Review of Flybe flight London Aberdeen in Economy

Airline Flybe
Flight BE1362
Class Economy
Seat 12D
Aircraft Saab 2000
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 13 Feb 15, 09:40
Arrival at 13 Feb 15, 10:30
BE   #9 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 68 reviews
By GOLD 2353
Published on 19th August 2015
For a 4 days week me my best friend desided to visit Copenhagen in Danemark. As well I made this trip because I hear that Flybe Loganair introduced the SAAB 2000, Cimber what ending to fly with CRJ200 and Virgin Atlantic Little Red will stop to fly. So when I had all of these information I said I have to made a nice road trip !!! This road trip was departing from London, to join Scotland, then to make a little hello to Norway, and finally after a 2 hours delays due of bad weather in Northern Norway, a SAS Norway crew bring us to Copenhagen. The way back was awsome with a flight with CIMBER CRJ200 and a smoth 320 Little Red flight from Northern Scotland. So I can say I had a great souvenir of my 5 journeys.

  • 1/ LONDON (LCY) - ABERDEEN (ABZ) ; FLYBE (op by LOGANAIR) :: SAAB 2000


photo 16540942632_899d871b4c_c
After a short night (because the day before I was working) I went to take the tube, and the DLR to go to the London City Airport. I went already to this airport to do some planespotting but I made only 3 or 4 planes spotting at this airport. London City airport is quiet small, and I was surprise that it receives many airlines during rush hours. During wainting I sat in front of the large windows, which offer to passengers a large view on the airport apron. During this time I saw nice airlines, and nice aircrafts like BA Cityflyer E170 and 190, Blue Island ATR42, Flybe Dash 8 and Luxair Dash8 Q400. I saw our plane landed on the runway… To be honest I was surprise how fast it was during the landing… And then our flight BE1362 to Aberdeen was displayed on the screens. I was a bid surprised to observe that there are any voice announcements at this airport. The boarding was at the GATE 8, which is far away from the main building where I was watching apron on action.

photo 16540942532_770cd05337_c
To go to our plane, we took a bus. The Saab Aircraft was really for away from the main terminal. It was next to the private jets parking area. When we were on the tarmac, I saw a french private plane with nice blue colors. It was a Bombardier aircraft (F-xxxx). Our plane was registered G-LGNR, and it is operated by Scotland Airline LOGANAIR. As well the main color of this aircraft was white (nearly like the SAAB 2000 of Braathens Regional -here-) I took at this year's begining. So we drop on the floor our Cabin Luggage and climb the stairs to enter in the plane where a stewardess was welcoming passengers.

photo 16354332118_33cd6dfdf0_b
When each passagers were boarding, we were requested to show our boarding pass… I took few seconds to find mine because I put it back on my passeport (this is because usually crews don't ask to show it)… Good point to see that it was not a usual flight. I went to my seat (12D) where the leg room was comfortable. I didn't find many documents on my seat pocket, just the safety card and the flybe magazine. Quickly after the last passenger was inside the plane the door was closed and our single flight attendant (Ilona) was demonstrated the safety features and then made a check of all seats before take off.

photo 15921822613_8c6e5b01ac_c
The taxi was really short because the plane was parked to the extrem end of the airport apron. Now ready for take off from this small airport. Here a view of the runway with all the lights on. Today's weather is not so nice but it's okay it's not raining yet. I think that were I was seated was quiete good because I was able to see wing's action and I has a little part to be able to see the landscape (which was a bit reduced today).

photo 16516008736_157cae16d6_c
Now we are flying !!! Few minutes after take off, we turn left and we enter into the clounds. And like often in London we stay in a low altitude during a long time. The low level was on the clounds, and we had some turbulences just enought to make the flight a bit more fun. Yes I like when there are some turbulences (no too much like the Lufthansa flight back from Munich -here-). Then we climb to our flight level and there was some blue sky.

photo 16540310331_d5c4c75c2c_c
This is nice to be able to see the sun. During this winter in London I didn't see the sun many times. I was able to see only clounds during all the flight. During the flight I went to talk with the today's F/A who was Ilona. She told me that she was dutch and when she saw how many flights I made last year, she said You're making more flights than me when I'm flying back home. I was surprise. She was very busy during the flight, between passengers and captains, she had only few minutes to be a bit relax.

photo 16354549140_6a2d40cbc2_c
Here a photograph of the cabin. I like the SAAB 2000, this is a nice aircraft, with no many seats. As you can see most of seats were occupied but the plane was not 100% full. The good point is if someone won't have a neigbourg he can choose the left seat. As well another good point, every single passenger have a porthole which is good, espacially when the weather allow us to have nice view.

photo 16354331928_bc8339593f_c
After my little walk in the plane, the pilot said Ilona can you make ready the plane for landing it was the message meaning we're landing in few minutes. The weather was just really bad, but hopful not too much wind. Clounds were very low. Pilot made some turn, and we waited a long time before to be able to see the ground. Januray was not too good as well about the weather. rainy and cloundy often. So unfortunatly I didn't get chance to see some of the Scottish landscape.

photo 16516008526_d13e20e3be_c
Here we landed on the Scottish floor. Aberdeen airport is a small airport. Sometime, you may find some nice airlines like Eastern Airways. Then the plane taxi to the parking gate. The disembarking was fast due of that it is a small plane.

photo 15921822303_a2a7452fb4_c
Before to leave the plane I made a little visit to the flight deck. I really like this one… Is an aircarft not too young but it has modern equipments which allow easier flight like today when the visibility is low. Then I said good bye to all the crew, I went outside to take my luggage and when to the checkin counters for my next flight.
Just a little information about Aberdeen Airport. Be careful with your cabin luggage, the ground crew is a bit less cool about the allowing. If your luggage doesn't fit in their eyes they will asked to check in it. And no chance to argue they give the choice even your luggage fit into the allowance.


I would like to thanks all the crew of flight BE 1362 and especially Ilona, who made a great job today. See you next time maybe !!!

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

London - LCY


Aberdeen - ABZ



Depart was on time, and the arrival too.

Cabin looks a bit old compared to the cockpit. The seat was fine and the same for the pitch. The plane was a bit noisy, but was a nice sound !

Crew made their job. Ilona was a great F/A on this flight !

We had a drink selection complementary and we had as well a little scottish biscuit.

I enjoyed this flight ! I think that the SAAB 2000 is a great plane to fly with.



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