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Airline SAS
Flight SK834
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 08 Mar 15, 14:05
Arrival at 08 Mar 15, 16:10
SK   #111 out of 128 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 154 reviews
By GOLD 1705
Published on 18th September 2015
In one month now I will leave the UK. After one year in London I have to bring back home some of my belongings. If I don't do a first package of what I have to bring back to France, I will have too many stuff to bring back home at once. As well this is my friend's birthday, and I decide to make a surprise, she doesn't know that I will be to his birthday. To go to France, I took IDBUS, the ticket was really cheap, only 23£. But the problem was for the return… Prices were really high and I would not pay so much money for 10 hours in a bus so at the last minute I saw this plane ticket. It cost me 70£ and I had a stop at Oslo. I prefer to pay a bit more and to be in London faster. At that time trains tickets were really high (more than 100£). So flying back to London via Oslo, was the only solution for me at the last minute. Thanks to this stop, I will realise my shortest trip to Noway, no more than an hour. During the second leg of this trip, a little story happens… Just a big thank you to the SAS crew !!!

    [*]1/ PARIS (CDG) - OSLO (OSL) ; SAS :: B737-800 (winglets)
    2/ OSLO (OSL) - LONDON (LHR) ; SAS :: B737-800


photo 16768829331_544ebb60b0_c
Thanks to my friend's help I went to the airport. Today's traffic was okay, not too busy on this sunny day. I was really happy of my stay in Paris, cause the weather was great compare to London. Before to go to the gate I went to the airline's counter because I've got one piece of luggage. Then I went to eat something before to be on the air. As well because on the plane, there is not so much choice of food too eat and this is a bit expensive for me. Anyway, after this little lunch breack I went to my gate. There was quiete a lot of people waiting for boarding. The flight was looking like to be full.

photo 16583836569_d4e2da3ea1_c
Here is a nice view during the boarding. You can see this nice sky… Humm it looks like a nice sky. You'll see why later. In the background you can see a Boeing 737-900 of Ukraine International Airlines (I plan to fly with this plane soon), and an Airbus A380 of Thai Airways. When I enter I receive the little norwegian hei from both of stewardesses at the front of the cabin. Then another one was in the middle of the plane helping passengers with their bags. The flight was full.

photo 16150055153_b4e3d93107_b
Before to hear the boarding completed I wait a long time. This is a clue that the flight was completly full. When I saw the sets I was really surprise because this are not the usual seats. Only english was writing on the seat. It was comfortable, but the pitch not as large as usual. Then we push back and taxi to the take off runway.

photo 16147681444_49cfe50de8_c
Take off was longer than usual due of the full capacity of the plane. When climbing to our cruise altitude I saw this frog. And the I can explain why the sky was looking like to be nice… This is because there was this pollution in Paris. It is quiet surprising to see it in Paris. I'm really happy to be able to got it in picture. Few minutes after we turn on the right to align with the Oslo's route.

photo 16769983645_7302cf0bbc_c
We were flying quiete high around 40000 feets. From the sky, at this time we were able to see the Amsterdam airport (down the picture). Today's weather was absolutly great. No clouds avoiding us to see the landscape. The crew made the traditional SAS beverages service. I just took a tea. The rest as usual now for SAS was for purshase. I think that it would be great to offer a little something with the tea or coffe.

photo 16150054293_c9a67c9417_c
After the service, I went at the rear of the cabin, to take this picture. Then I talk a bit to a stewardess about the unusual cabin… She told me that this plane (LN-RRE) was like a leased plane, so it didn't have the SAS cabin. She told me that the crew didn't like this plane, because the different galleys were small and not comfortable to work. But that it was okay for a short flight like today.

photo 16582592390_f797a3264e_c
When arriving on the norwegian cost clouds starts to appear. Then when we were at a lower altitude I was able to see this nice landscape. Snow was still here. During our approch we had some turbulences. It was nice to see this landscape. And with the clouds in the back it was great !!! I was really happy to take this flight, because with the train it would be impossible to see this landscape (tunnel under the Channel).

photo 16562718637_1f2f3261b0_c
Now we are on final to land at Oslo Gardenmoen airport. At this stage the sky was a bit different. Landing was okay, we arrive to the gate. I wait a long before to leave my seat due many people on this flight.

photo 16768911002_e81684749b_c
Before to leave to leave the plane, I went to say a little hello to the pilots. I took this flight deck picture and then they ask me if I would like to have a little picture of me in the flight deck. I answer yes why not. During this time I took time to talk with them a bit. It was a kind attention from them. After this little moment, I took back my stuffs, and I went to my next plane's gate.

photo 16150052793_ee0e7da5e1_c
Here a little picture of the plane I took before to got to my next gate. It is really funny because 99% of my CDG flight arrival gate was the number A39 at Oslo. Only once I arrived to another gate than A39 from CDG was with the Boeing 737-500 SAS. The plane parked to a domestic gate because the plane was flying to a norwegian destination after the CDG flight. So we went to the international part by bus (it was in 2012).


I would thanks the nice crew of the flight SK834. I was really surprise to have this different cabin. As well a big thank you to the pilots for the little sharing moment in the flight deck. It was really kind !!! Now it's time for my shortest time in Norway !!!

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Cabin crew8.0

Paris - CDG


Oslo - OSL



The flight was on-time. I got enough time to catch my second plane.

Cabin was looking clean. The Europa Seats were different than these from Recaro which are for the SAS cabin. The pitch was fine even if it was a bit tiny. And the plane was not too noisy.

They made their job.

Tea and coffee for free, the rest for purchase. Only one service for drinks was done.

This was an other SAS usual flight.

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