AIRCRAFT Boeing 737-400
TAKEOFF 17-02-05 3:05 p.m.
LANDING AT 3:55 p.m.
The 9th February 2017

Photo review of LOT Polish flight from Kraków to Warsaw in Economy


Here is the return flight of my weekend in Krakow


LO3907 : waw-krk : http://flight-report.com/en/report/22065/LOT-Polish-LO3907-Warsaw-WAW-Krak-w-KRK
LO3906 : krk-waw : here

This weekend was rainy but not snowy , and temperature was quite warm

Reached airport by suburban train , from Krakow Central Station , takes less than 20 minutes

photo dsc04286

photo dsc04287

Checkin is already open

photo dsc04288

Which lane should i use ??

Right one , almost empty

photo dsc04289

Or left one , crowded ?

photo dsc04290

As iam not Senator , i ll go left

photo dsc04292

Checkin done , meanwhile i was able to choose my seat from internet

photo dsc04293

photo dsc04294

Fast track is available but sorry not for today

photo dsc04296

That is my entrance

photo dsc04297

Small group before me

photo dsc04298

5 minutes later iam arside , no shopping today so i can get away from this dutyfree

photo dsc04299

Hey honey what is the status of my flight ?

photo dsc04300

Plenty of time before boarding so i can have a walk and discover this airport , i don't know why , from outside it seems bigger , but i feel like in a small house

photo dsc04301

photo dsc04304

A good old friend on the left and a maybe new one on the right , if i move to switzerland

photo dsc04302

Where is my plane ?

photo screenshot_2017-02-05-14-02-48

photo screenshot_2017-02-05-14-02-58

That is the lounge , but after reading many reviews , it is not worthy trying today .

photo dsc04305

Almost nothing to spot , besides this OS to VIE

photo dsc04306

I was so busy walking that i almost forget to check about my flight , boarding started already

Here we go , corridors then gateway

photo dsc04308

photo dsc04309

First to board , so plane is empty , this boeing is definitley bigger than the bombardier i flew with friday morning

photo dsc04312

LS AirportServices crew is loading last luggages , i saw mine but wasnt enough quick to catch it

photo dsc04313

photo dsc04315

Ryanair , ready to return to UK

photo dsc04314

As expected , other paxs are slow as f***

photo dsc04317


photo dsc04319

Taxing and take-off , Krakow is still under a thin layer of snow

photo dsc04320

photo dsc04321

photo dsc04323

photo dsc04325

Question : Does someone knows why such device ?? Iam really curious

photo dsc04326

photo dsc04327

Really first time i see something like this

Nothing else to show , service almost non-existing , water and a polish chocolate bar , and captain announced our descent to Warsaw Chopin Airport

photo dsc04328

photo dsc04328

photo dsc04329

photo dsc04332

Get under the clouds and landed in Warsaw

photo dsc04333

photo dsc04334

photo dsc04335

Here iam in Chopin again , aka ''LO land''

photo dsc04338

photo dsc04344

First time i see so much LOT's planes

photo dsc04340

photo dsc04345

photo dsc04346

photo dsc04347

All sizes available , small , medium and big

Aha , finally something else , PS's flight to KBP

photo dsc04350

photo dsc04352

I checked the registration of this plane , funny to see how the same plane can fly to ODS , MSQ or AMM ….. as size doesnt matter

We parked on the non-schengen zone , dont know why

photo dsc04354


photo dsc04355

photo dsc04358

photo dsc04359

photo dsc04360

Dumb as usual , i follow the other paxs and reached immigration

photo dsc04363

photo dsc04365

Thats my mistake , the exit was on the other side , i had to turn back and look after it

Gotcha , iam free now

photo dsc04366

photo dsc04367

photo dsc04368

Should not forget the delivery cause i have a checked luggage today

photo dsc04369

Today's winner is number 5

photo dsc04370

More i fly , more i can see where the others went , the more i want to travel too

photo dsc04371

Should stop dreaming , my next flights are planned already for the following weeks

photo dsc04372

photo dsc04373

See you next week

That's all folks !



LOT Polish 

Cabin 8.0
Cabin crew 7.0
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 5.0
TOTAL 6.3/10

Kraków - KRK 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 5.0
Services 7.5
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 7.6/10

Warsaw - WAW 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 9.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 9.0/10


LO = shortest flight of my life
KRK = small but efficient
WAW = home sweet home