AIRCRAFT Airbus A380-800
TAKEOFF 14-11-21 8:05 a.m.
VIEWS 4134
LANDING AT 1:10 p.m.
The 14th March 2015

Photo review of Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Paris in Economy

Hey! continuing my report from my previous one.. QR849 and then to QR39! this flight will be the all new Airbus 380 Qatar just started deploying it on this route..

waiting at the gate to board the bird
photo IMG_7166photo IMG_7167

IFE.. very nice, good quality, new and lots of movies to watch :P
photo IMG_7168

The beautiful and comfortable seatss
photo IMG_7169
photo IMG_7170
photo IMG_7171
photo IMG_7172
photo IMG_7173
photo IMG_7174
photo IMG_7176
photo IMG_7177

headsets, clear sound at least :)
photo IMG_7180

Amenity kit.. lots of useful stuff
photo IMG_7182

Our route map..
photo IMG_7185

my vegetarian meal :) very tasty, well cooked and well spiced :) PERFECT! they also had a variety of drinks so almost what you want to drink you'll get it! :D
photo IMG_7190

view from the back.. very nice and modern seat :) quite spacious too!!
photo IMG_7192
photo IMG_7193

lavatory visit.. clean toilets but cramped though..
photo IMG_7194
photo IMG_7196

our last meal.. chicken sandwich :) as usual, very tastyy!!
photo IMG_7197
photo IMG_7198

CDG.. Old airport :(
photo IMG_7760

In the plane while exiting the aircraft.. dont feel like getting off the big bird!
photo IMG_7785

we landed slighty earlier than scheduled and everything was smooth :)"/>"/>


Qatar Airways 

Cabin 10.0
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 10.0
TOTAL 9.8/10

Doha - DOH 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 5.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 8.5/10

Paris - CDG 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 5.0
Services 7.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 7.2/10


well, this flight is also very good but crew seems SUPER ROBOTIC but did their job pefectly :) the Airbus 380 was a great plane, quiet, spacious and smooth plane! well, another job well done by Qatar Airways!