AIRCRAFT Airbus A321
TAKEOFF 14-04-21 11 a.m.
VIEWS 2523
LANDING AT 11:55 a.m.
The 9th October 2014

Photo review of Middle East Airlines flight from Cairo to Beirut in Economy

Egypt forever will capture my heart as I am half Lebanese half Egyptian. When I was 6-8 years old I used to visit Cairo on MEA old B707/B720s. This year I had visited Cairo to spend the eastern vacation and now it is time to fly back to Beirut as my vacation had ended.
The following pictures covers Cairo city:
photo 001
photo 002
photo 003
photo 004
photo 005
photo 006
photo 008
photo 010
photo 011

Our plane to Beirut will be MEA's A321-231 (OD-RMJ) received by MEA in late 2003. We arrived at the airport 2 hours before departure and checked-in quickly, then we headed to the VIP lounge at Cairo which provides a wide view of the tarmac. Most of the pictures I had snapped covers MASRIA Airbus fleet, Royal Jordanian, Saudia…
photo 014
photo 015
photo 016
photo 017
photo 027

Then the Cedar Lady arrived and started posing in the sun like an elegant lady
photo 018
photo 019
photo 020
photo 021
photo 022
photo 023
photo 024
photo 025
photo 026

We were transferred to the plane by bus and immediately taxing procedures started. During taxining to the Runway I was able to snap some old Egypt Air A340 left for scrap in addition to a view of the terminal.
Take-off was smooth from runway 5L, and we had a good view of old Cairo.
photo 028
photo 029
photo 030
photo 031
photo 032
photo 033
photo 034
photo 035
photo 036
photo 037
photo 038
photo 039

Soon after reaching our cruise attitude of 32,000 feet, we were offered snacks as the whole flight duration is 55 minutes…
photo 040

Soon we started our (Top of Descent) and we approached Beirut. I captured the whole approach process of these old IFE screens.

photo 041
photo 042
photo 043
photo 044
photo 045
photo 046
photo 047
photo 048
photo 049

Again an impressive MEA flight


Middle East Airlines 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 10.0
Entertainment 8.5
meal/catering 8.5
TOTAL 9.3/10

Independent Terminal 1 Lounges 

Comfort 5.0
meal/catering 5.0
Services 5.0
Entertainment 5.0
TOTAL 5.0/10

Cairo - CAI 

Efficiency 5.0
Access 5.0
Services 5.0
Cleanliness 5.0
TOTAL 5.0/10

Beirut - BEY 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 10.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 10.0/10


Outstanding performance with MEA