AIRCRAFT Boeing 777-200
TAKEOFF 14-11-15 1 p.m.
VIEWS 3763
LANDING AT 2:55 p.m.
The 18th December 2014

Photo review of Cathay Pacific flight from Taipei to Hong Kong in Business

I arrived in Taipei with boarding pass for my connecting Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. I passed through security quickly as there was no one in line and headed upstairs to the departures level. I found the Cathay Pacific lounge where I was directed to walk through the lounge to the smaller First Class lounge at the back. The Business class lounge featured a noodle bar a bit like some of the lounges at HKIA. As the lounge was fairly full, I found a spot near the computers.
photo 15807829831_85a60b8052_k
I checked out the offerings, but as I wasn't hungry at the time didn't pay too much attention to what was on offer.
After an hour or so, it was nearly time for boarding so I headed down to the gate.
photo 15786048316_d08f54bc88_k
Gate lounge

photo 15809709645_4aa8f13739_k

After waiting for about 10 minutes, boarding was called with Business class, elite frequent fliers and families being called first. I entered the cabin to find the new regional business class. photo 15624311968_a70652715f_k

photo 15786042336_b5d4d750b3_k

photo 15809698095_c2acefebea_k

photo 15189735744_59c64c53ba_k

The seat itself is comfortable and more than adequate for the short flight to Hong Kong. However, I'm not sure it would be particularly comfortable on a longer overnight flight. Welcome drinks were offered and the cabin manager came around and introduced herself while handing out menus.

photo 20141220_123716

We started to push back on time and but had to wait a few minutes as another Cathay flight to Fukuoka was departing at the same time. We taxied out to runway 05L where we were greeted by a queue of departing and arriving aircraft. It took about 10 minutes before we made it to the runway.

Once we were in the air, the crew began their service. First coming around to distribute meal trays and then coming along offering a selection of mains.

photo 15786032466_d8ac86965d_k

I went for the Chicken in Hickory Sauce.

photo 15624838860_38b6ad18fc_k
Complete tray

photo 15624841050_fca888ddbe_k

photo 15623867189_b397b0bff7_k
Starter: Prawns and Papaya salad

photo 15624296288_60a55fc3b7_k
Desert: Mango Mousse

Overall the meal was good. I felt that the desert was a big improvement than the ice cream I received on my flight the day before.

The rest of the flight proceeded without incident and before long, we were descending into Hong Kong. We taxied to the gate quickly and disembarking soon after.

photo 15623856379_5fd9e3fad7_k
Aircraft after arrival into Hong Kong


Cathay Pacific 

Cabin 7.5
Cabin crew 7.5
Entertainment 7.0
meal/catering 8.0
TOTAL 7.5/10

Cathay Pacific Lounge First Class Section 

Comfort 3.5
meal/catering 3.5
Services 3.5
Entertainment 3.0
TOTAL 3.4/10

Taipei - TPE 

Efficiency 8.5
Access 0.0
Services 0.0
Cleanliness 6.0
TOTAL 3.6/10

Hong Kong - HKG 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 8.5
Services 8.5
Cleanliness 8.5
TOTAL 8.1/10


Overall a good flight on a short sector.