Review of Air France flight Paris Los Angeles in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF66
Class Business
Seat 72A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 11:45
Take-off 21 Jan 15, 10:30
Arrival at 21 Jan 15, 13:15
AF   #38 out of 129 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 3733 reviews
By GOLD 5949
Published on 26th July 2015
For the mid of January I decided to go to a friend for a long week end to visit Los Angeles. When my friend asked me to come with him I said immediately yes. Based in London at this time, I had to take the Eurostar. This trip was a great opportunity to fly with the Airbus A380 and withe the Boeing 777-200 on our way back.
Both flights will be with AIRFRANCE. I will be my third time visiting the US and the fourth airport visited in the US. Weather is schedule to be nice. During this trip, I will have the opportunity to visit different places in Los Angeles, and to see nice landscapes. The flight of the wayback will be a bit special because this would be a plane coming from Papetee continuing to Paris Charles De Gaulle.
Having the ESTA authorisation, my passport, and my flights tickets let's fly !!!

  • 1/ PARIS (CDG) - LOS ANGELES (LAX) ; AIR FRANCE :: A380-800
  • 2/ LOS ANGELES (LAX) - PARIS (CDG) ; SAS :: B777-200ER


photo 16206532887_e9698994da_c
I arrived the day before in France, one of my friend welcome me on my arriving at the train station. I slep on her house and in the morning she bring me at the Paris Opera Garnier where we can take the Roissybus to go to CDG. Then the journey was short, only 30 minutes to go to the airport. Then I met my friend and we went to the AIRFRANCE drop off counters to give our luggages. Then we went to the boarding lounge where the plane was here being ready to board passagers… At this time it was on time but later it was shown late (due of waiting for the securtity staff).

photo 16206210519_72c4cb70f5_c
Here our today's 380. This is the F-HPJA (Airbus A380-861 - 6 years old & start to fly with AIRFRANCE in 2009). Today is a special day for me. I will make my first flight on a AIRBUS A380 on the first AIRFRANCE's A380. At this time I thought difficult to do better. To be honest I don't really like this plane. My friend told me that I've right, but that the comfort onboard was just … perfect.

photo 16204803118_409660de20_b
Boarding was called. Me and my friend went to the boarding gate. When we shown our boarding passes we had a nice surprice. Because the plane was overbooked, they upgraded us on business class. What a surprise for my first flight on a AIRBUS A380 !!! We walked through the jetbrige and we were welcome by the cabin attendant manager. She shown us the way to go to our seats. It was on the upper deck. Our seats were 70E and 70F but we had the possibility to move to the seats 72A and 72B. So I had the possibility to have a prthole. So here how was my seat. The pitch is perfect, this is my first time I've got a picht like this one. It was comfortable !!! Just after arrived to our seats me and my friend received a glass of juce of Champagne. I took the Juce and my friend the Champagne. Boarding finished, we are ready to push back.

photo 16205032340_66db557160_b
We pushed back and taxi to the take off runway. The cabin was really quiete. It was really impressive. You can see that the size of the TV screen is really high !!! This is really comfortable. So I choose to show you the take off on the screen. The take off was really soft. You feel absolutly nothing. The feeling to be on the air is so light that you don't feel to be onboard a such big aircraft. As well the engines' roar is really soft, event that you can fall asleep quicker on this aircraft. Today in Paris some clouds were in the air but quickly we pass them and the blue sky apper to us.

photo 16206532857_a4f400061c_c
Like I said here is the blue sky. The service begun few minutes after take off. As well I went to toilets, I was surprised to see how big there were. It change from the economic class. I came back to my seat. I was able to follow the plane's route and to watch some flims but to be honest I was really tied and fall asleep really quicly. One fact quiet funny with the 380, when the seat belt sign was turned off, we hear all the seats' engines. It surprised me that on this plane we hear more the seats mechanisms that the engines. Until now the flight experience was great !!!

photo 16206532557_866bea4af2_c
Now it's time to eat. To be honest I'm not a big fan to take pictures of what I eat. But I made an exeption here. This plane was the starter. It was really good. Today's service was great. I read previously some reports about flights on the AIRFRANCE's 380 and on some of them I read that the service was poor even on the business class… But to be honest today's service was absolutly great. During the meals we had a large selection of drinks, and bread.

photo 16366446106_01194bbd2f_c
I'm sorry… No many pictures of the cabin and other moments of the flight, I was sleeping during 90% of the flight. I was so tired. My friend as well slept quiet a lot during the flight. The seat-bed was comfortable and I felt hot in the blanket. I wake up when we were flying the mountains next to Los Angeles. When we arrived into Los Angeles Airside, there quiet a lot frog due of the pollution (just for information, in Los Angeles there two times more cards that in France). Here we were on the very final at LAX. We can see at the back the LAX old restaurant bulding, and the Controle Tower. As well you can see in the back some nice tails like Air Canada Rouge, Aero Mexico and Virgin America.

photo 16206209879_dc1de324b8_c
Touch down at LAX… Wecolme in Los Angeles International Airport !!! The touch down was hard. This is normal with a such big aircraft !!! I was happy to arrive at Los Angeles. I was feeling comfortable but still a bid tired. I was missing my bed. We were able to observe how long was the landing… Then the 380 taxi to the parking gate. We taxi next to some Qantas planes, other 380 and next a UNITED 787. Last turn… Arrived.

photo 16206532267_28126f9e48_c
Last picture before to leave my seat. You can see the nice Californian weather, and some nice plane like this Qantas 747-400, and in the back the FIJI Airways 330's tail. Me and my friend chat quicly with the steward in charge of us during the fligt and gave him our feedback about the flight in general and the service. It was great in general.

photo 15772408503_87d5c8fbb5_c
Here the last picture of the flight, the flight deck. It was funny because to enter into the 380's cockpit you need to climb some stairs. I talked with the captain about my first flight experience onboard this plane. Before disembarking I had the right to get a picture of me on the captain seat. I took some extra pictures and thanks the crew for this nice flight.


Thanks to the AIRFRANCE flight AF066 crew to Los Angeles LAX. As well I would like to thanks my friend who allow me to make my first flight on a 380 and to discover Los Angeles, and Mojave. See you next flight !

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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Paris - CDG


Los Angeles - LAX



Everything was made on time, as well we arrive on time.

Cabin was clear, seats comfortable, with a generous pitch like I never had before. And what a silent on this plane !!!

Cew was fine, they look after us carefully. Pilots made their job.

All food and drink was good.

This was a great first A380 flight. I was quiet impressed.

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  • Comment 142819 by
    Caribel 114 Comments

    It's a pity there are no pictures of the superb service you received on board.

    Any stories to illustrate how the cabin crew went above and beyond to service your partner and you?

    • Comment 322060 by
      Kolia GOLD AUTHOR 615 Comments

      Unofortunatly no pictures about that. It was my first flight on a real business class. That's a big shame I agree. But I was really tired so I slept during most of the flight. If I do a such flight I will try to do so ;)

  • Comment 142875 by
    Kolia GOLD AUTHOR 615 Comments

    Unofortunatly no pictures about that. It was my first flight on a real business class. That's a big shame I agree. But I was really tired so I slept during most of the flight. If I do a such flight I will try to do so ;)

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