Review of Cimber flight Copenhagen Aberdeen in Economy

Airline Cimber
Flight SK2519
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 16 Feb 15, 08:25
Arrival at 16 Feb 15, 09:15
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By GOLD 1486
Published on 29th August 2015
For a 4 days week me my best friend desided to visit Copenhagen in Danemark. As well I made this trip because I hear that Flybe Loganair introduced the SAAB 2000, Cimber what ending to fly with CRJ200 and Virgin Atlantic Little Red will stop to fly. So when I had all of these information I said I have to made a nice road trip !!! This road trip was departing from London, to join Scotland, then to make a little hello to Norway, and finally after a 2 hours delays due of bad weather in Northern Norway, a SAS Norway crew bring us to Copenhagen. The way back was awsome with a flight with CIMBER CRJ200 and a smoth 320 Little Red flight from Northern Scotland. So I can say I had a great souvenir of my 5 journeys.

    5/ ABERDEEN (ABZ) - LONDON (LHR) ; VIRGIN ATLANTIC little red :: A320


photo 16361225549_b7728751f7_c
After the little week end I'm ready to go back to the UK. My friend went back to France on the sunday afternoon. So I went to the airport by train, it is easy, and quick and the hotel was just next to the train station. Due the terrorist attack, there was more military forces in the train station and the airport. After my ride on the train (I had during my journey a cup of tea with some brioche) I arrived to the airport. It was funny because when I was at the counter to register my bag, the counter staff was a bit confusing with all flights which were booked… I told her, that she has to choose the flight for Aberdeen. I got a little chat with her. Then I went to discover a bit the CPH airport, which is quiete big, and clean. I arrived to my gate just on-time because it was at the edge of the terminal.

photo 16360038230_d6028625df_c
Then we wait few minutes into a little room, and we went into a first bus… Because at CPH they use electric buses ours didn't start we take the one next to us. After our bus changeement, we arrived quickly to the plane which was today a CRJ200 operated by CIMBER. I choose to take this plane because I know that CIMBER will withdraw the CRJ200, and replace them against the 900 from SAS. Actually all CIMBER aircrafts are wearing the white paint sheme. Next to us was a Dash8 Q400 WIDERØE. Today's weather is cloudy… But not rainy. The today's aircraft registration is OY-RJM if it interest some people.

photo 16360038220_04f87c679c_c
I was one of the last passenger who enter on the plane. Few minutes after pilot starts engines and we taxi to the take off runway. We had to wait a bit due to the take off of other CRJs. During our climb you can see the DASH8 Q400 WIDERØE which was next to us. Then we enter into the clouds.

photo 15927325093_36dc662d24_b
Here a little picture of my seat's view. The languages on the seat was spanish and english. The pitch was comfortable, as well because I didn't get pax next to me, I was able to put bag under the seat in front of me. Where I was was a good plane to have a good view on the wing. Due of rear engines position, the cabin was not so noisy.

photo 16545816921_6212161a16_c
At this altitude it was sunny… We can see clearly that there was a lot of clouds over the sea !!! The flight sensation was great… We didn't get turbulences until this stage. During the flight we made some turns… But nothing important. The cruise was fine.

photo 16360038150_60e96d7acc_c
The CRJ200 looks a bit old fashion. We can see that the seats' pockets have some difficulties to resist to the weight of the inflight magazine, the sickness bag, the inflight menu and the safety card. During the service of beverages we had the right to get only cold water due of the failure of the hot water machine. As well the cabin was not full. Many seats stayed empty (25/50). I like the old fashion cabin. Look the little no smoking sign on the cabin's wall and the exit sight which was in spanish SALIDA. As well you can see that each passenger has on porthole (like the EMB190) which is a good point for the CRJ100/200.

photo 16359832428_8009805c40_c
I slept during few minutes because I was tired. When I wake up we start our decent to Aberdeen. The weather was…. (try to guess…) cloudy, rainy and cold. We had some turbulences during the final to ABZ. The sensations on this little plane were absolutly fantastic, and the sound was great to hear… What a pleasure to fly with a CRJ200 !!!

photo 15927324883_5ca063dabd_c
During our landing, I got the opportunity to catch an helicopter which was taxing for take off. The landing was soft, we stopped at the end of the runway then we turn right to taxi to the main terminal. When we arrived to our gate passengers were already to leave the aircraft. Because we were no many passengers it was quick. Me like usual, I was the last one… Try to guess why… The answer at the next picture.

photo 16545816651_f6ca5edf16_c
I went to talked a bit with pilots. I told them that it was my second time flying with CRJ aricraft, and that it was still a pleasure to fly with. The cockpit looks really tiny. Like you can see on the flight deck glass outside it was raining… What a surprise in the UK…!

photo 16360037840_6f42d89ecd_c
Here a picture of our plane. Next to us was a B737-600 from SAS coming fom Stavanger. On the right side of the door we can read that the plane is operated by CIMBER. In the past the plane flown with Air Nostrum. I was a great special flight, and I was happy to fly with before it will be withdraw. Thank you SAS / CIMBER for this flight.


I would thanks the 2 pilots and the steward onboard this flight. It was a nice and smooth CRJ200 flight.

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Cabin crew6.0

Copenhagen - CPH


Aberdeen - ABZ



We were on time. So perfect !

Cabin looks not so young but I don't mind, seats were comfortable, and the feeling on this plane was quite special...

Pilots were really nice, but the steward a bit absent. He was during all the flight at the front of the cabin.

We had only a free water glass because the hot water machine was out.

I love the CRJ planes !!! Comfortable to fly with !!!



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