Review of SAS flight Stockholm London in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK527
Class Economy
Seat 18F
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 12 Jan 15, 15:20
Arrival at 12 Jan 15, 17:00
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By GOLD 2168
Published on 19th July 2015
For January, I had the right to have few holidays days. I decide some month ago to visit Lithunia, because one of my colleague was from this country and because I was looking for to start to discover the Baltic Countries. So I started by Lithuania…
As well I hear that Lithuania had a new national airline called airLITUANICA. I thought interested to test this new carrier which offer daily flight between main european cities and Lithuania.
I went to Lithuania during January, there is a lot of snow, I love that… And it's really cold. Maybe during my trip I will be able to see some snow falling from the sky, it would be nice.

  • 07/01 -> PARIS (CDG) - VILNIUS (VNO) ; airLITUANICA :: E175
  • 12/01 -> VILNIUS (VNO) - STOCKOLM (ARN) ; BRAATHENS regional :: S2000
  • 12/01 -> STOKOLM (ARN) - LONDON (LHR) ; SAS :: B737-700(W)


photo 15645197834_85955e2680_c
After 3 hours break at Stockholm airport I decide to go to the boarding gate. At this time the flight is on time. But few minutes after the airport staff told us that the plane will be 10 minutes late because SAS made a last minute plane changement. This time it was good because they keep us informed why it was late. As well they told us that the crew had to check if all the safety equipement was onboard. Few minutes after the boarding was called. This time there was no priority boarding. All of us made a queue and wait our turn before to ento the jetbridge.

photo 16080087758_e919c42861_b
Here I'm arrived into the plane. It was quiete strange… Silence was in the plane. The APU of the plane was off it was just connected to the ground unit for the electricity. This was only later that the pilot swich it on. As well it was quiete surprising when I saw the porthole… They was a little snow layer. When I enter, I think was of the most surprising thing for me, it was very cold into the plane, which mean that the plane was grounded for quiete a long time at Arlanda.

photo 15645197584_3c913baaec_b
A little view on my seat which was today the 18F. The plane's registration today was SE-RJU (Boeing 737-700 - 12 years old & start to fly with SAS in october 2013). The pitch at this seat was comfortable but to be honest, I hate these new recaro seats. First they look cheap, and they are really uncomfortable. I already test them in the past on different airlines… And to be honest, I prefer those of Lufthansa. But for today's price, it's stay better than RYANAIR !!!

photo 16267618995_4170cbea54_c
After few minutes waiting, which added late minutes to arrive to London, we start de-icing the plane. It was nice to see the action from the porthole, but from the de-icing cabin truc it should ten times better !!!. There was a lot of snow on the wings and on the top of the planes… These last days, and today, sweden received a lot of snow. After de-icing we pushed back and were ready to go.

photo 16265804441_f033221c90_c
What a good news… We are on the take off runway when the pilot annouced to us that we had to wait few more minutes… Outside it was still snowing a lot. Today was a busy day at Arlanda. Finally after 15 minutes we take off. Quickly we enter into the clounds. What a strange sensation, because few minutes after take off the plane turn right, and we didn't get a point of view. The clounds were low in altitude today. We stay into the clounds for a long time… I would say maybe arround 10 minutes. Then the pilot turn off the seat belt sign. It was a great take off !!!

photo 16266784002_867ccc9439_c
Now we arrived to our cruise alititue at 40 000 feet. From this altitude we had a nice view. At this time the sun was going down which allow us to see nice colors on the sky. During the flight there was one service of tea and coffee the rest was for purshase. I took a tea, and I had my biscuits for my tea time on the air. It was good. Then during few minutes I made a nap… I was a bit tired.

photo 16265804211_a7c4a25839_c
Then after an hour nap, I walked a bit into the plane. Here is the whole cabin. It was quiete flight. We just had few turbulences but nothing important. The plane was not full today on the way to London. But they were more busy on the way back and this is why they change the Boeing 737-600 against a Boeing 737-700 with winglet. I was a bit sad, because I didn't fly on 600' for a long time now. The last time I flew on was 4 years ago in Norway between Oslo and Bergen. Even 4 years ago between OSL-BGO they planned a Boeing 737-500 and they changed it against a 600'… But I took the 500' on a flight betwen Paris CDG and Gardenmoen OSL.

photo 16265804221_f2afb8cefa_c
Time to land now. After few turning we were on final for London Heathrow Airport. I star to know the arriving way now. Because it's busy airport planes have to make some turns before to land. But I really like the arriving at LHR because you can have a really nice view about London when the weather is good… Today's weather is just bad… Low clounds and rain. We left snow to meet rain… What a disappointed !!!

photo 16081497609_66cef9bd67_c
e touch down at London Heathow (LHR). Behind us a lot of other planes were ready to land… It was a rush time. The our plane parked next a TAP Air Portugal A321 (I took one in 2012 from Zurick to Lisbon). The doors were opened with 45 minutes delays… To be honest it's one of my biggest delays with SAS. What a shame !!! Due of the low occupency of the cabin, all passagers leave the plane quickly. And me as usual I was the last one for disembark.

photo 16081746147_34d9ae23c3_c
The last view will be on the cockpit. Still nice this 737 cockpit. After this short visit, I went to take my lugage and went to take the tube to go back home. I start to have the habbit to travel between my home and Heathrow… And as well I start to have the habbit to take the plane at Heathrow. Very useful the tube, and quiete cheap !!!

Thank you for reading and I wish you an happy new year 2015 !!!


Finally I would like to thanks the crew of the flight SK527 despite the delay that we had. See you next flight !!!

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Cabin crew8.0

Stockholm - ARN


London - LHR



We depart late due of a plane changement. This information given to us by the boarding airport staff.

Cabin was looking clean. But to be honest I hate the RECARO seats like SAS has. The pitch was fine, and the plane not too noisy.

They made their job, I was waiting a bit more from them. During most of the flight they were at the front of the cabin.

Tea and coffee for free, the rest for purchase. Only one service for drinks was done.

This was a SAS usual flight.

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    Thanks for sharing this cool report from this winter! It's kind of refreshing to see snow when it's 35+ degrees outside in July. The grading you gave of SAS is seems quite fair and is reflective of the mediocre product and service. Nice pics!

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