AIRCRAFT Airbus A321
TAKEOFF 16-10-26 9 a.m.
LANDING AT 11:10 a.m.
The 13th February 2017

Photo review of Lufthansa flight from Moscow to Munich in Economy

Hello everyone!
My name is Nikolay, I am from Moscow. I'm 43. You can see my reports in original here.
Today I will describe my first Lufthansa experience from Moscow. On my holiday in mid-autumn I decided to visit my favourite Italy once again. Firstly, I wanted to fly with Aeroflot from Moscow Sheremetyevo to Milan MXP, but I've discovered Lufthansa for a cheaper price on the route Moscow Domodedovo - Genoa via Munich and back from Milan Linate via Frankfurt. The tickets for 3 persons were cheaper than Aeroflot ones - about 76000 RUB or 1050 EUR as of the exchange rate on that day instead of about 92000 or 1270 EUR. And… I really wasn't disappointed of my choice.

1. Lufthansa website

To start with, I want to tell a few words about Lufthansa website.
The design is very convenient - all the functions are user-friendly. In comparison with Aeroflot, you can choose the seats previously in the basic fare - that's a big plus, LH. In Aeroflot you can choose only at the online check-in. Previously - only if you are an elite member of Aeroflot Bonus or you're flying with business class.

photo   56

photo   58

photo   59

photo   99

2. Moscow-Domodedovo Airport

As usually, I arrived there 2 hours before departure. Well, it is my first time in DME after 2008. I must admire, everyting is not so bad there, but as for me, I prefer Sheremetyevo-D much more.

photo dsc05783

photo dsc05788

In Russia you should pass a small security check while entering the terminal, so there was a little queue.

photo DSC05789

So, let's go to our check-in desks.

photo DSC05790

photo dsc05791

photo dsc05792

photo dsc05793

photo dsc05796

Got BPs for both flights, I'll pick my luggage up in Genoa.

photo dsc05797

photo dsc05819

The check-in agent told us to pass the controls on the upper level (A). In Domodedovo you can pass through 3 sectors - A (upper level), B (lower, on the level of jetbridges) and E (upper level in the end of terminal).

photo dsc05798

photo dsc05799

photo rmins3netcg

Some views of the upper level of the pier:

photo DSC05802

photo DSC05804

I decided to visit the Priority Pass lounge. Previously it belonged to Lufthansa, passengers of its business class visit Austrian lounge now.

photo dsc05805

photo dsc05806

It has a cozy interior.

photo dsc05809

photo dsc05808

photo dsc05823

Of course, not without a buffet. =)

photo dsc05814

photo dsc05815

photo dsc05816

photo DSC05813

That was my choice.

photo DSC05818

The flights board:

photo dsc05825

It's time for boarding. Passing the nearby Julius Meinl Cafe:

photo dsc05826

So, let's proceed to our gate 4.

photo dsc05827

photo dsc05830

Our A321-200 D-AIDP Paderborn is waiting for us since midnight.

photo dsc05829

photo dsc05831

The boarding started.

photo dsc05832

photo dsc05833

3. Flight LH2531 Moscow - Munich

photo   105

The distance is 1944 km. flight duration 2:50.

Entering the aircraft. Business Class:

photo DSC05834

And our seats in 12 row on the right side.

photo DSC05835

Swiss A320 is standing next to us. Gonna fly with them to Rome in the end of March.

photo DSC05836

S7 A319 and Etihad A321…

photo dsc05851

photo DSC05852

Vim Avia B777-200 (ex. SIA one, I think)

photo dsc05853

Belavia B737 with the World of Tanks livery…

photo dsc05858

Nordavia and Nordwind B737 by the domestic sector…

photo dsc05864

photo dsc05865


photo dsc05866

photo dsc05867

Swiss A320 also started its taxiing…

photo dsc05873

Vim Avia B757-200

photo dsc05874

Ural Airlines:

photo dsc05875

photo dsc05885

AirBridgeCargo B747-8F

photo dsc05877

Red Wings Tu-204/214 (ex. Aviastar and Transaero)

photo dsc05880

photo dsc05881

Take off…

photo dsc05886

photo dsc05887

photo dsc05888

photo dsc05889

photo dsc05891

Bye bye Moscow!

photo dsc05892

photo dsc05895

A breakfast was given afterwards - the pancakes or omelette. I've chosen the first variant. In comparison with Aeroflot I was really impressed by LH's catering!

photo dsc05902

photo dsc05903

photo dsc05906

photo dsc05908

So let's have a look at the cabin.
The views:

photo dsc05897

photo DSC05899

The legroom:

photo dsc05838

However, the headrest is not adjustable as one in Aeroflot.

photo dsc05901

The interior is typical for A320 family since 2007. I was wondered that Lufthansa has lighting under the overhead bins.

photo dsc05856

photo dsc05861

The armrest and the buckle cover are in a good condition.

photo dsc05837

photo dsc05862

What on earth? :o

photo dsc05900

Let's have a look at what we have in the front seat pocket.
I really like the LH safety cards' design!

photo dsc05844

photo dsc05845

photo dsc05846

A flight magazine and a catalogue… And a useful transit information…

photo dsc05847

photo dsc05848

photo dsc05921

Soon we started the descend to Munich…

photo dsc05944

And smoothely landed!

photo DSC05948

photo DSC05949

Taxiing to our gate H40.

photo DSC05954

photo dsc05955

photo dsc05956

An A333 next to us…

photo DSC05957

last look from the jetbridge:

photo dsc05958

4. Munich Airport Terminal 2

Proceeding to the passport control:

photo dsc05959

photo dsc05960

photo dsc05963

photo dsc05964

photo dsc05965

photo DSC05966

Afterwards I followed the signs to the Schengen gates, but that will be in the next review…

photo dsc05967

photo dsc05968



Cabin 8.5
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 7.5
meal/catering 9.0
TOTAL 8.5/10

Moscow - DME 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 7.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 7.5
TOTAL 7.1/10

Munich - MUC 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 10.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 10.0/10


All in all, as always I had a good experience with Lufthansa. The friendly crew, comfortable and clean aircrafts, the perfect food and a convenient transit in MUC T2.