AIRCRAFT Embraer E-190
TAKEOFF 16-11-21 2:50 p.m.
LANDING AT 3:25 p.m.
The 10th January 2017

Photo review of LOT Polish flight from Kiev to Warsaw in Economy


Last segment of my trip to Lviv


photo aaa outbound

PS802 : waw-kbp : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21348/Ukraine-International-PS802-Warsaw-WAW-Kiev-KBP
PS033 : kbp-lwo : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21349/Ukraine-International-PS33-Kiev-KBP-Lviv-LWO
PS034 : lwo-kbp : http://flight-report.com/en/report/21350/Ukraine-International-PS34-Lviv-LWO-Kiev-KBP
PS801 : kbp-waw : here

Now i can go landside and up to the level of international departures

photo dsc03260

You need to know that no transfer path has been created for passengers on transit , so you need to exit and re enter

Security is full of people , and immigration slow as f**k

photo dsc03261

Now i can hear the calls for my flight , sorry i cant do it faster

photo dsc03262

Few minutes later " Mr fiftytwo to Warsaw , we are waiting for you at gate D7" ….. Aaaaaahhhh f*ckin sch***e , why you are not late when needed ????

Ok now its not possible anymore expect if they wait for me

I tried but as i said , i was too late

photo dsc03264

Then went to information desk , after this transit desk , with other paxs from TLV who missed the same flight as i did

photo dsc03268

photo dsc03267

photo dsc03266

10 minutes alter we are re-booked on the next flight to Warsaw with LOT

I had a chat and a walk with one agent , she escorted me through the airport until exit , and iam again landside in the main hall

photo dsc03269

photo dsc03271

Can you see how crowded is it now ?? Just one hour after my first attempt

photo dsc03272

If i had the fast-track , i wouldn't be here now , anyway next time i will buy this option , it cost 19% but can save your life

photo dsc03281

Only 10 stupid minutes i waisted because i checked my luggage for the previous segment

Bon au final les 10 minutes de perdues devant le tapis auront été fatales a mon sans faute et mettront fin a une serie de 4 années consecutives sans rater un vol

Kevin est de retour !! Bon cette fois ci c'est pas ma faute a moi !!

Insted of waiting there i decided to return to the level below , i will seat on the same bench as i did 3 days ago , so i can plug my phone/tablet

photo dsc03273

In those shops//bars , the difference of prices between international/domestic departure is quite huge

photo dsc03274

Someone else took my place already

photo dsc03276

Two hours later , went to counter for checkin , on the way i decided to top-up my phone again

photo dsc03285

Not for me as i dont have any status with Star Alliance , i will wait in economy lane

photo dsc03283

photo dsc03282

Four minutes later , i'am done

photo dsc03284

Now can go to security

photo dsc03286

photo dsc03287

photo dsc03288

As empty as it was two hours ago

Same for immigration they even opened counters when i arrived

photo dsc03289

A mandatory stop in dutyfree , need to check the prices of cigarettes with capsules

photo dsc03291

photo dsc03292

The lounge is located in 4th floor

photo dsc03290

photo dsc03295

photo dsc03331

photo dsc03296

Il y en a 2 , le mastercard et celui de UIA (en fait celui ci nas pas de nom mais il sert aux pax J et élite d'UIA

There are two lounges, the Mastercard's lounge and UIA's lounge

photo dsc03297

photo dsc03298

I went to the first one

The best attribute of this lounge is the panorama , you can enjoy spotting planes during landing/take-off

Here is Aerbaijan Airline on the way back to BAK

photo dsc03299

As we are in 4th floor you can only see the tails of the planes connected to the terminal

That was a good test , in order to verify my skills as an avgeek ( 75℅ correct answers)


photo dsc03300

photo dsc03301

photo dsc03302
photo dsc03303

Lounge is quite big , and empty also

photo dsc03308

photo dsc03309

La bouffe est la même qu'à l'aller donc pas la peine de vous refaire un topo complet

Food is the same in all lounges , so no need to talk about it again

photo dsc03305

photo dsc03306

photo dsc03327


photo dsc03330

Docs for today

photo dsc03329

Newspaper , also some written with latin alphabet

photo dsc03307

30 minutes before boarding , went to toilets

Oh surprise ils ont une douche , En fait y'en a 3 de douches , donc c'est encore mieux

Hey nice , there are showers , even 3 , so that's much better

photo dsc03313

photo dsc03314

photo dsc03316

Ok i have enough pixs i can clean my shoes

photo dsc03318

Back to my seat , LO is already there , and AF too . Only W6 is missing and i would feel like in Chopin

photo dsc03328

Left before boarding and they started already

photo dsc03332

photo dsc03333

photo dsc03334

First through a tower then the gateway

photo dsc03335

photo dsc03339

photo dsc03343

During checkin asked for a windows seat , but my BP shows D , so as i suspected this Embraer 190 plane is configured in 2x2

photo dsc03344

photo dsc03345

Sorry AF , not now but see you in december

photo dsc03347

Take-off on time , wonderful !!!!

photo dsc03348

photo dsc03349

photo dsc03351
photo dsc03353
photo dsc03355

Pitch is quite good for such small plane , very well optimised , seat next to me was free so i enjoyed the extra space and slept

photo dsc03359

Started our descent to Warsaw Chopin

photo dsc03360

photo dsc03362

photo dsc03365

photo dsc03366

Je ne reconnaissais pas le paysage , en fait on a utilisé la deuxième piste

I don't recognize the landscape , so we used the second runway

photo dsc03367

photo dsc03368

Back in Poland

photo dsc03370

QR as usual …..

photo dsc03372

….. What ??? D8 in Warsaw ????

photo dsc03374

Then OS parked close to a toy

photo dsc03376

Reached the non-schengen zone

photo dsc03377

photo dsc03378

Left plane as quick as possible in order to not miss the next bus

photo dsc03379

photo dsc03381
photo dsc03384
photo dsc03386

Awesome weather , around 10 degrees , hard to believe we are in end of November

photo dsc03387

photo dsc03388

Non , ne regardes pas , resiste a la tentation de repartir en voyage alors que tu est a peine rentré a la maison

Noooo , be strong , don't look at this , so just came back you can't travel again , at least wait a few (hours/days/weeks) before the next flight

photo dsc03390

Quick stop at immigration

photo dsc03392

Then i can go further

photo dsc03393

photo dsc03395

photo dsc03401

photo dsc03402

That's all folks !!!

Next stop : Tbilisi


LOT Polish 

Cabin 9.0
Cabin crew 8.0
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 5.0
TOTAL 6.8/10

Ukraine International Panorama Lounge 

Comfort 8.0
meal/catering 7.0
Services 5.0
Entertainment 2.5
TOTAL 5.6/10

Kiev - KBP 

Efficiency 1.0
Access 5.0
Services 3.0
Cleanliness 7.0
TOTAL 4.0/10

Warsaw - WAW 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 9.0/10


KBP = next time i will spend 20 euros for the fast track
WAW = as usual
LO = it wasnt planned to fly with LO this month
Panorama lounge = nice panorama , however catering is the same for all lounges in KBP