Review of Braathens Regional flight Vilnius Stockholm in Economy

Airline Braathens Regional
Flight SK741
Class Economy
Seat 15D
Aircraft Saab 2000
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 12 Jan 15, 11:40
Arrival at 12 Jan 15, 12:15
DC 11 reviews
By 1846
Published on 27th June 2015
For January, I had the right to have few holidays days. I decide some month ago to visit Lithunia, because one of my colleague was from this country and because I was looking for to start to discover the Baltic Countries. So I started by Lithuania…
As well I hear that Lithuania had a new national airline called airLITUANICA. I thought interested to test this new carrier which offer daily flight between main european cities and Lithuania.
I went to Lithuania during January, there is a lot of snow, I love that… And it's really cold. Maybe during my trip I will be able to see some snow falling from the sky, it would be nice.

  • 07/01 -> PARIS (CDG) - VILNIUS (VNO) ; airLITUANICA :: E175
  • 12/01 -> VILNIUS (VNO) - STOCKOLM (ARN) ; BRAATHENS regional :: S2000
  • 12/01 -> STOKOLM (ARN) - LONDON (LHR) ; SAS :: B737-600


photo 16241544306_bf5b096628_c
To access to the airport I took a taxi from the city center, it cost me only 5€. Then after check-in my bag at the counter and went thought the security aera I went to Gate A12. All passagers are ready for boarding. This gate is a bit separate to the other gates because this is from here where we take the bus to access to the plane. This is a SK flight but it will be operated by the little swedish airline BRAATHENS REGIONAL which operates at this time some ATR and SAAB. Today's weather is good, so I may have the possibility to take some nice pictures during the flight. As well today will be my first time onboard BRAATHENS REGIONAL. Vilnius airport looks good, there is free wi-fi which is useful.

photo 16080099320_96ef4a85f3_c
When everyone was on the bus, it went to bring passager next to the plane's stairs. Today's plane will be the SE-LTV (SAAB 2000 - 15 years old & start to fly with Braathens Regional in 2013). This will be for me the first time I'm taking a SAAB 2000. The propolers looks so hudge !!! It's quiete impressive. Some passagers drop their bags on a trolley, I've done the same. As well you can see that today's SAAB is all white. I'm a bit sad because I was looking for to fly with one with the Braathens Regional colors… Doesn't matter, today is my first flight on a SAAB 2000 so let's have a look of inside.

photo 15647564303_0fb2a929b6_z
We were welcome by one young stewardess. I went to my seat (15F). My neighbourg was already here because I was the last person boarding into the plane. The inside looks a bit old. I can see that this plane made a certain number of flights… But the pitch was comfortable and the view from the porthole was not too bad. Before taxi, we had the right to have some deicing. Next to us was a B737-400 from Grand Cru Airlines (LY-CGC). Now we taxi to the take off runway.

photo 16081595707_439c566343_c
Ready to take off… Two little bip-sounds were made to flag that we were shorlty taking off. Then pilot released the brakes and the plane speed up and start to fly. We had a nice view from the air… The snow give some nice colors to the nature, environment arround the airport. During the take off it was a bit cloudy, but it was okay. I felt this plane really comfortable. I was felling myself really light into this plane, it was a nice sensation.

photo 15647564093_9f2b1ea549_c
Here we are to our cruise alltitude (arround 22000 feets). During most our flight we had a nice view about the landscape. During the flight we had tea and coffee complementary and the rest was for purchase.

photo 16081595297_42975c8593_c
Few minutes after drinking my tea I stand up to see how look the cabin from the back. I looks really small. Even if you are a tall person, you may feel quiete uncomfortable… Hopefully that this flight will be one hour and thirty minutes long. Because I saw my neghbourg who was really tall… Even it was diffult for him to be well seated. I understand why he took the aisle.

photo 16080098580_65e7d4977c_c
Now weather completly change… Oh yes, 30 minutes before landing some clounds appears and had quiete low level. What we saw during a long time before the touch down was forest, forest and again forest. As you understand a lot of nature. And we were welcomed to Sweden by the snow…

photo 15647563783_1a7ea8c293_c
Welcome at Stockholm Arlanda airport. As you can see there was quiete a lot of snow. As well on the runway. It was my second landing in a snow storm… At this time it was okay, but later the weather was worst, and a lot of flights were delayed. When we landed temperature was -7°C.

photo 16081345319_212bf8dc55_c
I was the last passager to enter into this plane, I was the last to leave it as well. It was snowing a lot. Before getting out of the plane the stewardess told us to be careful outside cause it was slippery. The area where we parked was a lot of snow… I can say that it was funny cause it was like somewhere else… I went to visit the cockpit of this SAAB 2000. It looks great with nice screen. This cockpit didn't looks as old as the plane.

photo 16266632442_cfdec51125_c
A last look on SE-LTV from the bus which drive us to the main terminal. As you can see snow was everywhere. Just behind was the SAS maintenance area and garage hangars. On our way to the terminal, I saw two extra SAAB 2000 from Braathens Regional. Another white aircraft and the one wearing the SAS colors.

Thank you for reading and I wish you an happy new year 2015 !!!


I hope that you liked this flight report. I would thanks the crew of flight SK741 for my first flight on a SAAB 2000 and onboard BRAATHENS REGIONAL.

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Braathens Regional

Cabin crew8.0

Vilnius - VNO


Stockholm - ARN



This flight was ponctual, we depart and arrived on time.

That's nice to discover a new cabin. It was my first time on a SAAB 2000. It was a comfortable flight !

The crew had a great professionalism. The stewardess took care of all passagers and pilots gave us some information about the flight when we were arrived to our cruise altitute.

There is a little selection of FnB to buy. Water was complementary and prices are okay.

I think that it was more a Scandinavian Airlines flight than a Braathens Regional one unfortunatly…. They may do like Widerøe I think.

Information on the route Vilnius (VNO) Stockholm (ARN)


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  • Comment 140172 by
    Benoit75008 7308 Comments

    Merci pour ton FR très hivernal!

    Air Lituanica n'exite plus! Dommage maintenant seul BVA permet de se rendre directement à

    J'espère que tu as bien profité des pays baltes, magnifique sous cette couche de neige en hiver!
    Pays magnifique (la Lituanie) qui mériterait plus de considération de nombreux ouest-européens en sortant des clichés.

    A bientôt,

    • Comment 319486 by
      Kolia AUTHOR 904 Comments

      Oui c'est dommage qu'AIR LITUANICA n'existe plus. Mais bon c'est comme ça. C'est pareil au temps de Lithuanian Airlines, et Aurela. Les temps n'ont pas beaucoup changé. Il faudrait que les Pays Baltes fasses comme les pays Scandinaves, créer une compagnie commune aux Pays Baltes comme Scandinavian Airlines. Je pense déjà à Air Baltic, qui est bien implanté dans le secteur. Car même Estonian Air à des soucis financier !!!
      Sinon Les Pays Baltes sont pays formidables, que nous ne connaissons que très peu !!!

  • Comment 140182 by
    airberlin GOLD 1056 Comments

    Tout à fait d'accord. Je ne connais pas la Lituanie mais j'ai eu l'occasion de voir Riga en Létonie et cette ville est tout simplement superbe!

  • Comment 140202 by
    nicobcn TEAM GOLD 5756 Comments

    Merci pour ce FR original!

    Très intéressant la visite de ce cockpit, qui est assez moderne malgré l'âge avancé de l'appareil.

  • Comment 140295 by
    02022001 4350 Comments

    Merci ;)

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