AIRCRAFT Airbus A380-800
TAKEOFF 14-08-02 3:55 a.m.
VIEWS 4354
LANDING AT 3:30 p.m.
The 17th March 2015

Photo review of Emirates flight from Dubai to Hong Kong in Economy


Welcome to my second FR!

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Continuing my journey from Amsterdam (EK148) via Dubai to Hong Kong (EK382)!

The captain announced that pushback would be delayed by 30 minutes due to late connecting passengers.
He also announced that the total flight time would be 7:55 hours and we would be flying at a cruising altitude of 41.000 feet.
Ready for pushback @A380 Paradise… Emirates' ICE is extremely up to date! Movies being shown in cinema are also on ICE!
photo 1406933482938

photo Snapchat-20140802025136

Full flight

Takeoff from RWY30R was followed by a U turn heading towards India.

Leggroom was good.
photo Snapchat-20140802040758

photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-21-24

A small snack was served shortly after take off. I do not have a picture as I almost fell asleep.
It was a wholemeal panini with olive, smoked turkey slice, mayonnaise and jalapeño spread

Breakfast was served. The crew on Emirates is always friendly!
Fruit Fresh: seasonal fruit
Main Course: Cheese omelette served with fried potato wedges, sautéed spinach and mushroom cubes
and a Croissant served with butter and preserve
photo Snapchat-20140802092748

When I woke up, we were already close to descending into Hong Kong.
photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-21-43
photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-22-01
photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-22-11
photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-22-29

Final Approach
photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-23-18

Due to the delay of 35 minute, we arrived slightly late with just a 15 minute delay.
Landing & Taxi
photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-23-48
photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-24-14

1 Big happy Taiwanese family :)
photo Screenshot_2015-03-17-20-25-00

Security at HKG took a bit long… stood in immigration line for nearly 30 minutes… Although, 90% of the counters were open. Must be a busy hour!
Welcome to China! Not sure if they are scheduled departures or arrivals…
photo unnamed

Small Hong Kong Tourist bonus with its stunning skyline!:
photo 20140802_202304
photo 20140803_123959
photo 20140803_180234
photo IMG_7204
photo IMG_7373
photo IMG_7329



Cabin 9.0
Cabin crew 9.0
Entertainment 10.0
meal/catering 9.0
TOTAL 9.3/10

Dubai - DXB 

Efficiency 9.0
Access 5.0
Services 9.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 8.2/10

Hong Kong - HKG 

Efficiency 7.0
Access 10.0
Services 10.0
Cleanliness 10.0
TOTAL 9.2/10


Overall a flight that I had a good amount of sleep on.
Friendly FA's. tasty meal, clean cabin, although 1 of the lavatories was really dirty, but Emirates can't help that...
Emirates has excellent seats with a nice headrest.
DXB, a big airport with many shops, although gets a bit boring when you have been there quite some times...
HKG, big, planespotter-friendly airport with a big foodcourt!