ukraine and Russia are forbidden , airlines from neighbor countries can catch this traffic

photo dsc03248

As explained by this ad from Belavia

photo cu2pdoxwcaqppik

We bring to to coutries which pissed off your president

Paxbus this morning .

photo dsc03252

photo dsc03253

We drove almost all around the airport to reach the delivery area for domestic flights

photo dsc03255

photo dsc03256

The arrival flights for this morning

photo dsc03258

On the other side of the glass , international flights .

photo dsc03257

I don't know for you but this one is turning me on !

Now i have my luggage so i can leave

photo dsc03259

Keep fingers crossed and maybe i will catch my next flight


Ukraine International 

Cabin 1.0
Cabin crew 5.0
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 5.0
TOTAL 4.0/10

Domestic Business Lounge 

Comfort 7.0
meal/catering 1.5
Services 5.0
Entertainment 2.5
TOTAL 4.0/10

Lviv - LWO 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 9.0
Services 5.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 8.0/10

Kiev - KBP 

Efficiency 2.5
Access 2.5
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 5.0/10


LWO = this airport is too big for such low traffic , i guess because of the situation since maidan things went bad
KBP = no dedicated transit zone between domestic/international flights like in IST
PS = i made a rookie mistake , bad luck , you will see in the last chapter