AIRCRAFT Airbus A320
TAKEOFF 14-10-05 5:35 p.m.
VIEWS 2842
LANDING AT 8:15 p.m.
The 8th October 2014

Photo review of Middle East Airlines flight from Beirut to London in Economy

Hello Flight Reporters I am officially back with a dozen of reports coming soon.
this flight is ME203 from Beirut to London.
I spent 2 days in Lebanon to see my best friend I have been missing. That's why I've taken ME204 ( soon to be reported , JCLASS) on Friday 3rd of October. The flight reported here is dated from Sunday the 5th of October 2014.
Here is the airport, from the South side.
photo DSC_0165
As soon as I arrived to the airport, I was informed that I was flying on T7-MRD, which was the one with the SKYTEAM livery, and sharklets. Aircraft was Airbus 320-214SL which was delivered on October 2nd 2013.
Here I am in the Lounge
photo DSC_0171
photo DSC_0173
photo DSC_0177
Then I headed to gate 17 to the aircraft:
photo DSC_0182
photo DSC_0184

As scheduled , it was actually T7-MRDphoto DSC_0185
photo DSC_0197
Here we are airborne:
photo DSC_0212
photo DSC_0198
And the food was then distributed : Shish Taouk ( Lebanese Chicken grilled ) , Potatoes , Vegetables and lebanese desert ( Baqlawa)
photo DSC_0220
photo DSC_0221
photo DSC_0237
And here we are in London on Time:
photo DSC_0242
photo DSC_0244


Middle East Airlines 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 10.0
TOTAL 10.0/10

Cedar Lounge 

Comfort 10.0
meal/catering 8.5
Services 10.0
Entertainment 10.0
TOTAL 9.6/10

Beirut - BEY 

Efficiency 9.5
Access 10.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 9.5
TOTAL 9.5/10

London - LHR 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 6.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 7.9/10


Took off on time and landed on time: no comment
Food was delicious
Crew very friendly as usual
And the cabin was spacious despite sitting in Y-Class