AIRCRAFT Boeing 787-8
TAKEOFF 14-08-26 8 a.m.
VIEWS 4468
LANDING AT 9:20 a.m.
The 9th March 2015

Photo review of Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in Business

Hello Everyone and welcome to my flight report!

This is my first time flying on a Dreamliner. When THAI took delivery of their first B787-8 back in August last year, I decided to try this aircraft out for a one day trip to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. THAI's B787-8 was used on BKK-CNX route for around two months for crew familiarizing flights before beginning its longer routes. At the time I took the flight, this baby plane was less than 2 months old. It was used on 3 flights daily during that period.

The routing :

TG102 BKK-CNX B787 C –> you are here!
TG121 CNX-BKK B787 C –> no report

THAI's first B787-8 has the HS-TQA registration and has the royally-bestowed name of Ongkharak which literally means Royal Guard and is also a district of Nakhorn Nayok, a province in central Thailand.

I took the first flight of the day which departed at 8am. I arrived at the airport around 6.45 am and went to the check-in counter. It is worth noting that THAI doesn't allow advance seat reservation on their domestic flights in any class. You may select your preferred seat at check-in (H-24). The agent was efficient though a bit cold, issued me two boarding passes for the day and a lounge invitation. I passed through security and made my way to the lounge which was situated in the Concourse A (mainly used for domestic flights).

The lounge was pretty crowded at this morning hour and full of westerners who might have just arrived from Europe. The staff at the reception were all friendly and welcoming. The catering is not bad at all for a domestic lounge. I had a bowl of Thai pork porridge which was very good.

My boarding passes for the day.
photo IMG_8597

The porridge.
photo IMG_8602

When it was nearly time for boarding, I headed to the Gate A6 which was just a short walk from the lounge. There were a lot of people at the holding area which could tell that this might be a full flight. It was the case actually. Boarding was called on time and priority was well respected.

photo IMG_8604
photo IMG_8605

I was welcomed at the door with a professional looking female FA. I sat down in my seat 14K. My first impression was that the cabin was much smaller and narrower than I thought it would have been. The load factor in J today was 100% ful as opposed to the return flight which only had 6 pax in J (out of 24 seats)l. A FA came around offering newspapers and welcome drinks. It is again worth noting that no alcoholic drinks are served on all domestic flights in all classes. Females FA do not wear the traditional Thai uniform, they only wear the comtemporary one. I opted for the iced-tamarind tea which was very refreshing. :D

photo IMG_8614
photo IMG_8615

The cabin has 4 rows (11,12,14 and 15). The row 15 has no window. The seat itself is lied-flat. I like this shade of purple THAI chose for this seat. Not too imposing like the one on their A380 and certain B777-300er. THAI opted for a 2-2-2 configuration on their B787 which for me was a bit disappointing. I find this configuration outdated and passengers nowadays would prefer the 1-2-1 for direct aisle access and the privacy etc. The window seat so cramped when sitting next to a stranger (which was my case.). If I were to fly solo on this aircraft again I would go for the aisle seat instead for the space sake. On this very short it was fine, but for longer route I don't recommend at all.

The seat pics
photo IMG_8658
photo IMG_8863
photo IMG_8864
photo IMG_8865
photo IMG_8866
photo IMG_8867

The seat control.
photo IMG_8862

View from my seat (on the return flight) 14A
photo IMG_8785

View from the back galley.
photo IMG_8831

The IFE control which was eX3. Very easy to navigate. Though no headphone was provided on this short flight. I had to use my own.
photo IMG_8625

The view form my seat. A row of PG's ATRs…. the airline I have yet to fly.
photo IMG_8630
photo IMG_8632

Already airborne…
photo IMG_8633

I played with the window a bit. The electronic control system was really nice. It was around 8.20 am outside.
photo IMG_8644

The table was the set for breakfast. No choice.
photo IMG_8645

The breakfast tray arrived, followed by the bread service which was served warm but I forgot to take the picture. I had the fish porridge this time.
photo IMG_8648

The coffee and tea service followed right after the bread. Again no photo.

The meal was more than sufficient on this one-hour flight compared to what many other airlines serve on flights of the same duration. The fruit was a bit on the hard side but the porridge was good. I was quite impressed that even on this short flight the service didn't seem rushed at all. The crew were all professional at handling this kind of situation where they have to serve a hot meal on a one hour flight with full load. Thumbs up for that!

The rainbow mood-lighting…
photo IMG_8649
photo IMG_8650

I was listening to the radio option on the IFE when the caption annouced our descent to CNX.
photo IMG_8653

And we landed safely…
photo IMG_8656
photo IMG_8661

Some photos of the day trip
photo IMG_8664
photo IMG_8699
photo IMG_8703
photo IMG_8712

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it!


Thai Airways 

Cabin 7.0
Cabin crew 9.5
Entertainment 5.0
meal/catering 8.0
TOTAL 7.4/10

Thai Airways Royal Silk Domestic Lounge 

Comfort 8.0
meal/catering 8.5
Services 9.0
Entertainment 8.0
TOTAL 8.4/10

Bangkok - BKK 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 9.0
Services 8.0
Cleanliness 9.0
TOTAL 9.0/10

Chiang Mai - CNX 

Efficiency 10.0
Access 8.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 8.0
TOTAL 8.2/10


Overall, it was a great experience flying with a new aircraft. The flight was though too short to experience all the amenities to the full extent.

Cabin comfort - While the seat was comfortable enough, the configuration just ruins everything like privacy and aisle access for window seats which were important for me.

Crew - Very professional. Friendly and did their job with a smile.

Meal and Catering - Not outstanding, but considering the duration of the flight. This offering is hard to beat.

IFE - The press was provided. The IFE of great content though no headphone provided to take advantage of.

Punctuality - Arrived on time. Perfect!